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Academy of Education & Empowerment at Carson High School Reviews

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I pretty much enjoy the connections AEE students have with each other. They make everyone feel welcome into the family, for class of 2019!!!
I like how we are all close to one another and are not afraid to ask questions. Everyone here no matter what age get close and it makes high school more fun. We also have various school activities throughout the school which allows us to release stress time to time and make everything more fun.
The Academies of Education and Empowerment is the best school inside the Carson Complex, from the outstanding teachers to the relationship between students and staff. It has a “family feel” to it.
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Now that I'm about to be a senior in the 2017-2018 school year, my experience here at AEE was beyond great. Although it seems we find to be secluded from the other academies, we still find our way to become a one big happy family. Everyone seems to know each other, especially with the teachers and faculty. We also go against one another in class activities and they're usually enjoyable where everyone gets in it, no matterif they think it's stupid or not. I'm happy to say that AEE is truly awesome!
As of this present day, I am a 10th sophomore at Academy of Education & Empowerment. I started here last year as a freshmen and will soon graduate from here as a 12th grade senior in the class of 2019. This school is quite small but it is well known and I'm glad that I chose to be here. My likes about my school is that it provides many resources such as preparing for college, sports, clubs, activities, and furthermore. What I most like is that there is a staff member on campus that has a masters in social work and it is exactly what I want to do. So if I have any questions about anything, I can go to her. I also like that any student may go to any teacher or staff for help. What I think that could change is to have more college students from different majors to come and talk to us. For these reasons, is why I love my school and would give a 5 star rating.
i love the school spirit. but something that should change is the favoritism the teachers have with the students
I have never seen anyone being bullied at my school.
Their are different types of clubs and sports available to join on campus. Some that are most popular would be Key Club, California Scholarship Federation Club, Volunteer Chapter Youth Coalition, and the Green Club. Therefore, popular sports would be Football, Soccer, and Volleyball.
Overall my experience has been great! I've met so many great people and have had the opportunity to go on many college field trips.
The teachers at my school show that they really care about the students and want them to succeed. They make sure students are learning and if they see they are struggling they will help the student try to improve.
My 11th grade year was my first year attending Academy of Education and Empowerment(AEE) on Carson's High campus and I have experience improvement, confidence, stress and relief, and other obstacles that will prepare me for the rest of my educational career. Completing AP courses gave me insight of what school and others have in store for me. Although AEE is a very small school, it makes it easier for teachers and students to build a one on one relationship. My weakness subject in school was english. Having meetings during breaks and after school, consistently asking for feedback on every assignments, and even off subject conversations, distinguished a bond between my english teacher Mr. Paez and I. Each teacher has their own teaching style and they are all respected. Some allow big discussions to gather different points of views and try to get everyone engaged, others may prefer short discussions. A few may put grades in on spot, some wait until the grading window opens. Majority of AEE classes are AP and the teachers prepare their students for the end of the year exam. This school is guaranteed a family. I enjoy how I can sit down with any teacher and can have a full conversation with them, either discussing school or other topics. It takes time, patience, and awareness to affiliate yourself with high school students and those are meant for the job.
Teachers, staff, and security take part in keeping the school safe, we are educated on what to do in the case of an emergency, and I don't think I witnessed a single fight the 4 years I attended it.
There are a few clubs during school that meet during lunch like green team, human rights, csf, etc. They are pretty accepting of new members if you speak with the person in charge. They have few after school events like maybe once a month but besides that they don't have much after-school activities.
people in my school are in gangs which lead to people getting shot and killed (not on campus but around the area). people party and do drugs and drink. my friends are those type of people but i don't very much enjoy the party scene. the school security do random checks on both boys and girls. i would say that it is somewhat safe, but if there ever was a school shooting i feel it's the security's fault.
well to me the club that has the most attention is key club and i don't like it because the people are too peppy and i don't like that. other thank that the clubs at my school look good on college applications. such as the ATCA club Educators Rising, which helps you get a hands on experience with the field of education.
the reason why i like my school is because it's small. by your senior year you would have had all the teachers and they would all know you, your strength and weaknesses. my school is very spirited and everyone gets along because we all know each other very well. we all know who's selling the burritos and chips and candy. the teachers at my school care a lot about each and everyone of their students.
Academies of Education & Empowerment has made my high school experience the best. Our students have so much school pride. We try to have as many pep rallies, group activities, and class wars as possible. It isn't just about education at our school, it's also about creating great high school memories. From freshman year to senior year, we have many kinds of activities. Freshmen have an event called the Freshman games at the beginning of the school year, where they are put into groups to get to know each other as well as compete with the other freshmen. Every year, we have a school wide beach trip. At the beach trip, each class is expected to compete with the other one to earn class points. Class points add up throughout the school year and the winner is announced at the beach trip.
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The teachers at my school are amazing. They engage and get to know the students very well. They understand and give advice to the struggling students or the ones that need more help than others. They explain their lessons over and over again until each student understands. They try to grade our work as soon as possible and have our grades up on school loop. They are just outstanding.
the school is small so everyone knows each other. By the time you graduate all the teachers would know your name and know all your strength and weaknesses. the teachers care about each one of their student. there's rarely and favoritism.
Parents try there best to attend and support athletic events and when there is open houses or conferences they always call home many of times so that the parent can be more engaged with the students necessities of school.
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