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Academy of Construction & Engineering Reviews

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Love the focus on engineering and classes you can take. Not very many female students, wish to see more female support in the world of stem.
Most teachers are on hands rather than stuck by their desks, they get up and actually help students out one on one helping them better understand
We have security officers walking the hallways at school every period.
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My favorite experience at Academy of Construction and Engineering would be dress up days. One day was wear crazy hat day another was neon day.
The teachers at Academy of Construction and Engineering are engaged with students. But Chromebooks are slowly becoming a problem within curriculum. Students are off task during teacher led instuctions.
its been a great year and everything is going great so far . i am just ready to graduate!
The food service is okay . we still eat the food .
bullying is not allowed at my school because its bad.
sports are great and everyone participate in it.
some teachers are willing to always help out students.
There is lots of fun activities to get involve in .
This school is okay because there are some people that get of track and distract me from my learning. Overall the school is great because it teaches you some life important lessons.
Being in the Academy of Construction and Engineering (ACE) for the 3 years I've been here has been the greatest experience of my life, by far. This school was formerly known to be the school with the bad reputation. 8th graders registering for high school would dread going to this school. Fortunately, the many changes that have partaken since I've been here have been done for the better. The teachers have established firm rules and set them for the student to abide by. The environment has changed for the better and has taken a great positive turn compared to the school it used to be 5 years ago.
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