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Our school was very average compared to others. We sometimes didn't have the resources that every other school had in our district as well as in other districts. There are some dedicated staff that cared about the students, such as my counselor, and some teachers who weren't like the others.
I experienced many things at ACE when I first start school I was Ell student. Which I use to don't know how to speak English but by getting help from the teacher's and students at ACE I improved a lot, I become myself to help another new students who doesn't speak English, And that knows my language. What I want to change is to have more elative classes so that it may help incoming ell student's
Ace is a school where everyone knows everyone, the teachers show a concern in every student and care about the future of everyone. The culture in ACE is wide spread with the performances of a variety of cultures shown at assemblies and overall on campus.
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I love Ace! I love the teachers. We have a strong bond. The teachers always make sure that were ready and prepared for college. They help you with anything. My peers get along with everyone because we all know each other.
The academics are good, they get you ready for college.
One of the most diverse school's in the area.
Loved this school because of the other students here. I wouldn't change my experience and the memories here are forever lasting.
Teachers are okay, they will definitely help when you ask.
They have classes that deal with real world things and issues and teach the students what they will use in their lives not the past
not sure what all there is for students
The school is very run down but the teachers and staff seem to keep a close eye on students
My daughter has done well since starting ACE due to being able to work on school work with her class, her counselor has played a large part in her academics and helped her to be more comfortable socially. Her grades improved immensely
The only extracurricular activities i know are choir and college and career center. I enjoy choir; it brings out a lot of people personalities not everyone sees, it brings all of us closer as a class, and as a family we all like to say.The college and career center mostly helps with filling out applications for colleges and fafsa/wafsa, and scholarships, this club is very helpful if you need help with any of those things. Overall, i see that it can bring us together more as a school.
I love that the students here are so involved in sports. If anything as a school we're more involved with sports than school. Me, i want to push further in education, that's what i believe will help me in the future. My best experience is just the new people i meet every year. Its a below average size school, but its not the easiest to meet everyone. A lot of people here are more independent. But me, i like to cooperate with others, get involved with them. Its a way to not be so shy about everything, fall behind in class, even be lonely. But this school has been very stressful, especially since i do sports, and i work and try to fit school work in there too. But the only reason i wouldn't want to come back is to try out new places.
This school does not have the best reputation, but we still have staff that are willing to help people. The few teachers i see go out of their way to help every student they can, and that is great. But most of them are just here teaching, collecting their checks. A lot of the staff this year are new, so i could say they don't exactly know how to handle the kids who get too rowdy. Their ways of teaching are more simple than saying they know what they're doing. Because of how new they are, they try to be more strict and get students to pay more attention. The teachers who aren't new can easily deal with students, disruptive or not. Grading is almost never consistent with most teachers. I only know of a couple who grade consistently. Other than that, a lot of the teachers have good personalities.
Its average. Go above the bar? Ehh, not likely. Nothings ever taken serious, since its never been too serious before.. well recently.
when not too many people show up or want to, none the less commit to a club- its not desirable to create an extensive and fun program. include the refreshments please.
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it was average, i slid by just like most kids hope to with the least interaction with peers possible.
There will always be teachers that go above and beyond to practically adopt and in-home-tutor a child.. not that kind of staff. not that kind of movie.
I believe that my high school wouldn't be the way it is without the guidance counselor at Academy & Citizenship and Empowerment. Ms. Pierson is the greatest woman I've ever met thus far in my life. She's helped so many people get to where they are today and without her I'm almost positive that I wouldn't be here at SU. I'm so grateful to have had a counselor who fought for me and my future, but not only mines but the future of all of her students. I've never seen so much drive, determination, and faith from someone before... She's absolutely amazing. She's helped me (I'm sure I can speak for the rest of the students) truly believe in myself and my abilities.
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