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I really enjoyed the staff and the classes. The teachers were all very knowledgable, kind, and willing to help. I also enjoyed the small school atmosphere. I transferred here my senior year and they had amazing programs to get me acquainted. Everyone knew that I was new and tried to help out, or tried to be my friends. The school also had a large number of foreign exchange students, making for great diversity. The sports teams, and the culture around them could have been better.
The academy is a good school overall. The teachers are kind and care a lot about the students. The curriculum is fairly good and they work close with Front Range Community College providing a wide range of opportunities.
I have been attending the Academy since pre-k and I will be graduating May of 2017. I have had a great experience at this school and have played all three sports and have made great friends.
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The Academy is a perfect example of the impact a devoted, energetic staff, a challenging yet interesting curriculum, and a dedication to bettering the lives of it's students can have. I consider myself an observant person, and it's clear to me that the staff and administrators genuinely enjoy teaching, and it really shows.
The Academy helped me find who I am. It is one of those places that pushes you to be a better you, while surrounding you with people who truly care about you. From teachers to students, to coaches, I know that I'm well cared for and I do not worry about my future. I've been accurately prepared for a life fulll of challenges and trials. Being a senior I find security in my wildcat family because they've been there through it all. The Academy is more than just a school, it's welcoming center for people who want to challenge themselves, get connected and reach their furthest potential.
Unless you're an athlete, forget it. Yearbook and student council are actual CLASSES, not EC's. So you may not even get an opportunity to participate unless your schedule works out.
Some secondary teachers are amazing, but turnover is so high, you don't get much time to get to know them until they move on.
There are a few great teachers who care about the students and provide a challenging curriculum. There have been poor hiring decisions in both middle and high school where students are left without a teacher during the school year and the full curriculum has not been taught. In these instances, students were given an A and allowed to advance to the next level of the class the following year.
There are great things about this school and it has a lot of potential. Hiring and retention has not been satisfactory for the students. Teachers don't teach the content, then leave during the school year. It might be that support is needed from the administrative staff and/or established teachers on how to better fit in.

When new students are allowed to break student conduct rules, it is extremely frustrating for the students who are good students. Too much attention is paid to those that are disruptive.
The school is small enough for everyone to know who everyone is and its a very comforting and loving place to be around
They Really care about the students and always want the best for them
We have many different activities at the school
Not all sports have always been offered making it hard on some of us students
Great teachers and coaches that really care and follow through
Not to many groups that I know of
Great except for traffic at drop off and pick up.
My girls have attended The Academy since kindergarten. They have gotten a Fantastic education. I'm just rather unhappy with lack of discipline with students in classrooms and the traffic is horrible and sometimes parents are in to big a hurry and gets little dangerousness. My daughter has almost been hit in her car multiple times.
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Its hard to rate a school because there are so many factors that go in to it, however this school deserves to be on the plus side of the overall scale
It has certain things that are not as good about it but overall, it is a really great and amazing school to go to where staff, teachers, and students are all equal.
I've had children in both the elementary and secondary wings. The elementary wing is overcrowded, and administration panders to the select few who live in neighboring Bradburn (and seem to have unlimited cash resources to throw around.) My child was bullied constantly, and administration did nothing to help the situation other than insinuate that my child was a problem child and encourage us to move him elsewhere.

The secondary side has had tons of problems with scheduling, and it doesn't get better when you reach senior year. The counseling office starts the conversation about post-secondary options way too late in the process, to the point that we have elected to be advocates for our own child's college options rather than work with the counselor. These students should be thinking about National Merit and college testing WAY sooner than second semester of junior year.

And, just as in elementary, the school is overcrowded. There are lunch periods which are so overloaded that children are forced to sit on the floor to eat.

And what's with the 'all animals are equal but some are more equal than others' mentality? We have students who are begging for assistance to get into college classes and are bringing solutions to the administration - students with near perfect GPAs and a history of responsible behavior - and their requests are ignored. But, there are students with past truancy behavior who are allowed to have 'modified' schedules or have access to tools to graduate early?

Academy was a pioneer 20 years ago. The charter school landscape has broadened and become more diverse in the last five years. There are far better options in Adams and Jefferson counties now.
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