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Academy of Careers & Technologies Charter School Reviews

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I went here my junior and senior year of high school. We moved campuses halfway thru my junior year. The new campus is better. The teachers were amazing but the district admin weren't as good. The school is now closed and another school took over the building.
The teachers at ACTCHS really care about the students. They want you to get good grades. They will do their best to make sure you understand the material that they're going over. You're not just a student, you're their student.
The equipment is state of the art. The IT technology guy is always there to fix any problems that students or teachers are having. The facilities are top grade for the amount of students and faculty that go there. Perfect accommodations.
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the students are welcoming, the teachers are nice, the environment is beautiful. but some people are rude here and there, some are even racist.
teachers are strict in a good way, sometimes they don't explain subjects profoundly; like if they expect you to know it already.
the school is very understanding of the students needs. the teachers do their jobs well, ocassionally kids skip class but its not common
I love the diversity and how small the groups are. There are many groups but they're open to everyone. No one's really singled out at this school.
There are very few avaiable to the students. But the ones we do have are top notch
I really like how small the school. The teachers and students really know each other. The teachers really care about the students and whether or not they really understand the information.
The food has no taste or personality. It's basically just processed food that they get out of the freezer. There is no real preparation with the food and service. Its more of a conveyer belt than a lunch line.
My school is great. I go to a charter school so it is fairly small which makes it a great learning environment with not many students. That makes it a lot easier to get help and get my work done. Another advantage to it being relatively small campus is that i have many friends there. We go on many field trips and activities. If i could choose to go to that school again i would.
The teachers at my school vary. There are some that are more lenient than others. There are many young teachers and i believe they really try their best. I like their teaching styles, although, they could have a bit of better communication skills within the staff and with students.
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