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Because we were a small school I was able to participate in most of the programs offered. That allowed me to learn how to work with others in group settings and diverse situations. I was also able to create closer relationships with the faculty which helped when I needed letters of recommendation. Expanding the career electives would improve the s hooks curriculum and teach better life skills for the students. I would recommend A.C.E. to others.
Amazing small town school with big time opportunities! I canny emphasize the importance of one on one time enough! Teachers are always available and willing to stay after school to work with you and help you succeed!
Although the Academy of Careers & Exploration is a small school in a small community, it manages to employ some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Students are never held back, and I have seen multiple instances where an advanced student was offered a customized curriculum to better suit their needs. Compared to other schools in the area, it is one of the safest, with frequent drug checks and adults ready to help at any time. The campus is also very diverse and inclusive; it buses in students from other districts, welcomes many foreign exchange students, and boasts a thriving population of high school and middle school students. The only thing holding this school back is the limited resources found in larger high schools. Course options tend to be limited, and some of the more demanding electives lack the proper funding to live up to their full potential.
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My experience in the high school Academy of Careers and Exploration has been pretty great but I feel as if it could be better. The way that the school can improve is by being able to provide the students with more interesting classes and actually try to help with what you're going to face in the real world.
The school is mediocre. It's a small school in a small community. Not very much can be expected. Everything is sort of limited, the fund, the effort, the AP / honor programs, sports, etc,.. The teacher's effort and degrees are disproportionate. Some truly care, but most usually don't. Those who don't are just "there to be there because they have nowhere else to go" type of people. Teachers that are actually decent & good who genuinely put in effort in educating their students are about 4, maybe 6 if I have to stretch it, out of the 20+ staffs. School is not bad, but it's certainly not good, below average.
The Academy of Careers and Exploration is an excellent school, however, it is very small. Not many things are offered here, and there aren't many opportunities, but it is growing.
This is an area where they are trying. We have many CIF wins for our size of school. It just feels very limited and low funded
I am constantly impressed by the level of education our teachers have. We are such a small school in the middle of no where yet our district finds highly qualified teachers with great unique teaching styles that seem truly intrested in the success of students
It's small, so it can have the normal high school issues but usually pretty easy to resolve
The staff supports the students in every way. The school site is new and beautifully well maintained. The district constantly recognizes the students successes and leads them to new adventures.
The school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. They also have a security gate to keep out unwelcomed guests and required sign in at the front office.
There are multiple clubs students have the option to participate in.
One of the best High Schools I have attended! Faculty and Staff are amazing!
The teachers are wonderful! Couldn't ask for a better support system!
The school is based of a student base coming from a primarily middle class American household. meaning the students are mostly well behaved and well mannered.
Again due to the limited size and availability of funding the school lack a lot of clubs and activities that would get the majority of students involved with after school activities.
The school overall lacks the typically expected high school experience due to its limited size and course offerings. it could be easily improved if the resources and finances were available.
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most of the staff in general are kind, caring people that are easily approachable inside and outside of school. The staff are knowledgeable on there given subjects and teach them with energy and enthusiasm.
Health and safety is great at our school we have random drug test to ensure all students are going into bad paths.
Most of the extracurricular at this school are sports so the inactive students don't really have anything to do after school.
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