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Acedemy of art university has a diverse campus across san fransisco that offers many interesting courses. The campus offers state of the art technology to its students and has the most excellent staff.
Being homeschooled with the Academy of Arts and Sciences has been a good experience thus far. I am able to work at my own pace and make sure I understand what the lessons are teaching me. The teachers are available to email anytime I have a question.
Overall the experience was great, I learned many things that connected to what i wanted to continue studying in college. Not only did they prepare me for the future and for college they made sure i was ready.
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My school has just done construction about two weeks ago. School now looks pretty new. Lots of students enrolled in school this years. School also recruited more professional teachers. Everybody at school, teachers, students, school staffs are very friendly. More modern facilities were equipped at school, very convenient for the people. Sport teams are awesome with diversity of players in the teams. School usually held raffles, school meeting and they were very fun.
I came to this school for my senior year and automatically, the teachers were all so kind and interesting. Students were nice and I feel welcomed. We recently moved to the first floor after few years of construction. But the school is really small so not a lot of extra curricular activities and other cool classes. On the bright side, it does have an open campus.
This school needs more clubs, sports, and teachers. Despite the small amount of things it has, the teachers try to get the students to do more. For example, teachers would try to push students to their limit with more work. If students can go beyond, they can apply for AP classes. However, this school is still not enough to provide something on college resumes.
the safety of the of the school is great there is no problem the only thing there that is needed is more security to have eyes around but that's about it.
after-school activities are great but I wish there would be more clubs & organization, &/or college support, fairs which could help improve or have an idea of future interest.
going to school is great, its enjoyable but there are some teachers that get over ruled by students although there are some great & wise teacher which involve the student in their lesson & getting them interested. Other teachers are great to be asked for advise if any trouble at home or in general, most of the teachers & students get along great, normally everyone has great relationship & communication with each other. Clubs & more organization for students to be involved are needed, which hopefully they get those thing in the school for credits & etc.
The culture and community strength at academy is so uplifting
The teachers try their absolute best to deliver us sufficient information
I feel that I'm safe on school grounds, since the security guards are reliable and theirs a nearby police station. These two things make me feel very safe, as well as the wellness center in the school where they help you if you feel physically of mentally sick.
I know that theirs quite a few extracurricular opportunities in this school, since some of my friends attend them and they say that their engaging and feel like they can't wait to take go again.
I enjoy going to this school since its small, meaning that teachers are able to put more of their attention on individual students, compared to a larger school. So I would choose to go to this wonderful school again if I ever do get the chance.
The teachers are helpful and makes you feel motivated.
Academy of Arts is a small school, similar to a charter school, great to make friends classes are challenging, they aren't perfect but that's every school.
Athletics during my time there non existent. Around 2010 some students founded the dragon boating team. Other than that, physical education class was sub par; us students weren't lovers of exercise.
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Out of all the teachers that I had, I remember only a few that definitely went above and beyond for their students. Some of the teachers had a "tough love" approach which worked for some students (and me) while others invested more in the students that were actually trying.
Again, I attended this school when it was still sorting things out. Now it seems to be more organized. When I was a student there, we didn't have any team sports. Around my junior year of high school, some of my classmates from the Academy of Arts and Sciences and a few students from the School of the Arts formed a dragon boat team. We weren't great, but it definitely was fun.

Other than that, I don't recall there being many clubs and organizations during my time there. There was a Book Club which our then librarian was very nice of supporting, and I'm pretty sure there was a Anime or manga club.
My high school was still sorting things out when I attended there for my four years. Therefore, I felt a little ill prepared study habit wise and "real world" wise (although not as much) once I graduated from high school. I thankfully still chose to go to college despite my lack of belief in myself. I went to City College of San Francisco and after four years in community college, I was finally accepted for transfer to the University of California-Davis.
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