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Academy of Arts & Sciences - Thousand Oaks Campus Reviews

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Well, they changed their name in the middle of the year to Compass Chaters High school and although the school provides more opportunity to a more open schedule and a flexible schedule that is great, the help and communication with students needs a little improvement.
The teachers are so engaging. They are so interested in what you have to say and your feedback. They love to hear from you. If you need help with anything at all they make sure you get the help. They are very supportive and teach you what you need to know!
I enjoy being at my own pace. I'm a good self learner too.
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This is an online school and the academics are strong.
This is an on-line school, so there are no security issues.
This is an online school so there aren't any real after-school programs.
As an online school, the experience has been great and my academic performance has increased.
This is an online school, but the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable about the subjects
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