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A3 was a great experience for building relationships with students. The hardest part was that the policies of the school encourage so much self discovery and individualism that it can be difficult for less motivated students to succeed. It is an amazing school, but isn't for everyone.
Honestly I liked how art based it was. I wish that they could change how little of academics they integrated in it and how much they focus on the students feelings instead of the school work. The school should not be one big counselor but it should be more focused on teaching the students then sending the students to a counselor if they can't focus in class instead of allowing them to disturb other classes or even allow the other students to not participate in the projects then dock points on the group if we can't get the other student to participate.
I've gone to A3 my entire high school career. I love it. Our breaks are an entire week longer than the other schools in the district. We get late starts most Friday mornings. Most teachers care about both the physical and mental well-being of students.
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I liked that I could take college classes at LCC or the UO, because by the end of senior year I will have 50 college credits.
I appreciate what this school has given me, but it definitely has some serious fundamental flaws. I think they need to downsize a bit. They've gotten too big and too ahead of themselves.
Most of this school's teachers are helpful and truly care about their students. There is a definite problem with the grading system and it's consistency. Favoritism is a very hot issue right now, as well as students with IEPs not receiving the help they need.
The workload can be very overwhelming, and even though I go to an art school, I'm in the health and science program and I understand that the arts are very prominent but the science student are forced every semester to sign up for all of these art classes. When in classes that are not in your comfort zone you don't tend to do very well and they bring down your GPA.
The school is very safe. There might be bullying but I haven't seen or heard of any. There are also tons of assemblies on safety, rules, and keeping the community safe.
Pretty much the only extra clubs and activities we have are plays or maintenance crew who come in over the summer to help clean, plan activities for the first days, help at orientation, and answer questions for new kids.
I have had a mixed experience, I loved my first year and I was so happy and excited about everything I was learning, but it was all down hill from there. The next year was ok, better than most schools but not as great as last year and 3rd year was awful. So far my senior year has made me wish I had switched schools over the summer.
There is a wide range to how I feel about my teachers; I love having one so much the only reason I haven't left is because of her. On the other end there is a teacher I can't stand who will mock a student who doesn't under stand the material, but asks questions he deems stupid to understand better.
I currently go to A3 and I think it was the best decision I have made by far. In all my years going to school I have been bullied and treated as an outcast without a say in my opinions and goals. I was afraid I would fail and never get the chance to become who I was meant to be. I was given two choices. Springfield high or A3. A3 wasn't a given choice actually, but that's because my parents were all against the school because just because it was a school with equality and morals that stand out from the other schools in the community it was imperfect and not reaching to there standards. From what I herd the community is always downing our school and what we do at A3. Our school was used as an example once at another school brought to one of the students in the area by a teacher from which they said that A3 was "Gay3". I did not appreciate there hateful opinion. I love my school and even though sometimes its hectic at times. They all care and love you for the person you are. They treat you as a human being which in my opinion most schools don't do at all. I went to A3 to find safety from the bullies awaiting me at Springfield. And once in my life all the people who hurt me disappeared. I also failed my classes in school. A3 has been the best source of education Ive had. The teachers listen to all the questions a student needs to ask. The questions are answered appropriately according to the question. My school gives the freedom of opportunity for success and gives a second home to students who don't have a home. At most schools teachers sit us down and make us quiet without any social interaction, but I say otherwise because working with others defiantly helps out when bouncing ideas to elaborate on our given projects. A3 is about the path to success and to be who you are with respect.
Caroline tries her hardest, but they need someone who's just there to be a nurse
Do not go to A3 if you want to get into a good 4 year university and succeed while there. Not college prep at all.
Those who do eat at the memorial building hate it.
Mike Fisher doesn't know how to run a school. He's a theatre teacher, not an administrator. His biases are extremely prominent and he doesn't know when he's crossed a line with a student.
Some of the teachers truly care, not only about academics, but a bout the students as well. That being said, there are also many teachers who simply do not care about anything except getting paid.
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When I attended A3, there were two clubs to choose from and they both had to do with gaming and they were very informal.
I love my teachers! They're usually very helpful and knowledgable. I appreciate their work and they appreciate mine. The grading is a bit inconsistent between different teachers, but other than that, the teachers are great.
I love this school very much. It was home. I mean it had it's ups and downs, but I loved every minute. Sometimes I wish I was still there.
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