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This school is one of the most amazing schools ever. The main focus is academics and preparing you for college. I was able to graduate with my honors diploma and 13 college credits. The teachers at this school actually care about you and strive to help you succeed. We were able to have a 100% graduation rate because of the assistance and persistence of the amazing staff at AACT High school.
I have always felt welcome and excited to learn since I started at AACT in fall of 2014. This school has become my second family and I am sad that in just a few short months I will have to leave this wonderful environment.
The Academy is nice for education and that's about it. Not enough physical art, not enough physical exercise, not enough support. Strong sense of superiority with little to show for it other than offbrand confidence that exists to invite and shun. They don't care about students with mental illnesses, or any student who doesn't demonstrate their idea of greatness. The career tech training is the only thing that sets aact aside from being just another can't-do-anything-for-anyone high school of Nevada.
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I love how small and close my school is. Teachers are always incredibly helpful and there anytime you need them. Our counselors give us so many opportunities and even have a website set up with scholarship information. We are given the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA, FBLA, and many more competitions as well.
Great environment with great teachers and staff. Students and teachers are very supportive and wanting to help their peers and students strive.
Very positive and encouraging staff and peers. Focus on career readiness helped me prepare for college and gave me related experience for the work field.
I like how AACT allows you to take different classes than most high schools. I also like how you are able to take more challenging classes than other high schools offer. Lastly I like how they focus on your interests in what you want to do when you get older.
The Academy of Arts, Careers, & Technology is without a doubt the best high school in Nevada. From its range of diverse students, an academically driven body, and the welcoming environment, I recommend AACT to anyone that cares about their education. The staff at AACT is wonderful. Throughout my time there, I have experienced the amazing care and time the teachers give to their students. Because AACT is an academy based school, the students who attend have a passion for what they are learning. In all of AACT's history, there has never once been a school fight. The environment is welcoming and accepting. The school also has a wide range of diversity because it is not a zoned school. I was enrolled in the Natural Resources and Animal Science academy at AACT and I got to experience many types of hands on learning. This schools has aided me in preparing for college and I don't know where I would be without it.
I liked the different academies that the students were able to enroll in, allowing them to decide what their future academic and career goals will be. This is a step forward into deciding what major the students will have in college. It's a nice boost in their academic path. With this, each academy has very diverse and meticulous goals in regards to their field of interest. Each academy's leaders and teachers are filled with enthusiasm and care for their students, which allows for a more loving and friendly school environment, debunking the stereotypical idea of school.
The school focuses on helping students with their studies. I graduated from AACT in 2015 and loved this school. I knew I could reach out to my teachers if i was struggling with homework. I am a fist generation high school graduate and when it was time to apply for college, I knew I could count on the counselors to help me with the application process. On the Academic aspect of the school, I knew I need to try hard to earn a good grade. This school also values Community Service and helped students get involved in the community with volunteer work. The school also helped students get hands on experience in the job force through internships. I was a part of the Medical Academy and was able to complete an Internship at the hospital and learn about the different departments in the hospital. This school helped me prepare for the life after graduating and if I could go back to high school, I would apply for this school once again.
I've enjoyed my time at AACT. With such a diverse and motivated group of students, it's hard not to love this school. This school offers CTE classes, as well as several different AP classes, from Spanish to Psychology. The teachers here actually care for a student's well being as well as their future. All in all, great school.
My experience about that district would be that it was a great place to go to. It helps students to have an opportunity to go to a college or career to have. There should be no changes.
The teachers are very involved with the students and genuinely care about their academic and personal success. The work load is a lot more than that of a traditional school, but there is always someone to help when you are having trouble. The curriculum is great and there are a lot of things to choose from, the scheduling is fairly easy and their are many outside college courses you can take.
Every student there was very accepting, there was only peer pressure when it came to doing better academically. It was a very tight nit community and everyone was very friendly and involved in the school. Sexual orientation, ethnic diversity, etc. were not a problem.
There is a lot of effort put into all of the clubs in order to make them successful, the advisors are always available and are great at organizing trips and fundraising.
This school is a magnet school which you have to apply for, it is very sought out for and there is always a waiting list to attend the school. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The teachers are completely devoted to the students and to the school. There are several clubs and activities to do at the school although, there is no band, orchestra or sport teams the school is very supportive in helping students to attend those activities at their zoned high school. The school is divided into seven different "academies" which focus on different fields of work, this school provided me with the best possible ways to succeed in life and my goals. This school currently holds a five star rating within the Washoe County School District.
I was part of the first class to graduate from the school, and all my teachers were amazing! They were extremely dedicated and I learned so much at this school including, leadership skills, communication skills and so many other things that made me stand out from many other job applicants and helped me find many scholarships.
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The work load of the Academy Of Arts, Careers and Technology can be o'er-whelming at times but most teachers are reasonable if asked for an extension on certain assignments. Relatively assignments are comprehensible enough that with time they become easier to do while still posing a needed challenge that will educate a student.
I would say student involvement is standard but can be very high for certain events and low for others. Like the Hogwarts quote from J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets": "..Help will always be given at Hogwarts, to those who ask for it", except in this case Hogwarts would be AACT.
AACT has a Floriculture class that is optional through our Natural Resources and Animal Science academy that has an excellent teacher running it who also coordinates with more experienced students so that they may assist in teaching the lower class men, or otherwise those who are new to the subject. This same class has been able to provide assistance in many of our school events such as our school dances or special fund raising events.
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