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I couldn't imagine going to any other school for high school. Even if we don't have sports or music outside of clubs, we still have a lot of other great aspects. We have "academies" that have amazing teachers that prepare us for our careers by teaching us the skills for that job. This school has the nicest, most understanding teachers I have ever met and worked with, but they will put their foot down when necessary. These teachers have always done what they could to help the students be prepared for the world of work when it comes to their late policies. The staff in the office is also very helpful, especially to seniors who need help with college.
The building is very student friendly, but we don't have lockers, only in P.E./Yoga, Culinary and welding classes.
Again, I definitely couldn't see myself in any other school, not even my zoned school and I regret nothing about attending this school.
My school is very small. The teachers are absolutely amazing. The academies at the school do prepare you for the field that you want to look into more for your future. In my opinion, it is better than a regular high school because the teachers connect with you more, but it such a small school that you do not have the chance to get to know many people. (The school is about 560 people).
Had I gone to any other high school, I never would have accomplished all I have. They prepare you through community enrollment with volunteer programs, hands-on field study, and a wide variety of activities. I've been able to take charge of large, school and city scale projects. This has helped me to not only learn how to work with others, but the importance of communication, deadlines, and proposals. This is honestly the best school in the state of Nevada.
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My experience at Academy of Arts Career and Technology has been great overall. I’ve gain a lot of hands on knowledge on the field I want to purse my career on. What I love about Academy of Arts Careers and Technology is that it prepares you for your future. You gain a lot of skills not only in your career but skills that you are going to need in the real world. One thing that I would change about my school is add sports programs and also, a music program. For that reason is because both music and sports increase knowledge and health benefits.
It is very inclusive and allows students to be themselves without having to worry about being judged by other students. The teachers help out the students as much as they can in order to have them succeed in their future careers
My experience at the Academy of Arts Careers and Technology has been beyond amazing. The teachers and staff members are always there to support their students. The curriculum prepares students for the real world.
Its a great school. You mostly focus on your career path. One thing I didn't necessarily like was the diversity rates. Other than that, it was a good school.
This school was very tight knit of like minded people. Everyone cared for eachother, and everyone cared about their school, teachers, and education. The classes are a lot more hands on rather than just being lecture based which helped visual learners. Overall this school really prepared you for life and jobs that you pursue.
This is a very diverse school that encourages creativity and success. A very academically focused school that includes each of its students. It is a small school and encourages inclusiveness and friendships. One thing that I would like to see changed is the discipline. There seems to be a lack of enforcement and sometimes this can affect a students learning or comfortability in a school setting.
Overall, AACT is an amazing school. It provides you with the knowledge you need to continue to be excellent in your educational career. All while being in a welcoming environment, with many different and intellectual personalities.
AACT is a school for students who want to have the chance to express their individuality without being criticized for it. With endless amounts of support from my teachers and administration from my high school, I was never in a place without help. I was always supported and was insanely prepared for college, in ways that I didn't even know I could be prepared for. This high school is one of the greatest high schools in Nevada and it definitely shows.
This school was the greatest in preparing me for colleges and gave me real life connections and experiences to take with me. I also got introduced to many great community members in the process! Every teacher is super involved and cares about their students immensely.
The Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology has pushed my out of my shell and past my limit, all for the benefit of my future. Had I not gone to AACT, I would not have to career opportunities I have today.
I applied to the Academy of Art Careers and Technology because of their Career and Technical Education Programs. I am currently a sophomore studying video production and it is a really fun class and I am able to participate in competitions for it that can qualify me for a national competition. The environment here is great. There is no bullying and because we're such a small school, everyone's like one big family and I know almost everyone here. One of my favorite things about my school is the teacher-student connections. There aren't many students here so teachers are able to be more one on one with students and you can build strong relationships with them.
This school is outstanding. Teachers here are not only requiring but encouraging students to be active community members. At AACT, teachers set students up for an easy transition into a college or career. Students here create a hefty portfolio throughout all four years of high school that will become useful for job interviews and much much more. There is too much good to say about this school, I highly recommend Reno students to apply to this high school. AACT is truly life changing.
The teachers and staff really care about the students. I wish more students in lower grades would take the opportunities they have more seriously and were more caring.
All teachers and staff are so helpful and willing to help you succeed because they care about you. Students are all have the perseverance to succeed which allows you to make lasting friendships with people that stand the same ground as you. Academic preparation is impeccable with every year having 99% or more graduating.
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Over the course of my four years at AACT, I have grown as a person and in my career interest. The teachers and staff are special and have always pushed me to my best. I would recommend this school for anybody who strives for excellence.
Overall, the school is just fantastic. All the teachers are very supportive of your education, and they're willing to help a lot so that you succeed. The career specific classes have taught me a lot about jobs after high school, which I wouldn't have learned at most other schools. And all the students are dedicated to the school and are much more professional and responsible than one might expect from a teenager. AACT has helped me to develop as a student and as a future professional.
I attended the Academy of Arts Careers and Technology with the hopes that I would get the skills I needed to succeed in life, not only did they surpass my expectations but they showed me where I wanted to go in life. Thanks to the excellent staff and teachers I feel confident in my academic achievement as I persist into the next stages of my life.
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