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I would want to see more lockers, more spaces available in classes, and have more science related classes
This school is pretty great and helpful they help you achieve higher grades in your subjects.There are teachers who really teach you and help you out with tests and everything you need to know.
Academy felt like a very generic high school to me. But I did appreciate the ability to move to different buildings on campus in between class. The school population is average, but since you're sharing the north building with another high school, it can get very crowded at times. Like any other school, expect hallways to be extremely crowded after classes due to students loitering. Just a tip: if you get the chance, take gym classes in the auditorium rather than the actual gym.
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As a small community, Academy of American Studies provided a well rounded academic environment. With its variety of clubs and sports, there is something for you. I would like to see Academy of American Studies expand in the variety of classes offered, especially in their elective classes.
Very close knit school. Easy to make friends and you end up getting to know everyone. You make bonds with teachers and fellow classmates
the school needs a bigger building. i had a great experience, i was on two sports teams. the teachers were very nice and helpful and reinforced student engagement and questions. i had a very good time and i greatly enjoyed my high school experience there..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
This school not just only enhance my high school and future college experience but also my historical knowledge, such as going on trips and hands on experienve!
The school overall after graduating from Academy of American Studies is great. Teachers actually cares about their students but very few who don't. In fact, the school provided a lot of AP classes and College Now courses for its students to do well on so they'll won't have to worry about it in college. Also, the school itself should focus less on opera because nobody actually cares about it except the principle of the school. Instead, focus on what's more important for its students such as better gym equipment, widen the gym class because the freshman from last year are packed and there aren't any rooms left for everyone to keep their stuff safe and themselves as well. The school should focus on inspiring students of getting into a good college no matter who they are or what grades they get during their high school careers. Therefore, this school is okay and finally they started to get a new building for its students in needs.
Academy Of American Studies is a very unique school in many. ways. To begin, its very diverse, with many people of different races to religion and color skin. This is all a good thing due to the fact of the size of the school, and the amount of people who get enrolled, since its small its very easy to make friends and have a wonder high school experience. I had an amazing experience when it came to sports because I was in the high school soccer team. Academy Of American studies offers many sports to the students in the school. Sports aren't the only thing offered but also clubs. I was in the tech club my senior year, for community service and I had lots of fun, learning about laptops and seeing the way they work. Overall Academy Is a good school, it all depends on the student, as the school is great itself.
It was nice in preparing us for college. The downfall was that we were required to take a certain amount of classes senior year which was not necessary. Class time helped us with college too. The high school has a variety of college now classes which is really nice.
The school in general is good. There is no problem of bullying;most people are friendly, including most teachers.
However, this school does not try to help or develop students’ academic talents.
There are not many opportunities such as AP classes, or clubs.
This is such a terrible school. This school is way too broke that can’t even afford good teachers like they hire some cheap teachers that doesn’t know how to teach Therefore, the students fail regents and The health teacher is teaching US history for freshman b/c this school can’t even afford to hire teacher.Some teachers are good like ms Greenspan, mr deng , mr Jacobs and mr Gil. While others are racist, have really bad attitudes. The staff in the school are always mean and they yell for no reason.The guidance counselors are really fake that doesn’t even do the work and doesn’t care.The principle is fromLIC HS so he wants to make this small school look like a crusty school like LIC hs. The gym are way too oversized and the lockers are only used for gym period , there is no personal lockers. You can’t even keep anything in the lockers otherwise they will cut the lockers. This school doesn’t feel like high school , it feels like you are in a jail. You will regret it.
i really love this school. even though our school might not be big but its enough for the amount of people that study here. compare to other school, our school is way safer and almost everyone get along with each other. there is barely any fights in the school. mAybe once or twice a year. other school are big and people always get in stupid fights
Academy of American Studies compells students to do their most and work their hardest. The school stresses graduating and getting your credits to get you to a good college. The enivornmemt there isn't necessarily the best, just average. Some people there can be nice and some people simply are rude. The school dress code is simply, crazy. Coming from a feminist who strives for equality for both genders, I don't see equality in the school. The girls there can't wear tank tops or wear shorts in the hot, humid New York City weather because apparently it's distracting to the males in the school. Males can pretty much wear whatever they would like and would not get called for. Let me just be blunt here, the dress code there is stupid and needs to be changed. If you're advocating for "equality" in the school then stop sexualising the girls there and making them feel like walking sex objects for simply wearing a tank top. There's my review of the Academy of American Studies.
This is a good school, solid academics, safe environment. The facilities are a bit cramped, but they work hard to make do with what they have. They offer a reasonable variety of AP classes and a thoughtful history curriculum.
This school is pretty good. It has a very diverse environment, making everyone feel comfortable. The teachers are average, with there being some excellent ones and some uninterested ones.
There is very little to like about this school. Sure it's diverse, but so is the way people treat each other. Some nice but mostly rude. The cramp building is also a problem and we share a school we can't interact with. Teachers there, while there are some good one's, but sone can't teach well. If you have a problem and go to the authorities, they make you wait and take forever to solve the problem. The food is gross too and the school has no money for terrible gym equipment. If you are graduating middle school and plan to go to this high school, just don't.
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AAS is a school where you will not be disappointed. From start to finish, there are teachers that care and will help you along the way. While cramped due to the overcrowding, a new building is coming within the next 3-4 years.
Academy of American Studies is a great school! You will really feel at home there. Teachers will help with any work and the classes are fantastic!
Pros: diversity, strong history and English departments, manageable workload, a lot of extracurriculars, a decent amount of AP courses, a good amount of decent to amazing teachers (Greenspan, Deng, Koo), does decent in college preparation (senior thesis, 80 minute classes)

Cons: 7 a.m. classes, overcrowdedness, weak math & science departments, principal spends a lot of money on opera trips, hazardous gym classes (150 students)
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