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Academy of American Studies is a school unlike any other; I am currently a senior and have attended Academy for all four years and have an experience that I can definitively say I could not have had anywhere else. This school, despite being overcrowded, is a gleaming beacon throughout Long Island City. Students here are more closer-knit than any other community, teams give their heart out on the field and come home with results-constantly winning championships. This season, the boys soccer team won the Division B championship, the boys basketball team won the regular season undefeated, and last year the stunt team won the championship after existing for only one year prior. The faculty is unlike any other,; they aren't just teachers, they're mentors. Our gym teacher and soccer coach, Mr. Silver, got a tattoo on his leg for the soccer team for winning the championship this year. No other school is like Academy, and I am grateful to have been lucky enough to attend high school here.
As someone who graduated Academy, i can safely say that the school has it's problems. For one, some of the staff do a poor job on handling certain types of situations relating to school work and interactions with students like bullying. However, it does have a nice arrange of students and clubs to be in.
Academy is a really great school with amazing teachers and a very friendly environment. Of course there will be a few teachers that you might not like too much or some students you can’t stand but overall, there’s no bullying and everyone supports each other. We are a very diverse community and we welcome all kinds of people. As a part of Academy’s Student Government, I know very well that students run the school rather than the teachers since the student government members all work together to plan and set up many different events throughout the year.
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I liked that Academy of American Studies prepped me for college. With the classes equating to that of what a college class lasts and even offering college courses o get a head start really helped me out.
Excellent High School. Graduate from Class of 2016. Excited to see the opening of the new building. Definitely take advantage of all the educational trips offered and the many clubs and organizations to join.
i liked how there were a number of staff members that students could rely on in times of need but not every teacher was like that which i feel should change so that more students feel good to talk about things that bother them or to just talk in general. the academics are really good and they just want us to get ready for college from the moment you step in the building.
Academy of American Studies was very diverse. It encourages students to always work hard and never give up.
The teachers are mostly kind and willing to help you throughout your high school life! However there are some who seem to be little help. The environment is friendly and little is danger is felt on campus. The school has very rigorous courses that will surely challenge you! It’s arts programs are one of the most interesting parts that will surely become one of your most memorable classes. However, they are severely ignored and lack equipment but it makes it up in the quality of lessons. The school staff and teachers always want to help and even help you for your future endeavors. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because the lack of equipment the school has for its art programs or for any after school and athletic programs.
Some of the teachers and students are rude. Teacher seems not to care about student. This school needs to fix the gym and other activities. The staff in the school put false accustion on me. The deans are horrible accept my favorite ones. This school is broke for everything. Students would cry for their grade and some teacher doesn't care about you. This school gave me depression and made me go through a lot of stuff. The school changed me as a person. The guidance counselor cant remember your names and dont care about student.
In my opinion this high school is better than others. There are all sorts of teachers, from funny ones to boring ones, from unstable ones to others who hate school as much as you do. I'm pretty sure there's at least one teacher you can relate to. The students are overall calm and there aren't as much troubles or drama as there is in other high schools. The school building isn't amazing since we share with another high school . The space is limited and often times the classrooms are crowded. It would be thoughtful if those who accept admissions had the students in the school in mind since its not fair to have more and more students if the building is still small. I'd wish for more electives or extracurricular activities. More variety of classes, especially on the arts, like a music class. The advanced placement classes are what I expected. They're demanding and fun since we learn more than what we need for the ap test which helped me pass with a 4 and 5 this year.
I liked the schedule and how it made most of the days short and easy. You dont have each class every day. I did not like how some of the teachers chose favorites and at times would not even help
Academy of American studies need to have more space for students the classes are to small it is not like an American school
From the start, I knew Academy was the right choice. Due to the school being significantly smaller than most high schools, I was able to receive lots of attention from my teachers when I needed extra help or anything. Academically there was a good amount of options to select from and that applied to clubs and sports too. Throughout the years I was involved in Student government, Key Club, and the Stunt team. The school even offered educational international trips, which are amazing opportunities for the students. I was very fortunate to attend these trips my last two years and they are experiences I will never forget.
I would want to see more lockers, more spaces available in classes, and have more science related classes
This school is pretty great and helpful they help you achieve higher grades in your subjects.There are teachers who really teach you and help you out with tests and everything you need to know.
Academy felt like a very generic high school to me. But I did appreciate the ability to move to different buildings on campus in between class. The school population is average, but since you're sharing the north building with another high school, it can get very crowded at times. Like any other school, expect hallways to be extremely crowded after classes due to students loitering. Just a tip: if you get the chance, take gym classes in the auditorium rather than the actual gym.
As a small community, Academy of American Studies provided a well rounded academic environment. With its variety of clubs and sports, there is something for you. I would like to see Academy of American Studies expand in the variety of classes offered, especially in their elective classes.
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Very close knit school. Easy to make friends and you end up getting to know everyone. You make bonds with teachers and fellow classmates
the school needs a bigger building. i had a great experience, i was on two sports teams. the teachers were very nice and helpful and reinforced student engagement and questions. i had a very good time and i greatly enjoyed my high school experience there..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
This school not just only enhance my high school and future college experience but also my historical knowledge, such as going on trips and hands on experienve!
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