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I am a senior right now and I have to say, I wouldn't want my high school education to be in any other school and that's EVEN after I'm pursuing a future in Computer Engineering. Even when I realized that the medical profession wasn't for me, this school still went above and beyond to help me build my resume for this future. Sure there are some good and bad teachers, but there are far more amazing teachers than bad ones. I love this school and I recommend it to anybody hoping to apply soon. Good luck!
Challenging but rewarding and I enjoyed reaching out and helping the community in multiple classes. The medical classes like anatomy and physiology are so interesting but as expected they are challenging
My experience at AAHS was truly eye-opening and allowed me to understand my passion for the healthcare field. The classes and instructors provided an environment that nourished the interests of all students even if they were not interested in medicine. I was able to excel at this school because of the incredible students and guidance and would not be where I am today without it. I would not have traded this experience for any other public high school in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
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AAHS has been a rewarding experience. The teachers are amazing and have prepared me well for college.
I loved the health and science classes available. It was amazing that we could earn college credits in high school. I would like to see change with the general education classes. I wish we could have taken tests to get more college credits for general education classes.
Not only is it an academically challenging school, but it teaches you so much about yourself and your goals as a professional. Coming in, I had only a small interest in a medical career; after nearly four years there, I know for a fact that I want to be a doctor. I do wish they offered more AP courses, but overall, I had a very good experience at Allied.
AAHS is a great school to explore the medical field and find out if you really want to invest your time and money into an area in medicine
When I applied to this school, I thought there would be a great community with people I can truly connect with. The community makes the school the worst educational experience here. Its all about making fun/bullying the nicest students everyday and getting into drugs, so if you get admission into this school dont go. Average amount of good teachers, so you are better off going to your local public school. I'm popular within the freshman, but the freshman class needs major reforms. Surprised that freshman students can get into drugs at such a young age, it just appalls me.
The school has excellent teachers and resources to foster academic and extracurricular growth and allow students to maximize their potential.
Allied is a competitive school that offers an education for students that hope to pursue a medical career. It prepares each student for college whether or not they choose to go into a field of medicine
AAHS is a very challenging school but I'm confident the rigorous curriculum will prepare me for college. Generally the teachers are know their subject matters and they are always available to help during lunch time if you request for additional help. The only negative aspect is there are no sports program so a student will need to go back to the home school to participate in sports. We all know that when we applied to the school. I have no regrets in my decision.
This school has been good so far. The classes are very engaging and educational and I have learned a lot from them. I wish there could be more AP classes to challenge students more. There is a lack of clubs, especially competitive ones. For the only ones that exist, hardly any one is enthusiastic about them. My middle school had many academic competitions and clubs, so I there is a bit of a hole in that area. I think it could be easily fixed by adding more meaningful clubs.
Good school but unfortunately there is only one class that you can take and receive AP credits for which is unfortunate since they help a lot in college if you have the scores for them. Other than that it does a fantastic job of preparing you for the medical field.
This is a difficult school. Definitely one of the top ten in the country. I'm suffering now but it'll pay off later. All classes are honors or AP. The teachers are well versed. Some are professors, some are doctors. Surprisingly, this is also one of the most diverse schools I've been to. You can trust your classmates. That is why all the lockers are left open.
The Academy of Allied Health and Science, more commonly known as AAHS, has been more than a blessing. During my time there I was only met with the highest caliber of respect and education. The teachers all do whatever they can to make the student's life better. Also, the number of students per each grade level calls for a very close knit group of many different personalities and backgrounds. In fact, there are not that many bad things to counter the good. The biggest flaw the school has is the size of the school itself. It can be a very cramped environment that has little breathing room. Aside from that, AAHS has my highest accommodations.
This school has solidified my passion for the medical field and taught me so much about myself.
The teachers are truly passionate about what they teach, and care about the students.
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The workload and stress was difficult to manage on more than one occasion, but I definitely felt prepared for college by the time I graduated. The opportunities to experience the medical field while in high school made this a worthwhile experience, especially because, for me, I learned that I was more interested in the arts rather than medical science. The time management skills I learned at Allied helped me throughout my first year of college, and now it feels like I'm not being challenged compared to my high school classes. Most of the teachers are great and you really get to form a personal connection with each of them throughout your four years at Allied, you'll meet some amazing people, and overall I wouldn't have traded my time at Allied for the world.
The students at AAHS are alright. There are groups of students that are caring and reliable, and there are groups of students that are the stereotypical "partygoers" and make the school seem worse than it actually is. The faculty at AAHS are very understanding, but they can be harsh on students. I would still choose this school again, though because if you are thinking about going into the medical field, the education is much better than your average high school's education. You learn things ranging from Clinical Skills to Anatomy and Physiology, and there are a few required computer-based courses that you have to take in this high school.
The principal, guidance counselors, and staff were very reasonable.
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