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great school, new building with great faculty and facilities. Science oriented school as the name suggests with many AP course options. I wish it offered more language options.
In my time in this school, since the beginning of 6th grade to my senior year, I have only been met with kindness, intelligence, and a fantastic community. Almost every teacher treats their job as not an obligation, but as a privilege. The faculty in the office are always warm and inviting, and the academics are to die for. I love this school with all my heart, but no school is perfect. We have our faults here at AAE, and we work endlessly to eradicate them. But the uniform thing sucks.
I like how the school is diverse. I like how most students don't exclude others from activities and "cliques". One thing I'd like to change is the way admin and staff treat upper classmen especially seniors. We get treated like elementary kids, there's no freedom. For example: During lunch, we aren't allowed to order food, or go to the store to get food which wasn't a problem for senior class of 2019.
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i have been at AAE ( Academy of Aerospace and Engineering) since the 6th grade, and i have been through and seen multiple changes of our school. this school, academics wise is great and one of the best in the whole state and country. The only thing is that the school needs a better sports program and the one currently is very limited.
The best things about the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is the amount of care and effort the staff/ teachers put in to make students feel welcome
Excellent knowledge available, rigorous coursework, challenging material. There are also excellent teachers. However, social interaction and collaboration should be further emphasized, as that is an integral part of engineering. There are limited extra curricular activities, and few, if any opportunities for bonding with fellow students. Also, there are few field trips to see an actual work environment, even though we are across the street from Iron Mountain, a large data enterprise.
Everyone has their own career path, so the lack of choices in classes, field trips, and extracurricular activities is very concerning. This is the little freedom that students have to mold themselves in their own direction, instead of the direction that the schoolboard orders them to go.
The teachers are amazing and wonderful educators, always willing to lend a helping hand! The atmosphere is wonderful here, the students are very welcoming. This school allows you to learn a lot and have a lot of opportunities that are not present in other schools. You have a voice at the school are able to communicate with administration to adjust or troubleshoot any issues or introduce activities or resources that may not be present.
The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is a great school with wonderful teachers who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the students are comfortable in the learning environment. It prepares the students greatly for what the future has in store and offers many opportunities to further the students' knowledge beyond just academics.
This school is a great school high with very high standards. Made the decision to take our son out of the public school in our town. Board of Ed said we would be sorry and that we would be back very soon. That was 6 years ago . Our son has received a much better education the he would have ever received in our town
I believe that the Academy Of Aerospace & Engineering is a fantastic place for students to learn many different subjects and topics that they find interest in. It is a very safe place to learn and everyone has a group of friends to talk to so no one can be considered alone. If there's one thing i hope I see change. I hope that someday we can have everyone understand that phones shouldn't always be out in public.
I love AAE for its endless opportunities in its fields. If you apply yourself, you can do so many different things from launching rockets to working in labs to building real, flyable planes. My class is awesome, and so are the Junior and Senior Classes.
The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is a very rigorous magnet school in which students are constantly pushed to do their best. It consists of many challenging yet fascinating classes that most schools typically do not have, such as Music Theory, Aerospace Engineering, and many more. Along with the diversity of the classes, Aerospace also has a strong diversity of students. One thing I dislike about my school is the interaction of students. There are many fights that occur often in the school, and many classroom holds have happened as a result. This fights interfere with the school safety, which is a major factor of an appropriate educational environment.
The school was great, with great academics, teachers who cared, and many academic outlets. However, it's slowly becoming more and more like a public school, with no money for academic teams and underclassmen who just don't care. The teachers still care, though, and that is one of the few good things left.
Pretty good overall, but eh school is terrible with communication. that is my only problem over my four years
It is a very god school. The environment is very good. The teachers are amazing and teach very nicely. The students are very good and intelligent.

AAE has an excellent culture. Students from around the state who want to pursue a career in STEM fields have an excellent chance to get ahead. Chock full of supportive and knowledgeable faculty, you will graduate well prepared for college.
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I love this school because this school has so many things to do. Their technology is just great. I sometimes 3D print things there. One time, I 3D printed a night light and some legos. I also dissected a rat in the tenth grade and a sheep brain this year. Last year, I created a rocket and that flew more than seventy miles up. The school is just amazing. There are many things to do there that no one else can do in other schools. I am currently taking a Photography class and it is great. I can take all sorts of pictures.
Overall the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is a great school, however, I do wish that there were more electives and a more versatile after school club list. It is pretty easy to create your own club, as long as you can find a teacher to head it. The academics are fantastic, and most of the teachers are more than willing to help you if you do find yourself having issues with the topics at hand.
The school is state of the art! It's beautiful with amazing resources. I feel I am getting an excellent education and will be prepared for college.
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