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Pretty good overall, but eh school is terrible with communication. that is my only problem over my four years
It is a very god school. The environment is very good. The teachers are amazing and teach very nicely. The students are very good and intelligent.

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AAE has an excellent culture. Students from around the state who want to pursue a career in STEM fields have an excellent chance to get ahead. Chock full of supportive and knowledgeable faculty, you will graduate well prepared for college.
I love this school because this school has so many things to do. Their technology is just great. I sometimes 3D print things there. One time, I 3D printed a night light and some legos. I also dissected a rat in the tenth grade and a sheep brain this year. Last year, I created a rocket and that flew more than seventy miles up. The school is just amazing. There are many things to do there that no one else can do in other schools. I am currently taking a Photography class and it is great. I can take all sorts of pictures.
Overall the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is a great school, however, I do wish that there were more electives and a more versatile after school club list. It is pretty easy to create your own club, as long as you can find a teacher to head it. The academics are fantastic, and most of the teachers are more than willing to help you if you do find yourself having issues with the topics at hand.
The school is state of the art! It's beautiful with amazing resources. I feel I am getting an excellent education and will be prepared for college.
I have been attending the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering since I was in the 7th grade. I love the school and the various opportunities it offers. However, some things in the high school need to change, such as the lack of a weighted gpa system.
The Academy of Aerospace has taught me a lot throughout the past 5 years.The teachers pushed me and they always encourage me to do my best. Event when I give up on myself they never gave up on me.One thing that I would like to see change is the long school day.
As a senior at the Academy of Aerospace & Engineering I would say that I had a good experience over my last 6 years at the school.
There are many different culture you will find here and the building is a phenomenal piece or architecture
Extremely strong academics with some understanding teachers. Heavy workload so don't expect to also have a life.
The school nurse left because admin is bad and over stressed her. The new nurse is incapable of doing her job. Few people use the nurse's office due to the nurse changing, even if they need the nurse. Security knows the people who should be in the school and monitors who enters and leaves the building.
Admin makes it nearly impossible to have clubs. The new building made all clubs have to be during the day and so no one can join clubs. Clubs are not well known.
This school provides an amazing education. The teachers are great and care about the students. The topics covered are in depth and rarely found in a typical high school. The problems with this school are the administration and the transportation. Transportation is poor in quality and consistency. My school bus had 20 different drivers during the first quarter of the school year. The administration lacks to ability to make decisions and enforce rules. Dress code is rarely enforced and when it is, it is enforced for a couple days and then forgotten about.
Most teachers are great, but some never update grades. A few teachers don't teach their classes and expect students to teach themselves (we call those teachers "teacher of the year").
I've had a very good experience at this school. I know I'm earning a very high quality education through my teachers.
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Every teacher I've had at this school has been incredibly helpful. They all understand their particular field very well which helps make it easier for students to understand the material.
In short, do not go here. When I first came to this school, it was a magical place. I loved the classes and the programs intrigued me greatly. The teachers were and still are some of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. The students, for the most part, are brilliant. However, this school has lost what made great. There is lack of communication between student, parents, and school administration. The counselors are useless and administration members are worse. They avoid contact at all cost and do not care about the success of the students. Scheduling was poor ever since freshman and has only degraded. My school's administration started off bad, had four years to get their act together, and astonishingly, they've gotten worst.

Do not get me started on the lunches. They are absolutely horrendous. It feels like a prison in here. Every since I came to this, sleep has been non existent. Some of the "new" technology doesn't work and the "new" building is breaking down as time progresses. I have never had an administration that have treated with such disregard in my life.

Please, avoid this school at all cost.
The teachers are the reason why I come to this horrible place everyday. They go above and beyond in their lessons. My teachers genuinely care about my success.
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