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Academy NW is an amazing model for education! Our kids loved the flexibility of taking classes at the local learning center, learning a few subjects at home and having an oversight teacher provide support and encouragement all the way through high school. With that flexibility of schedules came the opportunity for our boys to pursue their interests at their own pace and really discover what gifts God gave them as they mature into young adults. We don't want any closed doors to our kids, so we felt strongly to seek an accredited high school diploma and Academy NW fit the bill way beyond our expectations. We are extremely grateful for all of the hard working staff at ANW and that accreditation is an option for students that enjoy learning at home also!
Academy Northwest has been one the best decisions! I've had 2 children graduate from ANW, & one to go. We've had the opportunity to attend several of ANW's learning cntrs over the years, & visit several others--from S. WA state, to the north-end! The choices are limitless, the individual needs of the child are always a high priority. I love that my children were able to receive high school credit for their interests. Unheard of in traditional public school. As a single parent, I'm thankful that my children were accountable --on a weekly basis--to someone other than myself. All classes, are taught from a faith-based viewpoint, inline with my own beliefs. Values are re-enforced by the teachers' own actions & testimonies. They are truly a part of the Village (It takes a village to raise a child...). My eldest child was recently admitted into the military, testing in in the top 5%. This opens any door for this young adult. Huge kudos to ANW in contributing to this standard of excellence!
Excellent option for families with faith-based values, looking to provide accreditation for their homeschool high school aged students.
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My experience at Academy Northwest has been amazing. My teachers have prepared me to go out in the world strong in my Christian faith and values. They are giving me an advanced education centered around preparing me for college and jobs. Because it is a private school, the school work is tough. It is worth the extra time and effort to do well because I am learning so much. I feel ready and excited to tackle college and give it my absolute best. My counselor is incredible because she is going to walk me though my college journey next year! I am blessed to be able to go to Academy Northwest.
The Academy Northwest experience changes dramatically depending on which teacher you get. My teacher cared deeply about her students and teaching, and did a good job of working with each student individually to help them grow in the direction that would most help them.
Academy Northwest is an awesome accredited high school option for homeschoolers. I was able to enjoy the versatility and flexibility of homeschooling while keeping within the state requirements and will receive an accredited transcript and diploma when I'm finished.
It's a good idea, having a place for homeschoolers to meet state degree requirements but still the homeschooled. The only problem is they really need to get better teachers. Mine in particular always changed her mind on what meets requirements and what does not, often at a time when it was nearly impossible to change course to meet those new requirements. She would then act like this was how it has always been. It is nice that I only have to meet with my teacher once a week though, the rest of the time I can go at my own pace when completing my schoolwork.
I adore Academy Northwest. The program offers a multitude of schools in different districts. The teachers are kind and they offer a wonderful curriculum. The student capacity is microscopic (around 100 students) compared to a public high school (thousands of students), but for those who enjoy home schooling with a non-overwhelming number of students, then Academy Northwest is perfect for that individual. The only change I would make is having class on two days of the week instead of just on Mondays. I know, however, that this can be challenging with schedules and homework, but it's an idea that I think could work.
We meet at the teachers house, if we meet at all. Since this is a private school for homeschoolers.
I homeschooled through this school so the only reason it's not better is cause I'm still stuck at home all day.
The teacher tends to over-explain things and sometimes ends up making the path to the solution more confusing than necessary.
The school was in a church next to a bus stop. Once a man staggard into the sanctuary where there was no adults. The man was obviously not sober. He refused to leave and got increasingly hysterical. We had no security and couldn't lock the glass doors to prevent it from happening again.
There aren't many opportunities avaliable and those that are, are unorganized.
I made lasting friendships here, one of which is with a teacher who took personal interest in every student. I was not only college prepared, but find college easy by comparison. The events were spectacular. I wish I could have been more involved, but I still got to be a Senator, teachers assistant, Yearbook Editor, and National Honors Society Member.
The main teacher there puts her heart and soul into her job. It is her goal to ensure that everyone succeeds. The other teachers change every few years. Most of them are very good. I had one teacher who was terrible. He did not understand students or school dynamics. His homework load was unrealistically large. I've never had a college class give that much work. The school responded to feedback and he was let go after a year. Aside from him, the teachers are excellent.
I always felt safe in classes and field trips.
In the fall and spring there are opportunities for weekend long field trips. There are additional day long classes that can be taken at the main office or online.
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I never felt unsafe at any of the classes or field trips.
The teacher I had was great.
This is a combination private and home school organization. I appreciate the education I got through it.
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