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What i liked about Academy is that everyone there is so friendly and kind. Teachers are always trying there hardest for the students. All the teachers care about everyone's future no matter who you are.
The way the campus is set up us suppose to ready you for college, but it just separates the students and causes problems. Some schools think they are better than others. Overall, it is just school. You show up and do your work and you will pass. The academics is not very difficult, just depends on the teacher.
Great school! Teachers are focused in helping students reach their goals and graduate. Parents should be more involved with their student since its their last years and students really would need their support.
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i'm senior now, they help me for scholarship and help me apply to college. I'm have low GPA and i still learning English but they help me everything to scholarship.
Academy High School is a great place for college readiness. They have a entire class dedicated to it and you must have applied to three scholarships, one college application
My high school experience was good! The teachers at my school try their best to be there for every student. I would highly recommend anyone that's in high school to attend Academy high school because it's a very welcoming environment! The teachers actually care about you and want to see you successful. They never give up on you.
Academy is a family that challenges you . I enjoyed my experience here. It's fun here and you can talk to everyone and everyone gets along. The teachers are always willing to help and make sure you pass the class.
Some teachers are better than others with different styles of teaching. Overall, we have not had a real problem with any of the teachers.
I have not heard of any really serious problems with safety at this school.
Experience with the teachers has been okay. Administration has been difficult at times. I like the size of the school.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great. I know there is people who have joined band, orchestra and choir. Students have made up their own organization of Athletic Religious community. This is an organization where students who are athletes get together in the morning and do homework and sometimes talk about their different beliefs. This helps students speak their minds and get help with their homework. There is also an organization which is called "Lab" after school there is different teachers of different subjects who get together, have snacks and welcome students who need extra help in which ever subject.
If I had the chance to do it over again and be part of Academy for my four years of High school I would go back. This school not only has a great community but cares about your future life. For example I would like to purse my future career as a nurse and for this they placed me in a Bio-med class to learn more and be ready for college. This high school is a STEM school and I have learned how to work with technology a lot! My favorite experience at this school must be having to be part of this great community where everyone gets along and getting to work with so much more technology.
The teachers at Academy High school are great, not only do they make learning fun but they are there to help you when you need it. Their style of teaching include giving real world examples and using fun examples to get entertained. Their knowledge is great there is always something different we learn each day which makes students get engaged in the concept. The students at Academy High school have a great relationship with the teachers and there is no drama between us. There is a specif teacher in which I fully trust and makes sure I am on track. They are on top of grading even when there is a lot of extra activities. Overall my teachers are truly great.
I am part of the ULA (student council) it is great and we always have a good time trying to prep our parades and school events.
Students are always trying to attend any school game or so to cheer our teams. We like to gather and have a great environment.
Although our records don't hold up as having a great program, it is an amazing program to be apart of. The head coach is a caring and loving guy. He tells us every day, "Our goal is to win, our mission is to become better people." And he also puts, "Character: first, last, always." all over the locker room among other inspirational quotes.
iPads and laptops are readily available for students to use as long as a teacher reserves them for their class.
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Most teachers are willing to get extremely involved in students lives, if necessary. The Spanish teacher is very difficult to establish a healthy relationship with because he is very short tempered and holds grudges against students.
Because almost all the activities are district-wide, it allows all students to interact with students from other schools. And because of this, it means that students can travel and visit the other schools. The amount of clubs offered before and after school is amazing. Whether it's band, Air Force JROTC, choir, athletics, debate, science clubs, tutoring sessions, and many others. It's a blessing to go to the school go to.
Even though my high school isn't like most I liked coming here. I learned a lot about myself. I made a lot of friends. Most importantly, I was always important to the teachers here. They've helped me with everything I've asked them with.
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