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Academy High School is hands down one of my favorite places in the universe. An odd thing for a teenager to admit, that school is one of their go-to locations, but it was definitely the case for me. The surrounding community without a doubt had a major part in helping out with fundraisers for new sports equipment or much needed items in the classroom. The faculty was actually involved in their students lives by going to see them on Friday nights at their football games or would be among one of the first people applauding when the curtain lowered at their Spring musical. The school wasn't very large but it's an up and coming smaller school, so everyone pretty much knew everything about everyone. The list of pros and cons are debatable on that, but when graduation day came around and I looked around and could confidently name all my peers I couldn't be happier.
I loved the teachers, they were so incredibly active in my life. I enjoyed going to class everyday because the company was so amazing. The bond between the students and teachers was unlike anywhere else I have attended. It really meant a lot to me, especially as a high school student.
Academy High School offers an amazing education, along with the opportunity to graduate with an unlimited amount of dual credit hours. The faculty/staff are amazing and there to help every step of the way. Overall an outstanding school!
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I liked how the teachers actually cared for their students and how involved the principals were. The principals always greeted every student with a hand shake and hello.
In all of my years at Academy High School, I have learned so much! They have given me a great education that I look forward to using in college and the real world. Every teacher is fantastic and always ready to give their students a helping hand. The school has a very involved community that loves to help its students. Not only is the community great but so is all of the staff! Our previous and current principal was/is very involved with their students and love getting to know us. Both principals knew/know everyone in the school by name and always offer a smile. Academy High School offers a safe and friendly environment that makes everyone happy to show up each day to learn.
I grew up in the Temple area, I went to temple schools until middle school. I was brought to Academy Middle School and the change was big. Once I moved up to High School, the change was even better. The classes were smaller but also more advanced, it was overall a better learning environment.
I absolutely love Academy. The small town atmosphere is a beautiful place to raise kids and it has a great academic program!
I have nothing bad to say about this school. I always felt safe with the administration and staff. We had locked doors and visitors had to sign in all the time.
Everyone was in some kind of extracurricular activity. Everyone liked to be an active student
The other students were always friendly. This school was more of a family to everyone.
I would send my own children to this school. They are the best teachers and know what they are doing
The school was very challenging but rewarding. If I could do it all over again I would've gone to the school district sooner rather than later. The challenge improve my life but preparing me more for college. It is thanks to the school that I am in The honor society now.
Its nothing that can be changed in this day and age. Many teenagers nowadays do drugs and drink. Thats just how it is. There is not a large concentration of them, but it is prevalent.
The academics are very average considering that we hardly have an athletic program and hardly compete in anything.
The department of education and michelle obama have made sure that there is no good cafeteria food anymore.
I agree with all that the administration does and the policies that the school enforces.
There are a few great teachers and a few average ones, but a few terrible teachers.
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The educational quality is better than anything you will get in the area. The experience is totally based on the student's perception on their work and how they approach each day. If you come into each day with a great attitude and a work ethic as strong as steel you will succeed.
There is very little outside help for clubs or activities because of a lack of funding by outside sources. That being said, clubs maintain a relative improvement over the time that i have seen them develop while attending this school.
There are a lack of sports boosters in our community which leads to a lack of sporting developement. Recently our sports have been on the uprise though.
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