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From the start, Freshmen year, Academy for Young Writers prepares you for life after high school. Whether it is academics or how to deal with adult life, the staff finds a way to incorporate that into our time in schools.
Our school is located in East New York, and like many, have experienced massive budget cuts but still manage to provide stellar education to its students and maintain it's bright and welcoming personality. Staff are well trained, skilled and highly educated. The campus is clean and safe. Our students are engaged. Everything a good school needs.

Every student has the power to mold the school into what they want. Everyone contributes to the positive atmosphere.

Administration is invested in student engagement and making sure the school can better service the them. Our Principal works very closely with Student Council. Our Dean caters to both Middle School and High School students. Advisors listen to students and adequately prepare us for post HS life. I have made personal relationships with my teachers, become an Honors student, grow into an accomplished writer and artist and made change outside of my school. I have my school to thank for that. Any child would be lucky to go here.
I feel like overall this school it tries it's best to keep everyone happy maybe not always in it's best way but they try so thats what matter.
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What I liked about Academy For Young Writers is, Everyone is very friendly and open. You can be yourself in that school. What's bad is, there's not a lot of programs or sports that students want.
Entering Academy for Young Writers had me conflicted internally, I had no clue how I was going to about entering a new space with new people. I wasn't comfortable coming out and upon learning more about myself as the years went on, I began to help change the school's culture about LGBT students and their needs. Upon graduating I had learned more of my own character, how I choose to interact with others and that the sky is limitless.
everything about this school is good, the teachers are nice, its in a safe environment, the school is wonderful
AFYW is a unique learning experience. It's not your typical high school. The teachers take great pride in forming bonds with the students. AFYW also practices restorative justice which dramatically lowered the amount of suspensions. The school focuses on community and I had a great 4 years.
I liked the small school family atmosphere. The teachers were very helpful and did everything they could to make sure you were a ok in and out of the school.
I liked the way students are able to be themselves and are accepted from whatever background they come from. The school could use some work on having a space for students to go when they are in need of emotional stability.
what I like about Academy for Young Writers is that the teachers are all caring and nice. The teachers help me whenever I'm stuck on the problem and they thoroughly explain it to me. The staff at the school are also nice and cares about each student within the school.
Being at this school has helped me grow tremendously as a student but also as a person. I've learned how to face difficult challenges and to believe in myself. Young Writers has become my family.
Again... If they would have a least gave a warning of what they were doing then my years at this school would have much more enjoyable.
My experience in this school wasn't all that good but it wasn't that bad either even though with my class, they decided to do a lot of NEW things.
What makes this school so unique is it's small size and the availability of teachers and programs that in an collaborative effort help students succeed. Some of my bets memories include supplemental instruction after school for approaching regents exams and credit recovery courses during the summer.
During my time at Academy for Young Writers, I felt supported by most of my teachers and they made it obvious by their efforts that they wanted me to succeed as a student.
Amazing security and health staff present at the school.
Loads of after school opportunities, enriching the student experience.
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The school is great for where it is now. Starting about a decade ago, in both Academic and social pursuits the school has immensely improved. For that I have to give the school props where it is due, and look forward to see continued improvements.
The teachers at the school are growing with the students and that is what I love. They are key players in student's lives and that continues to drive them to succeed. They are consistent in grading and whilst improvements are constantly made where knowledge is concern, the teachers tend to have strong grasps on the material.
Dont have much to say about this...a work in progress
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