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Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School Reviews

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Avoid this school at all costs. Students threaten teachers and administration looks the other way. There is no salary guide and a first year teacher makes more than an experienced one. Also, there is no motivation to want to do good when all you receive is threats and paycuts.
The experience wasn't good, because the school has just started becoming a school. The education was okay, but needed better teachers.
I was part of the first graduating class for this high school and I truly loved my experience here. I am a now 22 year old young lady who now reflecting back can say I had wonderful teenage experience thanks to this charter school. Teachers were available any time after or during school hours, grading was college level which truly prepared me for Montclair State university where I attend school now, I made true life long friendships, was provided an internship opportunity, and attended/volunteered for several after school activities, on top of the many class trips I went on (technology services at Apple in NYC, Empire State Building, Rutgers University, Montclair University, etc.)
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The school is great there are flaws but if you look beyond them you'll she the good things the school has to offer
It was terrible the school wasent really a school it needs to be fixed it lacks a lot of things textbooks desks classrooms it's way to small and teachers don't really teach
Although the school wasn't great, it was a very diverse school and small as well where you know almost everyone. they have great sports team and few great teachers
It's a small school where you know everyone and we all work as a team to show leadership. The teachers are amazing they know what they are doing. This school consist of students joining a lot of activity after school and during school. Aul has shown me to be more confident and also it made me prepare for college. I would totally recommend this school for any students that would like to be in a small environment to learn quick and better.
When I started in this school there wasn't enough classrooms so sometimes learning would be hard due more then one class in the auditorium. But teachers would make the best from any situation. So many fun events and fundraisers that we did will always be remembered. This is school is unique because its about becoming a leader thinking about our future not only for our self but our whole community and class. You learn leadership skills and become a better person within. Learn not to be a boss but a leader!
The teachers really try to work with they have and make the best to teach the students, as well include life lessons to make have a more understanding of our environment and society. The teachers are very helpful when needed. This school is not a regular school its a family, teachers influencing all students for the better and even teachers learning from their own students. Teachers here have fair grading and know their subject!
It was a 'better than I expected" experience attending my four years at AUL Charter HS. I met great people, with great intenstions and experienced more than anticipated. I attended prom, visted multiple college my junior year, went to broadway plays, the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Senior sleepover trip, field days, battle of the classes, student government, and so much more. The school is so much more family oriented and invsted in striving to impact urban families. Teachers put in their own money for class trips to visit colleges. Teachers met with students outside class to assist emotional needs. I felt more like a person and less then a number. I would definetly both recommend and reattend The Academy for Urban Leadership Charter High School.
The best thing about being an Alumni from the Academy for Urban Leadership Charter HS was that my fellow classmates and I were the first ever graduating class! The school started with 100 freshman, than invited another 100 freshman the next year and continued untill we had all 4 grades with one 100 students per class. Teachers were honestly really great. It was a start up school which worked out incredibly well! We were a bit babied due to being the very originals, so favoritism was noticable, however; my teachers never made that an excuse to due poorly. Teachers were their for students inside and outside of school. Grading was harder than usual since it was ranked on a college grading level.
There are not many after school activities available for students.
My favorite experience in this school has been the fashion show because a lot of people go and support and everyone has a good time. This school is very unique the fact that is small makes it great but the fact that we have to constantly go to other buildings to use other facilities and it gets annoying. Also the fact that we don't have a wide variety of clubs and organization it's not enjoyable. I would only come back here just because of the education and preparation for college.
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