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I have really enjoyed my time at ATEMS. The teachers are some of the best in town, and since it is such a small school, the teachers are able to focus on helping you more than they could in a large school. Also, the small student body allows for a better opportunity to make friends with most everyone, and we are a fairly close-knit community. The kids here are all very intelligent, and I believe we have had greater opportunities here to prepare for college. ATEMS was the only school in Abilene to host Princeton Review over the summer, which prepares you for the SAT, and has a "trust card" system which promotes good grades and behavior.
ATEMS is the exact high school I needed to get the perfect high school experience. At ATEMS all of the classes are stem based and almost all assignments are groups helping us become better team members. I am currently on the ATEMS robotics team and it is great this year because we were able to send 2 teams to state competition. Another great aspect is the teachers. The teachers have a great 1 on 1 relationship with all of their students that has greatly helped me through high school.
A STEM school whose mission statement was changed midway through life. Originally started as a New Tech Network school, it's main goals involved "21st-century skills" and college readiness. When ATEMS left the New Tech Network and joined Abilene Independent School District, it lost some of it's identity and is now easily described as a regular high school but with laptops and no home campus sports.
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ATEMS, overall, is an amazing school. There is a strong emphasis on technology and college readiness. ATEMS students also get privileges that you may not get at some schools such as being able to eat off campus. However, ATEMS students used to have more freedoms. The original principal of ATEMS, John Martinez, was very relaxed and trusted students to act responsibly, but after Mr. Martinez left and was replaced by Dr. Garduno, the school became a bit more strict.
ATEMS high school is a very small school but with a big education. Everyone gets to know each other and the teachers are just very nice and helpful. On my freshman year I designed a train on an application called Inventor and my teacher printed it on our 3D printer; it was fun to make it and do the math during the process. I also got to built a puzzle cube and a Lego brick.
This year is my second year and I'm still on the engineering pathway and I decided to take a course called Principles of Information Technology. In ATEMS we have two pathways, engineering and technology. I have been more interested on being on the engineering pathway since middle school because of all the math and ATEMS offers so much like our privileges of taking our devices with a trust card, which everyone gets at the beginning of the school year, and get to work on them for classwork and have fun with them on free time like in lunch.
I am very glad to be a student at ATEMS and representing the STEM pathway.
I've had a great experience at ATEMS. I developed so many skills through every class that helped me grow as a person. Our freshman year we were taught how important it was to work together in groups and distribute the work. Junior year was basically an introduction to college because we were exposed to AP/Dual Credit classes that were difficult. However, we learned to keep going even if things were difficult. Another thing is that even though we don't directly have sports or other fine arts because we have such a small campus, the administration did a great job of figuring out a way to have students travel between the other two schools.
I really enjoy this school, because of the supportive environment, one-to-one technology to student ratio, and diverse student population.
Atems has gone down the drain over the past few years but it is still a good school it just needs some change
ATEMS is very good at preparing their students for college. Most all of the teachers are ready to help students talk about their plans and what they need to finish. We have a college counselor who's office is on campus and he is more than willing to discuss your college options whenever he can. I really enjoy the classes because we integrate technology in our lesson. I have been to the other local high schools for other classes and the amount of technology know how is very different. The class sizes are not extremely large and the amount of students on campus are so much smaller than the other two local high schools. The only problem I really have with the school is the small hallways. We share a building with TSTC which takes the bottom floor. So we use the top floor, but the hallways are very small and very crowded despite our small student body size.
The curriculum is okay, I just wish we had more time to do our homework. I find it impossible for students to be apart of extracurricular activities, have a job, come for tutoring, be social, and still get 8-10 hours of asleep. How is this possible!?
The culture is really great. Everyone is accepted for who they are. It is a positive environment for everyone.
We have quite a bit of extracurricular activities, but not as many as bigger schools have. They have some pretty great organizations. It is mostly UIL, robotics, NHS, and student council.
I am honored to attend the high school I am attending, many people shave applied to get it and I am blessed to a student of this school. I would defiantly repeat this school if I had that option.
The teachers at my school are absolutely the most compassionated and dedicated people I have ever met. They will do anything for our student body to become successful.
I love the academics that is offered at ATEMS high school, because there are many options being a student at this high school. I am very satisfied what my school offers to the students pre-AP and offering duel credit this is nice knowing that we can put a challenge on ourself as a student to try harder in our education.
My social scene at this school is very engaged to other students and teachers. All challenges are everywhere in life to deal with others attitude and peer pressure from them, this yet does not stop me or other student I know from learning. This problem is not as big than it would be at a regular sized school. A.T.E.M.S social environment helps motivates all students and teachers to do there best and show a good example.
We had many extracurricular opportunities in our school we are offered U.I.L to participate in and many different clubs like yearbook, STARS, mouse squad, and student council etc;. I had strong commitment to after school activities I would call in a little late for work because school comes first. All students stayed committed to different extracurricular activities this help me focus on school even more!
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My overall experience with all my high school was tough but easy to get accomplished. My favorite experiences in high school was staying after school getting extra help in classes I will fall behind sometimes but get caught up fast as long as I got stuff done and took care of business. This school is very unique, because its based on team building and communication. A.T.E.M.S high school builds all students as a whole, I wouldn't choose this school all over again because I don't regret the past I rather keep the memories I spent and shared and focus towards my future.
I would describe my teachers at A.T.E.M.S very knowledgable and upbuilding with the class, it draws my attention when teachers get the whole classroom to participate in lesson activities. The teaching style I like is hands on and visual aspect this helps me to move on to the next lesson. Our communication skills are sometimes great I understand where I would leave off and where I need to pick up from.
Our school seems very safe (at least in my perspective). I have seen little to no bullying.
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