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Very tight community. After awhile kids start to leave and spots are not filled leaving a graduating class of 40.
ATC is an extremely accepting school. Our community is very diverse and unique. We stand out in New Mexico because of our service to the Santa Fe community as well as our rigorous academics. ATC offers a variety of AP courses, and it works hard to prepare students for college.
I absolutely loved ATC! It was a great school that challenged its students all while nurturing them. The culture has grown a bit more competitive since I started in 2010, but it still feels personal and the competition is akin to sibling rivalry. Overall, it's an excellent school that will prep a kid for life after high school.
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The Academy for Technology and the Classics is a very strong school for preparing for college. In 10th, 11th, and 12th grade in particular, students take high-level AP classes.
All of the teachers at ATC know each student as a person. Some of that is because we are a small school, but I believe that most of it is because our teachers care about a student as a person. Each teachers really knows their subject, if they are ever asked a question they don't know they will find the answer and gain that knowledge themselves. Each teacher looks at the type of learners, and used a method that will be most beneficial to the students learning. Talking to teachers about struggles is easy. We have a student teacher relation committee and teachers genuinely want students to talk to them. Teachers will explain things on different ways and always have other resources posted around the room or on their websites. Grading is always consistent of policies and regulations for that. My teachers are amazing a.d want me to suceed, they are willing to help me through every step.
ACT is a great school and the staff, counselors, and teachers are among the best. They are wonderful at helping each student get prepared for college, both academically and in dealing with the logistics of applying, etc.
ATC is truly an exceptional school. It challenges us to be the best students we can be, and really prepares us for what college will be like. The teachers are so kind and understanding, and so are the students! It's a very unique place, made for unique people. You'll have the best experience of your life as long as you stay open minded and aware of your surroundings and what the people around you are going through. We're one big family, and it really shows.
It's very well put together.
It was rated #4 in the state and is challenging.
We don't really have sports besides track and swimming.
I have very much enjoyed my school experience.
I have had really great teachers at this school. THe sad thing is that they are all leaving because of the terrible administration. The principal really changed this school for the worse.
We could use a nurse and a security guard.
There have been problems with the students hating jewish people.
This school has a problem with Principals. A lot of them have just been horrible.
This school school is unique because students are always outside. Its nice to learn and think outside.
There was never a cafeteria.
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This school really prepared me for college. I think it could use a better math program though.
This was a really good school. Teachers really bonded with students
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