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I like how everyone is a community and compacted as a family to one another. We have a small population of students in our school, so everyone knows each others names and our social capital constantly increases every day. We've gotten support from Bill Gates, Apple, and many other companies and people on my school's journey to prepare my peers and I for the future of technology.
Over the past 4 Year it is a relatively different high school compared to others in NYC. It has a ton of computers and a lot of the assignments and interactivity happens over the internet throughout the experience. The students are decent at best with some shining amongst the rest. Security seems a unfair in sone of their practices, but it's normal I'm since most high school students can't really be trusted. Overall it's fine, but parents can make better choices.
So far its been a good experience, the school has a pretty good support system in my opinion helping me deal with my anxiety. I would like to see more school culture, we dont have much of that.
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I liked some teachers, the education is okay. One thing that is annoying is that there was a big change in the grading system, and that really messed up everyone's GPA.
But one thing I love is OneGoal where selected students are given the opportunity to learn about college and things that related to college; scholarships, FAFSA, making our college list, etc.
The school is a good place to start learning about coding and a possible career path in that field. Mastery-Based grading however is a hard concept to grasp, and it is the center point of grading at this school.
This is my 3rd year in this school and so far it is an average school. The staff and facility members are extremely kind, respectful and careful. The only main problem I have with this school are the students. This is an not a screened school, so people all the place come, good students, and unfortunately the students who aren't so welled behave. I have a lot of trouble focusing and understanding during the class and it really gets frustrating when nothing ever changes. There are days when I just don't show up to school because I don't find value in even going. Luckily for me on the bright sides the teachers are extremely lenient with their assignments, they care about their students and let them make up as much work as they possibly can. Yet behavior at the end of the day isn't something that others can control, if there were more students who cared I would definitely call this a 5 star school.
It is an average school when it comes to learning, but it should have more pertaining to software engineering or at least related to it. Other than that it is an average school.
It's been a fun experience , it has a good computer science class and also as an AP Computer Class.
Things are good here so far. I would like it if students had more selection over their classes and more electives. Also, I think that more clubs and fun extracurricular activities should be available to students as well.
I love that it's a small student body in my school. Everyone really knows each other, faculty and staff. You get a lot of opportunities that you wouldn't get if you were in a larger school. I would love to see more student engagement.
This school is ideal for those who are serious in pursuing a Computer Science degree. Those who apply merely to try something new will defiantly feel overwhelmed. However, AFSE at it's core will always be an institution driven to bring out an individual's potential. Whether it is attending College or starting your own business, hard work is always emphasized. Staff support is widely available after school and each student is grouped with an advisory. For the next 4 years students are aware of each objective they should focus on based off their current level.(ex: all juniors were sent to mandatory tutoring for the SAT). Some Cons of AFSE include sharing a building with 5 other schools, unbalanced gender demographic(A LOT OF GUYS), small lunchrooms, metal detectors and phone policy. Very strict phone policy. All in all AFSE taught me a lot about myself and I wouldn't have traded any of my experiences in the world.
I can't say much about the school, since I just started in September. So, far I like the school. It was easy to make friends here and find people that have the same interests as you. The students at the school are nice.
The classes offered to the students are created based on what the students want. This school wants to offer courses that students are really interested in about learning. Not only that, but the staff finds ways to incorporate as much technology possible into anything the students do in the class, including research, independent learning, and even crafting their own programs.
The extracurricular opportunities are great in terms of how many students are involved, how students have the opportunity to speak their opinions, and how the clubs are organized. For example, in Student government, each member has the opportunity to voice themselves about events they want to be added to the school, what concerns they have about the school, and what changes they want to be made of the school. On the organized side, each meeting has a new focus, such as a school dance, and each student has a path for, i.e. the school dance: what things must be done, how money is made, etc. In terms of involvement, the students involved come from every grade, and students are engaged with the things done: such as planning an event or starting a fundraiser.
My experience at this school has been awesome since the moment I first joined. The uniqueness of this schools comes from what it mainly focuses on teaching, that is computer science. Being that this school is about technology, it incorporates technology in every class, from math, to science, to even music. Through it incorporation of technology, it has shown me the different ways that technology could be used in life and even different fields for college. Technology is what defines this school, and what makes it different from standard highschools.
The quality of the teachers is phenomenal. All teachers teach in ways that allow students to easily comprehend the information. If students struggle with understanding something, teachers always have a backup or a different approach to getting the students to understand. Not only that but the teachers want to see the students succeed because teachers devoted their time to get students to the next step. Teachers will not give up unless students fully understand the context, as most stay past their work hours just to individually help students.
The teachers are great. If you do not understand something they will take the time to help you, even if it mean they have to stay a couple hours after school without pay
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Every morning students come in through the same one door,swipe ID's, put their bags through scanners, & walk through metal detectors. The safety level is high. You cant get anything in school that you aren't supposed to have including glass.
There aren't many extracurricular activities unless you start your own club. Even then the clubs aren't really that stable they usually crumble after a short period of time.
My school is great but it's not for me. If I had to do my experience of High School over again it would not be here. The school is really good for if you want to go into a software engineering field.
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