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Academy for Social Action: A College Board School Reviews

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Most students in my school do not like to get involved in sports or clubs and organizations. There is softball that i was involved in and there is also boys' basketball. But some adults tried to start a stepping club and also track and field but not enough students were involved so they canceled it.
School safety is always around if not the students stop it if something happens police are near because there is a police precinct close by
They serve most of the things other schools serve
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No bullying but if you fight you get suspended and if its outside of school sometimes school safety is included or police
There are a couple of sports but is always the same like i would like to start a football team
They are smart caring nice help when im need and give real life lessons
They have girls softball boys soccer boys basketball and a men empowerment group
I feel like my teachers are helping build up my confidence so that i can go for things and be successful in the future
When I started school in the 9th grade the school was horrible ; fighting, gang violence and disrespectful students .
Tutoring is available somewhat especially for Esl students. The resources are very poor in the school and space is note nought there's 4 schools in the building and another one coming next year.
The importance of health of the students is taken care of. We have metal detectors and they make sure the school is safe but sometimes it doesn't work.
The sport s in my school are not important and there's no school spirit.
The athletics in the school are average. Nothing too bad but it could use some improvements. Some times the broken equipment takes quite a while to get replaced. There aren't that many clubs to join in. The most popular clubs is basketball and now baseball.
Most communications between the student and school administration are well kept. Students can go up to the counselors and staff without a problem. The level of discomfort is very little.
For the past 4 years that I been at my school I think I enjoyed this experience. I learned about from this school and have changed. Meeting new people was a hard thing to do at first because I was shy but as the years past I became friendly and gotten new friends that I am still close with. The trips we attended are unforgettable to many students and we still talk about them as today.
In my school everybody has a gym class whether it’s for one period or two periods. My gym teacher makes sure his students have a wonderful time providing us with different activities. Before we start to play we have to do some type of work out to get us ready which is fine. I honestly like to work out because I know I want to stay in shape so therefore a lot of us do not complain about it. We have a basketball team and softball team as well. We try our best to win games and come home like a champ.
My school “The Academy for Social Actions”, some academics that are offered are AP classes. Out of all the AP classes, I am delighted that I was able to have AP English because that’s my favorite subject. My teacher says that I have excellent creative writing skills which I agree. She strongly believes that I should take the AP English Exam. The teachers in there have a lot of faith in the students and want them to succeed in life. They can also be very helpful when help is needed.
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Some kids at my school are friendly. Others keep to themselves or stay to their crew.
The food is okay. If the food had a little bit more flavor I would enjoy it.
The academics in my school offer ap honors classes. I'm actually in AP honors classes.
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