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Academy for Sciences & Agriculture (AFSA) High School Reviews

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Its a nice alternative to the other schools in the area: small, interesting classes, alright teachers. However, it has been admitting an increasing number of "problem children" leading to an overall drop in the quality of atmosphere.
I enjoyed the agricultural underlining focus, and involvement with the FFA. The smaller school atmosphere was also very nice as well.
The best High school in Minnesota by far. Way better than RAMs or RAHs. Those Roseville losers don't know what they are missing.
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The school has many opportunities to do fun and educational things that most schools don't offer, making it unique. The only issue is that the school is no longer catered to the same audience that it was marketed to when I started there. It is now a place for troublemakers and those who aren't interested in the school's specialty (science and agriculture).
There are lots of options for agricultural and science classes, which other schools don't have. But the comes with a loss on variety in other types of classes.
Students are usually accepting of all, but occasionally one or two students will not be. The rest of the student body supports the underdog, but the culture of anti-diversity is still somewhat present.
The teachers are tough with grading, but they are also totally willing to put in the work to help. Students just need to ask.
There is only one sport for each gender each season. This is unfortunate because if you don't like that sport you don't have other options. There is no seating in the gym. Spectators stand in the hallway.
after the school change the rule about serving healthier launch, there were some negative and positive feedback about the lunch. however, the school now offer more choice of foods to students and very good quality of foods.
there are some extracurricular activities that are available to all students to join after school. the extracurricular activities help sharpened students skills and help the engage with different activities. most of the school administration are very supportive and encourage the students to do their best.
most of the students in 11th grade are given an early information of college and how to choose the right one. some students mostly feel prepared to go to college and to review everything what students need to do to prepare to go to college.
this school is very friendly and very easy going school. most of staffs helps student to be successful in classroom especially with their grade. the school have their own activity to help students build a strong teamwork.
dress code very prominent at school especially for most of the students. many of parents involve in school activities like volunteer. anti-bullying rule apply for the school. also teachers are very helpful to helps students to be successful.
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