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I am extremely grateful that I've had the opportunity to go to ASD. Since it is a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school it has deeply enriched my learning of science, something that I'm very passionate about. It has given me the opportunity to explore different subjects, and I discovered my love for neurology and psychology. My favorite part of this school is the outstanding teachers. The teachers are extremely committed to helping the students in any way possible and form personal relationships with them. I highly recommend this school if you are within the region and have a strong interest in science, engineering, or mathematics.
The Academy for Science and Design, opened to grades 6-12, is a National Blue Ribbon STEM School in Nashua, NH.
This school is the perfect school for those that wish to discuss anything ranging from Marvel movie theories to elementary quantum physics. The school features a very advanced and dynamic curriculum that is unparalleled in the state of New Hampshire. Recently being recognized as a National Blue Ribbon school, ASD is clearly a top notch school that will provide you with a fantastic education and prepare you for the life of a college student.
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If you are the type of person who has been fiddling with electronics since second grade, if you enjoy math, if you want to be over prepared for college, this is the school for you. ASD does not focus on flashy facilities or sports, instead they provide a world class education in the sciences. The school ranks in the top 50 nationally and top 3 in New Hampshire. It is not a place for slackers, or people who don't love learning.
ASD is an amazing school. Most of the student population is very STEM oriented and there is a lot of pressure to do well in our academics and at our jobs (we are all required to get an internship before we graduate). It's a lot of handwork but at the end of the day, if you love math and science, you'd fit in here.
This is a fantastic school. The community is great. The teachers actually want to be here and really care about helping you and improving your future. I have been given opportunities far beyond what I could have gotten elsewhere. The kids are all really responsible so we are also given a trust not found elsewhere. The academics are incredibly rigorous, but if you have the capacity to deal with that you will gain so much from this school.
Academy for Science and Design is a great school that prepares you for college by offering college-level classes and guidance on how to succeed in college. The teachers are very passionate and love their jobs. The facilities are quite poor due to lack of funding from the state however the school makes the most out of what they have. The environment resembles closely to a work place, meaning you can get a feel of a real office place setting. If I was to change one thing at ASD, it would be creating sports teams. As a STEM school, we lack sports in a big way. There are sports available for middle schoolers but high schools have to look to public high schools to be able to play sports.
The school helped me a lot going into college, but the administration has some flaws. Many AP classes that let me transfer 23 credits to my college once id graduated.
My time at ASD went by too fast. Though a little cliquey, the high school is small, and because you've been with the same people for so long, you are pretty close. The teachers are generally great, and honestly seem to care for your education. A big perk is that by this time, the students that are there want to be there. They are looking for a solid education also. Very enjoyable. The only problems I had were some of the teachers, who didn't know what they were doing. There are also some that just give you busywork. The school is kinda diverse, with a large Indian population, with the next largest demographic being Caucasian, but I don't mind that. There are clubs for everything, and if you can't find a club, you can make one. The food mostly consists of EasyMac, and PB&J sandwiches.
The Academy for Science and Design is a STEM charter school in Nashua, NH. I really like it for a couple of reasons. One is that the staff and teachers are very experienced in working with students and helping them succeed in school and helping prepare them for college. They do this by promoting a very accepting and collaborative attitude between students, and by creating a challenging academic environment for the students to challenge themselves in. The only issue I have is that our school is low on resources due to the lack of state funding as it's a charter school. If we had more money to use for renovations and more academic equipment, this school would be perfect.
Overall the school is an excellent place to get a quality education. The teachers want to make sure that you will be ready for college and any endeavors that you want to pursue in your future. The administration also wants to see students succeed but sometimes they are not open to students taking a heavy workload even if they have proved that they are capable of one. The homework load can be tough at times but this is to ensure that you are learning the material. If you have any questions the teachers are willing to meet with you outside of class to ensure that you understand the material. There are also lots of different clubs to join that range from educational competitions to just spending time with your friends after school. We may not have any sports but the school lets us go to our home districts to participate in their recreational activities.
I spent 6 years studying at ASD. I have since graduated and now attend University. I feel well prepared for the work load and I have many connections I can rely upon. The staff and teachers really connect with students and go out of their way to help them. The school is a lot of work, but very worth it.
ASD provides an unparalleled opportunity for student seeking an institution with both a comprehensive and effective STEM curriculum. Students are expected to adjust and cooperate in an learning environment that promotes project-based and real-world application teaching. In addition to the excellent academics, ASD holds one of the most supportive and amiable community of students and staff. I come to school everyday feeling welcomed by the staff and excited to see the brightest students. Everyone's curiosity and devotion is insatiable, and I believe I have received the best high school education.
ASD is a really cool place and school. It is hard work, but is a place where everyone is accepted and free to be themselves.
I absolutely love my school. It allows students to choose their course and pursue advanced classes in the STEM field. It has higher graduation requirements than traditional public high schools, which causes anyone who graduates from this school to be ahead of the curve when they attend college.
This school is incredibly enjoyable, for the people who really want to go. There is a huge workload, but you have fun learning the things you do there. I really feel that I have and will benefit from my time at ASD.
The School on the whole is a great place to learn, the classes are difficult and most of the teachers genuinely want you to succeed. Its a small community and a good place for anyone who wants to lean in like company.
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When I first came to this school I was very hesitant if I would like ASD. However, this school is amazing! It is extremely engaging for students who want to be challenged in the sciences and math. ASD is a school where students work hard to succeed. The teachers and staff are just fabulous. The school has a very friendly and loving environment. It is almost like a second home to me. It's a perfect place to be unique and just be yourself.
The teachers at my school are very kind and caring about the students. They help each and every student and spend the time after class if the student needs help. They are very passionate about the subject taught which encourages the children to learn.
There are students from all different backgrounds here. Most of the students are fairly involved in the school, and peer pressure isn't an issue at all. Acceptance isn't an issue, with people from so many backgrounds, you'll be fine so long as you're not a douche.
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