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Academy For Scholarship And Entrepreneurship Reviews

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The Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship was a good experience. The teachers were helpful and the rules were enforced. There was a lack of sports teams seeing that it is a small school but other than that A.S.E is a good school that looks out for their students.
I enjoyed my high school experience. I made a lot of life long friends and even met the love of my life there
Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship has potential to be a great school although the majority of students there are giving the school a terribly bad reputation.
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This school is a really good school. There is discipline and respect for both teachers and student. There are also really good teachers. And these teachers make sure you understand there subject. They give you the opportunity to become who you want to be. And that is good.
Overall the school is a good School. Teachers are great, personally I had great opportunities. Like trips, scholarships and connections to colleges. The school partners with a few colleges for college courses for students.
I liked the teachers i formed a good relationship with, i like that i started at 6th grade and ended in 12th grade
This was a very interesting school. Nice teachers and staff and taught you many different things. Those who worked there were always very helpful and it was easy to get around.
The school is very small and disorganized. The teachers are bias and have favorites whom they help more than others. The faculty care more about whether the uniform policy is followed than students actually being in class.
The students care more about appearance, cliques and the next trending thing than actually completing work.
Overall, my experience at this school was poor. There are rules the principals try to enforce that is unfair to some students. For instance, the bathrooms are always locked and you need someone to always open it. The one great thing about this school is that there are some amazing teachers that care about their students
Great school if students care about their education. Teachers go out of their way to help students. I have teachers who went above and beyond to help me. Ms. Whiteman and Ms. Dale has helped me and they help other students.
I feel like this school has really brought down my standards, I know now that education throughout NYC is not the same!!!
Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship was a great school. I met great people during my time here, you are taught accordingly and you get the best experiences throughout your time there.
This school is okay. It would be much more exciting if they had different clubs and organizations for students after school. Everyday after school, I felt weird just going straight home and not participating in anything that I loved to do, like newspaper editing, dance, etc. One of my favorite experiences in high school was the Step Team in 10th grade. I was excited to join again in the following year, but there was no faculty to run the program so it diminished.
Every teacher is different. Some of the teachers are never available after class or after school when you need them. When the bell rings for the end of the day, the teachers rush out the school building without staying an extra 5 or 10 minutes in case a student has a issue. On a good note, the teachers are very passionate about the subject they teach. They show up to school with smiles on their faces. Their smiles provide a heart warming environment for students.
The extracurricular activities in this school is diverse provding the student faculity with a lot of options.
The health and safety policies in this school is quite excellent and prominent and the environment seems safe.
The academic stand point of this school is wonderful and they students have quite a slew of options regarding classes and teachers. The assignments are quite handful but straight forward, yet, thought provoking and mind enriching.
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The health and security policies in this school is wonderful and the environment is sanitary.
The sports teams in this school are quite competitive and excellent.
The reason I rated this schoo as okay are for a few justifications and issues. Firstly, it's quite a different school in the sense that it enforces the rule of the students wearing the proper school uniform and dressing appropriate for school. Yet, this school need some improvements in the areas of offering extracurricular activities for the students. And also providing more options aside of business and entrepreneurship Ap classes although the school is business based but not every single student wants to major in business.
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