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The Academy for Performing Arts is a wonderful school. The facility is beautiful, they have many resources, and the teachers are excellent. All classes are honors level courses, so the academics are very challenging. The teachers are very proactive and do not leave any students behind. Although APA is an amazing school academically, they are not a very diverse school. Since its very selective in their acceptance process, the school is predominately white. As a diverse student myself, I have never felt out of place here at APA. All the students and teachers are very accepting of all races and genders. However, I wish it was more diverse in their selection process. Other than that, I have enjoyed my experience with the Academy for Performing Arts. I have learned so much about myself as a student and person and hope to continue to grow each day.
My experience in the Academy for Performing Arts has been an incredible one. I was able to learn and follow my passion for theatre while still being academically challenged. APA pushes students to be as free and creative as possible whilst helping them grow as intellectuals. All in all, the Academy for Performing Arts is a great school full of positive energy, acceptance and learning,
This is the best school for finding and understanding yourself. With the lack of judgement and the teachers constant support, any student can learn more about who they are and who they want to become.
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This school really helped me grow as a performer, student, and as a person. Upon entering Freshman year, I was really shy and kind of closed off, but after 4 years of nurturing from my teachers and incredible support from faculty I find my self saying “Hi” and talking to everyone in the halls. It’s to the point that almost every Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior knows me by name! Of course the school isn’t perfect, and I’d love to see them be able to build an additional theatre to the Black Box, but one of the many awesome things about APA is that every year it’s growing and adapting to the new batch of students walking through its doors and learning from those who are graduating.
This school has made me so happy. I was so scared to attend my home high school. If I didn't go to UCVTS, I don't know where I'd be. The teachers are considerate and actually care about your grades. They want you to succeed. I wasn't used to that in middle school. They will sit down with you one-on-one to help you. You have an awesome block schedule, and it all just seems amazing.
I loved my time at APA. I would not be the actor I am today without the incredible and immersive theatre training I received. That being said, I do believe because it is a new school that there is a lot regarding safety and class development that needs to be worked on. For example, a nurse's office should be placed in the building, not across campus. I also feel the students would benefit from having a library.
Attending this school was one of my best decisions I have made so far. It was a school where I was able to obtain many opportunities to become a more well-rounded individual. From sitting on Teacher Student boards to being a part of Class Council and Student Government; APA was a school I was proud to attend. Every day I attended the school I felt as if I was learning something valuable and something I would need later in life; which I know now was correct. Also, being able to attend a school that fostered the arts and expression in such a fashion were also extremely valuable. The theatre, and rest of my academic classes, I received at APA and the rest of UCVTS were some of the best in the state, and in fact according to US NEWS Reports; some of the best in the country. However, one thing I would like to see changed at APA and UCVTS is the creation of sports teams and a choral/band music program.
The Academy for Performing Arts is a school straight out of a movie! It was and still is my dream school. The staff and administration are such kind people and they work hard t ensure that every student is accommodated and comfortable. The only thing that is different from other schools is the fact that we don't have any sports teams, but are allowed to go back to our district high school to play sports there. The academics, although tough, push the students to work harder and if they prove to be difficult for students they can reach out to the teachers and peer tutors for extra help. The school is a very open environment and it encourages students to tap into their creative side and feel comfortable. Every time I walk into school I never feel like I am in danger, and always feel safe and protected by the security guards and teachers. Any child would be extremely fortunate to attend the Academy for Performing Arts!
Attending the Academy for Performing Arts has allowed me to study and cultivate my passion for dance. The small study body afforded me the opportunity to get individualized attention and learning. The staff is very supportive. The teachers have not only prepared me to attend and thrive in a BFA dance program in college but for the academic challenges that I may face. APA has also provided me with opportunies to be involved in community service as well as fill leadership roles to meet common goals. I have had the opportunity to make lifelong friends from different communities in Union County. My overall high school experience at The Academy for Performing Arts has been unique and has been so rewarding.
I liked how there was only four classes per day because there was less stress put on students since we had at least two days to complete every assignment. The chromebook laptops the school gave us to use throughout high school is helpful for writing assignments but does not help in research projects because most websites are blocked.
I do not like how the faculty does not care if you fail in a particular class and say it is up to the student to do well. Opinions like that, in my experience did not make me feel confident or comfortable in learning new material and when I did put the effort and tried to stay after school to work with a teacher, but they cancelled. This teacher happened to be from another school on campus, but the teachers at APA are friendlier and want to see you succeed.
I do like how APA allows students the opportunity to earn college credits their senior year.
My experience in the school has been amazing and stressful at the same time. I loved almost all my teachers, especially my history, theater, and english school teachers. The teachers are kind, nice, and actually want to see you succeed in school and in life, so they will help any way they can.
They've given us chromebooks to work on our projects throughout the years which is helpful to those that do not own a computer themselves. However, many sites are blocked on them so writing reports with sources is a bit of a struggle.
The cafeteria on campus has food that is a bit overpriced for students but they have the lunch program for low-income families to apply to.
We were very prepared for college because in our senior year, we take freshman courses at Kean University so we not only get a feel of what it's like, but also become more responsible for ourselves and take the credits with us to whatever school we choose to go to.
Out of nearly 1000 applicants, I am 1 of the select few accepted into my class of 49. We are intellectual, talented, creative, and passionate individuals. We have a will to learn, to succeed, and to express ourselves through art. Our classes are advanced and our teachers help create an environment in which learning is fun. APA is a safe haven for many students who attend. As someone who hates using public restrooms, I must say that the APA facilities are very clean. Our administrators are like second parents to us. My principal is an African American woman and she is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. We spend our senior year at Kean University taking all college courses, receiving college credits. There are 3 boys in my grade, surprisingly none of which are gay. We are of all different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Yet somehow, we all manage to come together- as students, as artists, and as a family.
I enjoyed the family atmosphere and the lifestyle at the Academy for Performing Arts. The faculty is beyond amazing, and care so much for their students. They get to know their students, and help them achieve their goals. It is very challenging academically, but I feel prepared to go to college thanks to them.
I majored in theatre here. My theatre education was excellent, though there was not a great deal of flexibility in exploring outside of my major. This year, I am a senior, and I will spend this year studying at Kean University for free as part of a dual-enrollment partnership between APA and Kean. I will receive around 30 credits this year - tuition-free! Although I will not continue to study theatre after high school, APA offered a fantastic opportunity for me to pursue and cultivate my interests.
The Academy for Performing arts is a school that is like no other. This advanced educational environment not only pushes it's students to work hard, but to strengthen their talents and passions as well. When thinking about a performing arts high school, many people assume APA is a place that refers to academics as a second priority. However, this is extremely wrong. What I admire most about this high school is how there is an even balance between academics and performing. Dancers and actors have the opportunity to strengthen and perfect their trade over four years, as well as their minds. Sending seniors to Kean is another aspect of APA that makes it unique. Experiencing college before high school is even over has prepared me and my peers tremendously. I feel ahead of the game and ready to face my future.
I am currently a senior at the Academy for Performing Arts and these past four years have been amazing. I have met some of the greatest people in my life and have had amazing teachers and built relationships with them. This did not feel like a normal high school. It feels like home and when I go to school I feel like I am with my family and not just my teachers. There was only one year I had a not so great math teacher but in any school you will have a teacher like that so I have no complaints.
It's a quality performing arts school. People not wanting to get involved in the arts will not be able to escape them. The major classes are demanding and serious, but they teach lessons applicable outside the arts too.
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Overall the teachers are great people; caring, approachable, friendly. Theatre and dance are the best of the best. However, the maths and sciences are lacking in teachers with a strong command of the subjects.
Almost all of the teachers are amazing.
There are no competitive sports at APA. However, you can participate in any sports offered at your local high school. There are intramural sports, but I know less than nothing about them. Few people participate, if they're even still around. In terms of regular school spirit, though, everyone really loves their school on campus, even if we make jokes. APA students love the school and truly feel accepted within it. Everyone is incredibly supportive of each other and their achievements, especially regarding shows. In terms of physical fitness, APA is a little bit of a mixed bag. You only take fitness every other day for one marking period. You're expected to complete a certain number of hours of exercise outside of class (31, I believe) which can include everything from team sports to walking to the bus stop. The fitness classes themselves are top-notch, with dedicated teachers who'll make you dread their period but leave much healthier. They're also your health teacher, answering all your embarrassing questions honestly and without judgment. The fitness centers themselves are excellent (especially the one in Magnet), although not in APA themselves. The centers are open during Co and after school most days.
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