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Overall the teachers and classes that I’ve taken have all been great , but the thing I would like to see change is the way the environment feels. Like in most places you should feel safe and I feel like our school hasn’t met all standards due to how people act and disrespect others.
It’s an okay school. The teachers do try to teach you and I guess it all depends on the students if they want to make this the best school they can make it into or the most lame boring school. Overall staff for the most part are great, if students keep getting involved then the school will be great soon too!
This is a good school but in my junior year there aren't many AP classes and the school has very low funding. There isn't much school spirit or parent involvement. The leadership team did manage to get the majority of the student body to pre-register to vote and many clubs have been added.
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This school is only a few years old and not as old as other high schools it is slowly improving but not fast enugh. Most teachers are nice and will help you if you ask for help, but the students here are rude and disrespectful. I will acknowledge that the campus is pretty big and has nice classrooms for chemistry, but each floor of the buildings is poorly decorated. I will also mention that the school is slowly improving, each year they bring something that helps the students find their way to college and have memorable moments. Hopefully, by the time the next freshmen come in the school has greatly improved and has staff that helps students furthermore their education.
My experience in AMAS was okay it was a very calm environment but it gets very tense and heated when it comes to act with police on board.The school teaching and resources are adequate.Also, the safety it doesn't really provide safety just says they'll will be more aware but it's rare.Many cameras they have installed don't work the only one that work is where they have their cars park the basement .Mrs.Charles the principal is a nice person very sweet, but uses most of the money that comes for other things which we have reserve for things we really need.So most of time she's in control and too many rules for sports stuff its hard to know how's she controlling the school .
During my 4 years in this school I liked how everyone treats one another. They helped one another through any or every obstacle they could help with. Some people might think of it as just another school but to me it felt like a place where I was safe, a home. Something I disliked from this school is that not everyone participates in pep rallies it just seems like they don't have any sport. I also don't like the fact that teachers struggle. For example, when teachers are trying to give specific instructions and no one pays attention to the teachers they just ignore them.
Teachers try really hard to make learning exciting. There is limited resources to help out the students. They have a great partnership with ELAC to help students earn free college credits!
Most parents here only care about their children and not the rest
Teachers at this school are pretty great to work with and most of them encourage students.
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