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I really enjoyed going here for my high school experience. The community is very open and connected to each other, making for a good learning environment. The classes were difficult to prepare us for college but the way they were taught made it easy to understand.
I love it at AMES it is challenging but it is possible. The school is small so you get to know many people. The thing I love the most is the teachers. They care about your personal life and academic life. A new, nicer, or cleaner building would be nice. Sometimes it can get very dirty in the school
I have had all the help I have needed to succeed in High school and to get into a great college. My counselor has helped with prepare for applying and getting into college. My teachers have all been available before and after school to help with assignments and tests. Great school.
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A very accepting place aimed at preparing students for college, including the partnership with the University of Utah allowing high school students the opportunity to participate in university level classes.
My experience with AMES had been very positive. The diversity and resources that the school offers are great. You won't find any other place with their type of support. They also bus from all around the valley, so transportation isn't a problem.
I really enjoy the diversity at the school as well as the academics. For the first time, I actually feel like I'm learning. I also enjoy how most of the teachers really push us to do our best and also provide resources if we need help.
I've been at AMES for over a term now and am loving it, although it's challenging I feel myself learning something new everyday, and the community is great.
This is my first year going to Ames. So far it has been a fun and wonderful experience. The teachers are great and the principal is kind and helpful. Ames is a great school to help students prepare for college in my opinion.
My experience at this school has be great. Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable in their field, have effective teaching styles, and are kind and understanding. There is no social hierarchy here and there is hardly any social pressure to fit in. I also feel well prepared for college. All of the teachers are good, and the school does not prioritize its top students or honors classes over everyone else. It is a fair, welcoming, school that really cares about each of its students. Being connected to a large public school like Cottonwood is also positive. AMES students get the benefits of a small school with all of the amenities and extra curricular options of a large school. The diversity of both schools is also a great environment to learn in, and Cottonwood activities are accepting of AMES participants. This school may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but for those who it does fit, it will be a great and formative high school experience.
What I liked about AMES is how hands on it is. I love how there are only around 500 students so all the teachers know you and put in time for you. What i wished would change is how much slack they give at the beginning then by the end there is none. What I think this does is let the students think they have time to turn things in but that only sets them up to fail later in the year.
When I was invited to apply to AMES I was told it isn't like any other charter school, they teach More in the shop and lab than lectures in the class room, well that is a complete lie. Its just like any other average school. the classroom routine is a lecture followed by tedious homework every night. The principle is a pretty cool guy but I don't like how He runs the school. I participated in the Robotics club my freshman and sophomore years and found it fun and inviting till it was suddenly run a lot differently in my junior year then it was my sophomore and freshman years, it suddenly became a lot less about teaching the kids how to work as a team and raise leaders, to teaching the kids how to obey the boss or else. The only thing I found nice about this school in my four years of being here is the fact that I knew all of my peers really well. despite being friends with only a few. Would I choose ames again if I could? The answer is no.
Its a good school to help you prepare for college and its has college classes you can take and Ames always has somebody to help you with any situation your in
Overall I am a proud to be a student at ames. The teachers are very friendly they actually care about your grades they even pay attention to what kind of person you are so as to not make you uncomfortable. The homework isnt a crazy amount well for me but even if you have problems you could always go talk to your teacher during after or before school. The schools makes an effort to make everyone achieve the most they can.
The Academy for Math Engineering and Science is excellent. The teachers are well taught in their area of expertise and have a way with bonding with students. They are able to help the students reach and achieve academic requirements. The atmosphere is great. The students are kind and uplift each other. Never will there be a crying student or gossip floating around. Where ever you go their will be students using their talents or sharing their interest. Whether it be computers, robotics, art, guitar, music or solving puzzles like the Rubix cube in under 30 seconds. This school is great and there is nothing i would change about it.
What I like about AMES is the opportunities you get and how much they prepare you for college. Some opportunities you get is the chance to take University of Utah classes. Then as you advance from grade to grade it gets harder by giving us more homework so you can be more prepared for college. Also the diversity you see because everyone is from different parts of the Salt Lake valley which is good. Then you make lots of different kind of friends.
I love AMES because I have not only received a thorough understanding of the core classes; I have gained talents that I can use in real-world situations. Because I go to AMES, I have expanded my comfort zone, and I can be confident in my plans for the future.
The only thing I wish I could change is the buses that pick up students from all over the Salt Lake Valley. Even though I am so greatful them, I wish the company our school uses could provide better buses, sometimes better drivers, that do not break down as often as they do.
The school prepares you for college and offers plenty of University of Utah concurrent classes on its campus. Its a very fairly small school, so the teachers and staff know the students very well.
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I love how AMES is a small school so we are able to connect with each other very easy. I was able to socialize more at this school than my old school. Everyone here seems to know everyone. Talking to older kids was a very helpful thing because they were willing to listen to you and give you advice. The teachers are very kind to help us when need and understand us. I very like how there is some extra credit involved to help students get their grades up. The homework wasn't overwhelming. Compared to my old school, I loved how there were less test than having almost a test every single day. The counselors are always available to help you when needed. I really love AMES and I'm very grateful for choosing AMES as my high school.
AMES is a great place. They are a very close knit community and everyone can be your friend, even the teachers. The Academics are also challenging.
I had a wonderful high school experience while attending the Adademy for Math Engineering and Science (AMES). Upon graduating from AMES I felt very prepared to begin my college career. The other students were all great and all shared the same goal of higher education. The teachers really care about each students individual success and work very hard to help their students achieve this success.
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