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Overall, my experience at the Academy was good. My peers were fantastic, and the subject matter always allowed for lively debates. I only wish the teachers were more consistent and the material different year to year.
The reason this school is so unique is due to the fact that everything is expected of you as if you where at the college level. You really move on with your life and taking a big leap into your future career goals and everyone here worked hard to get in making everyone hungry for knowledge. During my time at this school I met really great people who are gunna do great things in this world some day and made friends who really want to achieve educational goals. Also there are many opportunities given from attending this school and our law teacher is absolutely excellent.
Our guidance counselors are always there for you through think and thin no matter what. Throughout high school, we get taken out of classes to learn more about college and different resources that are readily available for us at the times we need them, In addition to that, our national honor society has morning tutoring for anyone who thinks they need help. And if a student believes they need help, they can talk to their guidance counselor and their counselor will arrange for a student to come in and help them in that subject. Teachers also make time for you as long as you ask. They are available before school and after school to help students. Although our school is not fully equip ed with the newest technology we do have computer labs and a library where the librarian is always there to help. She has the most updated books and also has the computer updated with technology as well. In the classrooms, we have one computer which is used regularly. Notes and books are still used, but it depends on the teacher and the class. Each class set up is different. It just depends on the teacher.
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In middle school, I was that shy girl. My school got me to be outgoing and not afraid of what is to come. I absolutely love my school, I met some of my best friends in this school. Even though my best friend graduated last year me and her keep in contact every single day. I have made friends and have the best group that i will be friends with forever. Even though many of them graduated any minute we find we will be with each other. In addition, I have had some of the best teachers who taught me that its okay to ask questions and come for help. It doesn't hurt you it really helps you. I was apart of two teams and felt welcome readily. I would defiantly chose to go here again.
My school is in a very small area. Many of us have gone to school with each other since we were all very little. The academy and the high school in general tries hard to help each other in every little way possible. Their is absolutely no ethnicity or racial boundary. Everyone gets along with each other. Their are the typical high school popular kids groups but most of the time if you leave them alone they leave you alone. In our school, sexual orientation is not an issue either. Our school has a peace alliance group where bisexuals, gays, and lesbians raise awareness and get through the challenges many of them go through. In addition, we have a peer group that helps lower grades through their classes to better succeed as well. Our school is based prominently on helping each other rather than fighting. We are a school that sticks together to help each other no matter what grade it is.
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