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It was safe, we did not see a lot of fights in the school. More extra curricular activities and to end school earlier. Also, better technology for students when working with working with computers since its a school based on technology. Another thing is to not teach students literature and writing skills with programs on the computer but make it human although it is technology school.
The most thing I like about academy for language and technology is that they prepare every single student not only to be able to be prepare for college and future but also to became a better person. Also I have to admit that my school is such as a resposable system that take care of every single student , and they make sure they always on track. One thing I would like to see in my school is more hours of music perform.
The staff at Academy for Language and Technology have helped me since the moment I started 9th grade. Teachers are awesome when it comes to teaching and explaining the material. This school offers support and resources to help us build our future, for example, the counselors are always there to help us on our path of applying to college; they make sure we have everything we need to be prepared to the next step of our life. At my school they also have partnerships with different organizations that provide internships during the school year and summer. This was very important to me because I have participated and worked in these internships in the past two summers. Academy for Language and Technology also connect us to what we call Jumpstart or Collegenow, which is a program that allow us to take college classes after school two days a week. Overall my experience at ALT has been the most incredible experience of my life.
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The Academy for Language and Technology is a good High School. The teachers always try their best to make the students succeed and the staff make the school a safe environment. It also helps students who recently came from their native countries learn English as a second language.
such a great school It is safe amazing teachers lot of integrity during my four years I learned so much this school teach student seven values that help each student to be honest Humble and capable to do anything, I think this is the best school in New York City
There are some Extracurricular activities like baseball, National Honor Society etc.
It is a great school. Teachers are very caring and help students if they need extra support. I really recommend this school.
Most teachers are well prepare and care about students, they try to engage all of them specially math teachers.
This school is really safe; the personal safety and staff including the principal always make sure that will be okay under the school.
This school provides different groups and organization in which students can enjoy some of them are Y-plan in which the students role is interact with the issues in our community and find a solution to solve them; Student Government in which the students role are planing activities for raising money for seniors, also trips, and activities that may help us in our future.
Most of the time my school is clean and organized. It makes the student feels very controllable.
Some activities are great help for students, but they should introduce more engaging activities to motivate students such as arts.
Has been a great experience. I have learned a lot of things which has gave me knowledge to prepare myself for the real world out there.
U.S American government- an excellent teacher.
this school emphasizes the need to go to college and prepared the students to attended to college. after graduating from this school I feel really prepared for the "real world". because in school I learned values as; loyalty,respect,justice,humility,integrity, honesty and resilience. this values are those who going to help me to be success in the life or real word.the school provide a lat of options to the students, but fail or quit is not on of them. "you go to college or go".
all the teachers are very professional and respectful with all the students,all teachers know the name of each student, and are well experienced teachers. give clear and precise instructions for students to follow, through aim and do now in tho boat students can realize what is the goal to the lesson and what should know at the end of the lesson. they give handouts to the students to support they Knowles and evaluate what the student learn.
All students are monitored very closely,The administration and police always take these threats seriously. if a student has a suspicious behavior is reported immediately to the principal. the security in the schools is in every where, for that reason is not possible been victim of bully. the school nurse is really good and can handle most issues. this is the best school of the country.
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the food is not so good, the rice and pizzas are horrible. vegetables i are good,My advice: Bring your own lunch.
the students aren't allowed to wear airings, sneaker , pants skinny, tattoos and long hair on men. Students aren't allowed to wear tank tops or V-neck shirts. All students must wear the school uniform; Black or brown shoes,gray long trousers, blue shirt, gray tie and navy blue jacket. Any student who refuses to wear the uniform is suspended. man or woman(without excision).
students are offered extracurricular classes as: sociology, calculus, biology, music, online courses on app ax and economic. but they teach the regular classes that the state require to the students can graduate from high school.
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