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AIT has definitely done a great job at preparing me for a college experience. The curriculum is very rigorous and is backed up with some of the best teachers I'll ever have. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of spirit, mainly due to the fact that we have no sports teams, no homecoming, no pep rallies, etc.
Throughout my years at AIT, there are many things that I found unique to this high school experience. I loved having the opportunity to meet people from different towns and cultures who had similar academic interests as me. There were also many career specific classes that were offered here that I wouldn't have been able to take at my town high school. The schedule is also really convenient. Since there is an A/B day schedule, you have the opportunity to visit a teacher twice before the next lecture. This is helpful because the classes are very rigorous. The school itself is also student friendly: it’s clean, easy to get around, and it provides lots of places where students could do work or study. One thing that I did not like at first was that AIT did not have varsity sports, but as time progressed I started to find it pretty cool that your friends from school could be your rivals on the field (you have the opportunity to compete for your town’s team).
This school was a great wat to get prepared for a career in any computer science or business related field. They have great teachers and facilities that really help students learn and grow.
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I am very glad that I went to AIT because it prepared me for college in ways that I didn't think were possible. The curriculum is top-notch and the culture/environment is amazing and it can sometimes feel like a college campus. There are some drawbacks, like no sports teams, but you get accustomed to it after the first year or so. The faculty is a mix-bag because while there are some teachers and faculty members I still enjoy talking to; there is a fair amount that I would be glad if I never see again. But you can easily ask upperclassman and they will tell you who to avoid.
I love the opportunities provided by the school. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and above all else has the students's interests at heart.
AIT is an amazing school. The teachers at AIT all seem to care about the success of the students. While some of the teachers are not the best, the majority of the teachers at AIT are great teachers. The environment of AIT is generally supportive, with teachers always willing to work with struggling students, and said students easily able to get help with topics they struggle in. There are many clubs on the UCVTS campus, with most allowing for all schools, including AIT, to join. One of the most popular clubs for AIT is FBLA. In general, I feel prepared for the future of college.
It is a great school with great kind and memorable people. It definitely challenges you and prepares you for college courses.
The Academy for Information Technology is a highly ranked vocational high school that focuses on Information Technology and Business. From the very beginning, my course work was very vocational focused. In addition, there are many opportunities for earning certifications which are incredibly useful for me not only for my college applications but future work opportunities. Due to the focused classes “fun” electives are usually not offered. AIT does not have sports which is a wasted opportunity due to the many athletes that go here. This also leads to a lack of school spirit. What the school lacks in sports it makes up for club; the most notable being our successful chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. AIT is not for everyone, the rigorous and focused coursework requires a lot of work and dedication and makes many feel like they are missing out on the “normal” high school experience however, AIT can promise a unique experience that leaves you ready for the future.
Great school with great teaching facilities for anyone interested in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Business.
This school is part of a five school campus. AIT focuses on Business and Information Tech exclusively. The environment is super friendly and most teachers are understanding. All classes are honors level or higher which make it more challenging than your average school. Even though everyone is from a different town, the school system makes it possible for you to have time to work on group projects during school hours, participate in clubs, and participate in sports in your home town. The school does an amazing job in academics, I just wish we had more options for electives outside of AIT.
I'm having a wonderful experience at the Academy for Information Technology. The school acquires the best and the brightest students from around Union County. There's even an performance test just to enter even though it's a public school. The school provides a diversified environment for the ideal student and has excellent academic standards. All classes there are considered to be honors courses and has a ton of AP courses for college readiness. With a specialty in information technology and business, the students get a real sense of the real world experience. From the beginning of freshman year, students are given opportunities to obtain certifications in softwares such a Microsoft and Oracle. By the end of their four years, students will be more than ready for College.
It has a great atmosphere, but sometimes good grades are prioritized over learning.
All teachers are very knowledgable. Many teachers go above and beyond to make sure that their students succeed, but a few need to work harder to make students feel that they are capable of being successful.
Personally, I would say the extracurriculars aren't that great. I know that this is an education-based school, but I really think it would be a great decision to somehow incorporate sports. With sports in the picture, students will be much more active as school, both academically and socially. As for clubs and organizations, I think the school has some really cool things! I would have never learned about Relay for Life if I hadn't attended AIT. I also like FBLA since it incorporates one of the studies at AIT. The students are also very dedicated to their clubs.
Overall, the experience that I've had at AIT has been amazing. I have learned so much, academically and emotionally. I was pushed to become a better student and a better student. Some of my favorite experiences were participating in Relay for Life, attending Project Hope and meeting new people. There are many things that make this school unique. For starters, the school is very diverse. There are students from all over Union County that have many different backgrounds. Another unique quality of my school is the ability to get certified in many different computer applications, such as Microsoft, Oracle Sequence and CompTIA. If I could do it all over again, I would most likely choose to attend AIT. Although I may have missed out on certain sporting events or typical high school experiences, I am now able to see the world from a different perspective. I have so many different views on different cultures and opinions. I have also received a spectacular education.
Overall, the quality of the teachers in my high school is good. Some of the teachers are better than others, but most of them are great. Certain teachers have the perfect teaching style that keep the students engaged and also effectively get the message across. I would say the teachers are rather intelligent. Not all of the teachers have the same amount of knowledge that other teachers have, which is a disadvantage to those particular students in that particular teachers' class. Overall, the communication skills are satisfactory, but could be much better. Most teachers keep up-to-date with their grading while others wait until the very last minute to grade a test or quiz. Because of this, there is a lack of communication between students and teachers and cause stress within the classroom.
This school is healthy and safe and has adequate measures for students who feel unsafe in any way.
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Clubs are comprehensive and active. Commitment is not required, but heavily encouraged, and participation is moderate to high.
This school provides top quality services to people of all backgrounds, which most public schools cannot comprehensively accomplish. This is the only campus that is academically and economically sensible in the county.
The teachers really teach what they know, which is a lot more than I know. Many teachers have a vested interest in students, good communication skills, and consistent grading practices.
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