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Academy for Health Careers, a high school in Brooklyn, is not bad of a school as it may seem. The school does offer health classes that are very helpful and maybe even interesting. Some of the teachers are great but others just can't teach at all and require some personal learning like I've done. Getting high grades really isn't that if you just put some effort into it and do your best. Getting distracted by your friends or your own lack of focus is going to get you nowhere. This school, again, isn't so bad but maybe shouldn't be one of anyone's first few choices for high school. Wouldn't suggest it, sorry.
This is is a fairly good school that contains some wonderful teachers and staff that care about the children attending the school but it also has some bad teachers and staff with very bad attitudes.
the school has lots of sport teams but not enough activities not involving a sport. The teacher here makes sure the students are well prepared for college.
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Academy for Health Careers is a moderately decent high school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Their lack of health classes is made up by the familial environment provided by the students and teachers. They're slowly but surely improving by providing SAT tutoring, more clubs, and unique health classes such as introduction to medical technology and phlebotomy.
Academy for Health Careers is a really nice school. They have specific academic classes set up that not every typical Public High School has, which is really good for the students. Some of them wish there were AP classes though.
Although a school can't control the students and their actions, a lot of the students deem themselves superior to others. There are no visible signs of bullying, but there are moments where there are feelings of being unwanted.
The staff is extremely helpful in the classes and studies, and are always available to help any students in need.
Extracurricular activities are an option but having requested specific activities to be considered and begun, they still have not. But there are most certainly activities to be done for everyone.
I liked that some of the teachers of Academy for Health Careers always encouraged our learning and curiosity. They tried their best to keep us focused on learning and doing what was necessary in order to succeed. Many of the teachers also gave us projects that encouraged us to working in teams. By doing this, they increased our leadership skills, creating a bond that promotes strength and reliability in each of us. This helped me in the long run.
I really enjoyed the personal Medical classes because it gave you an intro into the actual medical field. Being introduced to these classes help me because I realize that my initial profession was not the best suit for me and it helped me realize which profession in the medical field would better suit me. There are many good teachers who are there and help us in more ways than one they're like our second home.
The four years that Ive attended this school have been the most transformative thus far. The staff is some of the best you could ever come by. In most of the teachers and staff (assistant principals and guidance councilors) you can see that they care deeply about the children and their futures. The students aren't perfect but they are really friendly and the people you meet here will remain friends for life. The only problem that we have is the schools disorganization the seniors never really know whats going on and if you don't ask questions and find out on your own you aren't really told anything.
all of the extracurricular activities help the students, they also have fun ones that we can do before we go home and we could hang out with our friends
They try to help as much as possible.
They try their best with the students, They even help us outside of the classroom with work we have which is really great
So far, i think this school is okay. I do believe if we had more engaging activities and the students had a say in what they'd prefer, the school's quality would improve incredibly.
Some teachers aren't friendly and approachable, nor respect student's ideas however they effectively teach students what is needed.
There are teachers who are passionate about what they do and they encourage the students to do their best. The medical classes are a great experience for upcoming medical students.
This school is great if you know you want to go into the medical field but is unsure of what exactly you want to. They educate students very well on there options and generally do what they can to make sure all willing students will succeed.
The food is not bad,but it could be better. Some kids don't even eat lunch.
This school has alot of rules and breaking them comes with consequences. Detention, suspention, etc...
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Everythimg in this school is just okay! It could be worst, but it is not.
The school lacks in extra curricular activities! Yes, the basketballs and other gym equipment are in good shape. We could use a bigger weight room that smells better. As a matter of fact we could use a new building! We only have one floor, with like 200 students maybe more or less. Most students are in track or the basketball team. Students usually go and support the basketball games ,that is all.
I personally don't like this school, but i stayed here because i made 3 really good friends. They make going to this school less terrible and they motivate me to do better academically. I wouldn't choose this school again because the rules are terrible. Like you must bring food only in a plastic container, you can only go to the bathroom the after first 10 minutes of class , during lunch time a teacher has to escort you to the bathroom, you can't purchase anything from the vending machines, you can't go out for lunch, you can't bring a mirror, perfume, or lotion to school. And you can't bring your phone. There's so much restrictions, making the school wack.
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