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It wasnt really much you can do everything was basic i guess. You just went to class and go home. There were clubs but they werent interested, also sports but those teacher were trash. The only cool thing was swiming i guess and school fights. The teachers were nice but others are annoying. Work was easy to do but the school didnt have interesting classes except chemistry and acting class they had once.
What I like best about this school is that the teachers are really good and they offer a lot of guidance for students who need help applying to colleges.
This school gives you many opportunities to learn and grow as a person. There are many teachers that are there to help you succeed and give you the support you need to achieve your goals. They treat you very fairly and help you to do your best.
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academy for environmental leadership is an amazing school. Its supportive and teachers care about you . The community is small, and students are understanding and different. The provide many programs for students.
As a senior class of 2018, being a student at this school for the past four year has been the best four of my academic life. The school is very diverse and very welcoming, the teachers and staff at the Academy for Environmental Leadership are there to help you through your time being their. I am proud to be a student and a future graduate from the Academy for Environmental Leadership. One thing I would like changed about the school is to have better funding from the state.
I participated as a guest Speaker at the Academy for Environmental Leadership for Career Day. I was greeted by the Principal, Ms. ChantAndrea Blissett, who was extremely professional and actually sat in personally while I interacted within the class settings. In addition, she had a student greeting Committee and these young people were some of the most impressive young people I've encountered. Overall, I was very impressed with the developments that have taken place from years ago when I worked in the area of Bushwick. Keep up the incredible work!
Substitute teachers, visitors and guests immediately feel warm and welcome upon entering this small learning community located on the 4th floor of the Bushwick HS Campus. Our students have a desire to learn, our teachers, counselors and support staff are all dedicated to the success of our every one of our young people. We also have an awesome and amazing PTA that is filled with parents and staff who are committed to our school's continued progress.
I like how the teachers are comprehensive and helpful, they also worry about your academic progress, I believe the school could improve more if they had more clubs and activities for students to be involved in.
I was bullied at that school so many times and the school never removed the kids out of the school. They didnt even provent them, they even followed me in street the students.
The school is actually pretty amazing. They have awesome teachers And a great staff. The school also provides a wide range of programs that can help students succeed. The teachers are very involved in everything. I would love if the school moves to a building by itself and if it just becomes an independent school, with new class rooms, and a nicer looking gym, and also lockers. But overall, this school was the really awesome, if I had the chance to pick a high school again, I will go back to this one with no doubt. Love you AEL!
It's a welcoming atmosphere, and all students are welcomed to participate.
My school building could use some fixing up. Since it was designed a long time ago, most classrooms don't have air conditioning and that makes other students and teachers have a harder time concentrating. The ceilings look like they're about to fall off and the paint in the class rooms are going away. A good thing about my teachers and guidance counselor is they are always there to help me when i need it.
Well, there are a variety of sports but there isn't enough school spirit. There's only common sports like basketball, baseball, volleyball, bowling. It would be cool if there was a badminton team, there are a lot of people in my school, including me, who would love to join.
I don't think the health services in this school are reliable. There isn't a school nurse so if you think you're about to have a anxiety attack, you can't go anywhere but stay where you're at or go to the guidance counselor or a teacher.
I think the new uniform policy is a good thing. Before, girls would wear a lot of inappropriate clothing and it was somewhat offensive to some people.
Even though there are a couple of people who do enjoy trying to get in my way from learning, I've made a lot of great memories. I've made a lot of good friends and my teachers and I have established a great relationship. I've had the opportunity to be an editor of a literary magazine and in the crochet club and I even volunteered to help the yearbook committee. I don't know if I would consider coming back here again.
This school does have extracurricular activities(not including sports) but some of them, the teachers aren't really engaged into it. In some clubs, the teachers let the students do whatever they want. In others, for example, the yearbook committee, the teacher who organizes it just talked a lot and didn't even finish the yearbook for the seniors last year. Maybe, if the teachers were more cooperative and would be more engaged then the students would be able to learn different things rather than just be there wanting to quit.
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