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I am a senior in ACE and the school is the perfect place to be..the teachers are always ready to lend helping hands to students anytime they are need.
My experience at the school Is very good. The teachers prepare you for the regents, they treat everyone equally, always there when you need help with school work. What I like about the school Is every opportunity they got to do good for the students they make sure every student participate. I would love for the school to have a vocation for the students like food&nutrition, business, cosmetology, welding, etc.
When it comes to ACE , teachers care a lot about students. Their emphasis on college readiness is at a great ordeal and out of the small amount of events that occur at this school, I must say the staff dedicates it's all into making sure these events turn out perfect. Many opportunities available if you are a sporty person if not, maybe you are just a you person. Anyways four years at this school will fly by fast.
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I like that the teachers focuses on each student individually, you feel more important because of that & like the actually care about you. At ACE I feel like it holds me back from receiving a full high school experience. ACE is a very small school because its a school inside a educational campus that houses about 6 other schools. Ace is inside South shore educational campus which is a big campus & used to be a whole school & have a lot of students but closed in 2010 due to gang violence, poor academic performance & an array of other things, so New York city decided to open up 7 smaller schools inside. This makes Ace feel like a forgotten school. There's around 200 students & it feels smaller than that due to spotty attendance from a lot of students so most of the time the school feels very empty & not like high school at all. I don't feel like i'm in high school most of the time i feel like i'm just going through the motions of a 4 year small educational crash course.
I absolutely love this school. I transferred to this school from another and started a 10th grader. I've enjoyed every moment that I've been hear and can't wait to start my junior year here. The only thing i wish i can change is that there should be more clubs but other than that i love ace.
This is a very ambitious school, it's prepare students for the future, it's cultural diverse school, encourage students and also help students for college readiness and the big future ahead of them. Very great school
Although the school building itself has a bad reputation, the school turns out to be a safe school because of the amount of school guards all around the school. All the students come from different places in the neighborhood and it feels like a whole big family.
My experience at the Academy for Conservation and the Environment was/is fine. My time there so far has been good. I've made alot of friends. Learn alot from my teachers; and I am comfortable. The environment there is motivational and the size is just right; small, but not too small. I have participated in some of the many activities that they have going on there and really like playing sports (basketball), am watching it also. Its my senior year here and I soon leave, but I am definitely going to miss this school
Some of the teachers in school teaching skills are not that good. Some of their work doesn't make sense or they do not teach good. Some kids barely learn anything or the class would get off topic and waste a period of class
The school is a great learning community and they help students stay on track with college.
The teachers at ACE are very good listeners and can comprise with students, they grade accordingly to what you deserve and what you are capable of.They are very intelligent and extremely proficient in the subjects taught as well as other, the compare the lessons to real life situations allowing you to be able to relate and will break it down if you are still unsure. No student is left behind despite of his/he incompetence.
Parents are readily involve in children learning and tutoring is provided by both teachers and students to help student to get a better understanding and to grasp the concepts more readily. The school facilities are always up to par but may have a few technical difficulties with some smart boards. Computer are available at certain hours and bathrooms are always sanitary.
The footballer were the most supported team in the school and i am not really a fan of football. Every student has gym class at least 5 times per week, gym may include weight training, aerobics (for seniors), Dance education and Phys Ed, Miss Rolando is the best gym teacher and trainer you can find, she pushes the student to there limits and beyond and still has the power to be nice, we have regular work out days during the week but on Fridays, we use the Wii to work out. The is also Ms M who is Health Mentor and how a program every week called team battle chef in which student compete to prepare a healthy meal. Other health programs include the biggest lower which was a competition between teacher and students to see who would lose the most weight at the end of the school year, the student dominated!! After school exercise program was on Wednesday hosted again by Ms M.
I was a proud member of ACE CARES which was a charity club that performed numerous activity for people in need of help. The Prospect Park Breast Cancer Awareness march was one of our main events in 2012,it was a very good experience as we walk 5 miles to support a cause, we also had an coat and can drive for the winter season i which we collected coats and donated them to people in need.I have a great passion for helping others. I was also a member of the girls soccer team which was unsuccessful because other girls were too lazy to participate, there was also a Caribbean club which was very well need because about 80% of the schools population was from the Caribbean, the gamer club and sustainability, headed by my Carlson were very popular as well. Educational after school clubs include regents prep for all subject and tutoring. The Vikings (football team) were also the champions for the games played against other football teams in Brooklyn.
As mentioned before the school is like an extended family, people are helpful and encouraging. I am not just saying this to give the school a good review because no one from the school knows that I'm doing this. The day of graduation i cried because my family at school was about to break apart, i realized how much these people both staff and fellow peers meant to me that very day and that i would only get to communicate with them though social networking and the barriers of phone screens and Video chats after this day. ACE is different from every other school in the Brooklyn area because as a united body we stand for each other, encouraging and uplifting each other because at the end of the day we all want the best for the person who sat next to us in chemistry class or the girl who but the new pair of 11s before you got the chance to. I have no regrets, my two years were well spent and truly enjoyed. God gave us one direction and that is moving forward but the pass is significant and can neatly shape the future.
I went to the school for two years and i have never experience any extreme security obstruction, regular fight without weapons. there have been hall sweep and practice shut downs.
The food is 50% good most time where taste is concerned how ever it is always health conscious, everything is served with a salad, milk and there is water available. The menu changes daily but always have a fruit, salad, protein and carbohydrates which is the main nutrients needed. Popular menus include, rice, chicken, ripe plantains, chocolate milk, an apple/ orange and vegetables. The food is very healthy
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The teachers at A.C.E prepare student for college, there are a variety of subject tough and offered at AP and Regents level. Teachers prepare students as early from as the 9th grade for the regents exams and if the pass (65% do) they go on to the available advance placement classes. The school year has 5 marking periods and a progress report session proceeding each. The main purpose for these progress reports are to keep every student on track or to inform parents of what students need to do to pass the marking period hence giving everyone a fair chance of collecting there materials and getting to work. The honor role system and punctuality system are means of encouragement to students stimulating them to work towards a certain goal of having their names being placed around the school for their accomplishments. Mr. Carlson is THE BEST chemistry and Forensics teacher in Brooklyn, his assignments are real and can relate to everyday situations which makes them fun. Organic chemistry is on of the best topic at the end of the semester as well as Ballistics in forensics, projects are issued every two weeks and are expected to be completed in a minimum of two weeks, on breaks we are given projects for almost every class as well.
The Dean tires effortless to instill a particular dress code which is often times followed, college counselors are very helpful as the work with you everyday to ensure that your life doesn't end after graduation. I am very thankful for Ms. Pushkin as she helped me to decide on the college that was best for me and to get into that college. The office staff are very encouraging as well and will not judge you but will help to guide u down the right path.There is rarely bullying at the school because most people are friendly, it is like an extended family at The Academy For Conservation and the Environment.
I gave my school a C because if you have a different sexual orientation that's different from others teachers tend to be on your back more but will not do this with a normal boy and girl couple but will point out the boy and boy or girl and girl couples .
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