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Academy for College Prep & Career Exploration - A College Board School Reviews

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What I like about college prep is that they have great teachers . What I would like to see change is better food
This school is very small so teachers are able to have a relationship with their students. It's like a second family at my school.Students tend to communicate with each other and be very nice because of our small size. The school is kept clean and the staff is very respectful and open-hearted to every student.
It is such a diversity for me . Because it is really hardworking place where I have to do the work for all my achievements like 4.0 GPA
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My experience at this school has been an amazing journey. Being a part of the student body is a great honor with also makes this experience memorable. Being on the honor roll, being a double dutch manager and other extra curricular activities are my favorite experiences. My school is unique because the staff; for me personally. Majority of the staff are wonderful, caring and selfless individuals in which you can put your faith and trust. I would chose this school because of the Academics and the people I'm surrounded by. On the campus of eight 8, our school is second line for academics. I would not trade this school for anything.
The teachers at my school engage and holds the attention of majority of the students in a discussion. They establish clear objectives and work towards meeting those specific objectives during each class.Majority of the teaching staff has great communication and interaction with the student body. They are available most/all the time whether it is during class or after. They are consistence with grading; they use the Skedula website in which they update our grades and attendance everyday or sometimes weekly. Overall, I think the teachers at my school are great and they have our best interest at heart.
The teachers in my school are very nice and caring. They respect me as a student thriving to do my best. They are very approachable when I have a question. They also push me to my limit and beyond to see that I do excellent.
What makes this school unique and memorable to me is the school spirit and the teachers that all relatively care. They all make an impact and relate with the young students.
The teachers there are good , but sometime harsh.
- Honestly, If I could choose this school again I would. I say this because, the teachers push you to do better and motivate you. They are willing to help you with anything you don't understand. The guidance counselor's are very helpful and are willing to give you the classes you will need to graduate and take regents for.
The school nurse is very good. However, many students are gang members and fights occur occasionally. The school is adequately safe.
There is not as much variety as one would like, especially for a vegetarian/vegan. Many times one would just have to take salad.
The involvement of administrators in the discipline department is amazing. However, there is not astrict dress code per se.
Some of the facilities mentioned are off campus and some are non-existent. They are of good quality but are not open to all students.
Teachers are very accomodating, giving extra credit assignments where needed and making themselves available for after-school and Saturday school.
There are no clubs at present. Apart from tutoring, after-school activities are nonexistent. However, the administration is in support of improving this.
There are a variety of sports offered at my school. These sports range from soccer, football, swimming, basketball, softball etc. There's no discrimination & everyone is always welcome to try out. My favorite sport is Basketball, not only because I play it but because it's also quite enjoyable. The level of commitment for sport offered at my school are high. Players strive to keep their grades up to be able to maintain the sport.
Most of the teachers are very approachable and friendly. If you're having trouble in class they always offer help/ways for you to understand. Afterschool and Saturday classes are always offered
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The service is perfect, but it's quite substantial. Since my 9th grade year , I can definitely say that it has improved.
I've never had any major problems out of my four years attending this school. I've never had to worry about being safe , because I always feel protected. Parents aren't really involved as they should be among the high school as apposed to the middle school. The teach are great & have taught me a lot and prepared me for rigorous courses.
The Administration in my school works hard to keep the students motivated focused and above all, safe.
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