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The structure of the school needs to be changed . Safety at this school needs to be fix. The food is very disappointing and not healthy.
During the four years at ACCE High School I like the different academics they had to offer but my senior year as soon as I went in I was rushed to complete everything within a certain time frame. It wasn’t till my junior and senior year I started to play sports, clubs were never available for students to do that was interesting. Other than that my four years at ACCE High School was bittersweet because I was so ready to leave then when the time came I thought about like “do I really wanna leave?” and “ OMG!!! I finally get to leave this school” at the end of the day everyone has to leave High School in the past and focus on college so those next years people can say “ wow, I am going to miss this school”
This school is very diverse and has a lot of potential.With that said the school can improve on the way it functions.The school is niether bad or good but average I would say.
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When I was attending 2008-2011 it was a great school that cared about the students and their education. It felt like a stable family that helped build the community and peers.
Peer Group Connection (PGC) was a great program where Juniors and seniors would do activities and give lessons to our incoming freshman.
Just like other high schools, we come here to learn until the day of graduation
Teacher come to school to do what they're getting paid for.
Internship in junior year is the only extracurricular opportunity.
The teachers are great but the students aren't serious about their studies.
Overall, the teachers are creative, helpful, friendly in this school. They put a lot of effort to make lessons interesting. They also help the students who struggle mentally and academically plus they also help students in completing their college application and advise them the best they can.
I'm not interested in sports that much
During my years here I've been exposed to different experiences which will not be found in a lot of schools in Baltimore
Various of extra-curricular activities that fit a students personality
Teachers and staff ensure that students who want success reach success. Each teacher goes above and beyond to help students. Not only academically, but personally.
Its a good school hoe that
There is not a lot sports here but the one the stands out the most is the baseball team
I loved it here it was the best school I been to
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We have very good teachers at Acce. You can tell that they know what they are doing and they are always willing to help a student at any time.
Acce has strict rules on what we can and cannot wear. For example we have to wear clear or mesh book bags. They check us when we first walk into the building to see if wee have on a clear or mesh book bag and if we don't, an administrator holds the book bag until after school.
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