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The school has ridiculous policies and rules that are excessively strict.
The extracurriculars are completely left up to the students which I like.
There is a lot more cultural and racial diversity than other schools in the area.
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There is no sports directly related with the school; however, it allows us to play for any one we want so I like it.
There are no problems with the health or safety of this school.
This school has totally prepared me for college in a way that I didn't predict it would. For example, I took a US History 201 class this year at Umpqua Community College for one term and aced it without any trouble. This wouldn't have been the case if I'd gone to a typical high school. The classes in this school are quite a bit like college classes, and in order to do well at this school I had to learn good time-management, which is crucial in college.
This school is excellent academically; however, it is far too strict in certain areas that don't benefit any one. I wouldn't be the student or person I am today if it weren't for this school. I am grateful that I went to this school, but it could relax about several things that would make the students much happier to be there.
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