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This school changed my whole life, and I wouldn't be the person I am today without the love and support that ACTVF provided. Everything that I am is because the teachers and resources that ACTVF provided. There's a lot of opportunities program for any child that fit the requirements. And the main reason why most students don't do well in school that's because of the lack of effort that teachers put to make an impact on the students and lack of resources. But this has a lot of teachers that jump through hoops to make any student understand a topic that the student may not understand.
Academy for Careers in TV and Film offers a unique experience because of the film opportunities you have. The film projects you work on throughout 4 years help you start good habits such as being responsible and allows you to be creative. The teachers and staff are very supportive and friendly, they get to know who you are as a person and offer advice. The school offer a variety of ways for students to get involved in school, by creating new clubs, joining one, becoming part of a team, and filming.
I liked how the staff was very good at helping students when they were struggling. The filming aspect of the school was really cool, it was a different skill that I got to learn. Even though I'm not going into filming, there are definitely thing I will take with me that I learned while filming, for example professionalism.
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My experience through the years of being a student at ACTvF has been great and has prepared me for the future. The teachers would always try and help you pass giving you opportunities to not fail or better yourself in that class. They always want to help, if you show the determination to better yourself the teachers will see that and give you the chances. We also have college advisors which are preparing us for college getting applications ready, finishing personal statements, etc. My school does the most to help its students do the best of their abilities and prepare them for the future which I believe not many other high schools dont help unless you seek it out.
AcTvF, is unlike any other school for its specialization on the film industry. From freshman year students begin hands on experience with cameras, tripods, and all types of equipment that can be found in a regular film studio, aside from film however, actvf inhabits a small and diverse community of students from all over the five boroughs. Sports, clubs, and most importantly film brings the community together along side its small population of 3,000 students. Academy for careers in television in film is a quality high school, with great faculty, academics and spirit. I do not see my self having gone to any other high school. Active caters to each students individual needs whether its be academically or socially.
Academy for Careers in Television and Film is a very unique school. Although it focuses on all the academic subject, it also focuses on film. The teachers never give up you and pushes you to do your best. Teachers in this school will be your second parent. The students are also good friends with each other and don't bully other students.
They immensely helped me on my path towards entering the film industry and never gave up. I had an amazing high school experience although one thing I would change is the application process while applying for this school. If only they narrowed their selection and was more selective and careful in who they choose, then I think they would greatly profit from this in term of student involvement in film.
Student receive real hands on television and filming skills. We use the same equipment as the professional and computer programs such as adobe premiere.
Overall, pretty great. Not perfect, but a lot better than other schools. Teachers are REALLY nice and give a lot of chances, almost impossible to fail as long as you put your own effort and pay attention. Great for going into film, however, is not recommended for students simply looking for easy classes, as those students usually end up hating their lives in the school. Great internships, they really get you ready for college and exams, but even though college readiness is great, career readiness can be improved. Specifically in post, basics are taught, but professional programs such as Adobe Audition and programs specializing in color correction aren't even mentioned unless brought up. However, Production Design and Grip and Electric seem to be taught well.
I enjoyed my time at Academy for Careers in Television & Film. The staff & faculty really take pride in helping students. If you fail a test, you may take retakes to ensure you fully understood the unit. Furthermore, the schools policy ensures that you feel equal to your teacher. The policy being that you call teachers by their first name. This is something I appreciated at Academy for Careers in Television & Film and will always remember.
The professors really care about the student and want us to excel. We are already working with the most current camera equipment. There is a lot of film experience walking in the halls
As a senior at Academy for Careers in Television & Film, all teachers are very responsive, responsible and aware of their students' goals, achievements, and grades. They encourage you to do your very best at all times. If you are interested in photography, acting, screen-writing, directing and editing this is the school for you! At this school you get the chance to build strong and close relationship with your teachers and advisor by having the chance to call them by their first name. There's always tutoring available and other extracurricular activities after school. Even though the sports teams aren't "amazing" you get to meet friendly and kind teammates that can potentially lead to long-lasting friendships. It's great!!
At the Academy for Careers in Television and Film, the teachers are very welcoming and care about their students. If a teacher sees a student struggling, they want to help that student succeed and get past their struggles.
What I enjoyed about ACTvF is how open everyone is to express themselves. Since it is a film school, everyone got to show their creativity through different variations such as scriptwriting or directing. The teachers are close to their students and are also very helpful. The school also gives out internships to hardworking students which also leads to students getting professional film-related jobs right after graduating.
It's a small school located in a good neighborhood. The academic system they have is extremely helpful for students and engaging.
The staff in the school are very supportive and have many resources to help students out. Many of the students in the school have a tight knit community do to it being a small school. The environment overall is very positive and helpful to having a great high school experience.
Academy for Careers in Television and Film was my first and only high school. Unlike my other friends at different high schools, I didn't have to transfer out somewhere else because it was just an amazing experience and a lot of people were friendly there. Even the teachers cared a lot about how you were doing in class and your performance in general. The school had a lot to offer if you were failing a class and always made sure you had the help you needed to pass. Advisors became like your 2nd parents since they were always in your business, but in the good way since they really cared about how you were doing. Overall it was like having your own little family at school and that's pretty rare to find at other schools.
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This school is honestly very well organized and a friendly environment to be apart of. The teachers are always making sure that students are on task with our work and that we put ourselves in the best position to excel, in addition our school takes the preparation for college very seriously as we have two exceptional college advisors along with your everyday advisor for four years to ensure that the college process goes as smoothly as possible for each student as each junior class goes on three college trips a year. The only struggle in our school are the sports programs due to us having a smaller school.
The experience I've had here has been something above average compared to what I've heard with other schools. The environment and all the tools they gave me has been really great and super useful. The teachers here are mostly all amazing people who care and want the best for you there are some bad apples here and there but that's rare and doesn't last long. The other students are a mixed bag and I've met the most different people in this school yet there are some people who came to the school for no reason and I think that pulls me back from this school since they aren't engaged to the whole film aspect of the school which is the main reason for coming here. The school does make it really easy with the way they set up the day and the years. Over all I have to say my experience here has been something else for the better but there could always be improvement.
This school has extremely helped to built me to the adult I am today. Their staff is by far the best source of support I've ever had. They are super welcoming and actually take the opportunity to get to know you. They are truly like a family. No matter who you are, you'll definitely find a teacher who you connect with, and get close to. This school will forever be 100% remembered by.
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