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At ACE teachers are very welcoming. They actually try to teach you and they make sure you know the topic very well. They do not leave a student behind and they are understanding.
You don't get to choose what classes you have for either year, and the workload is easily manageable until senior year.
We don't usually have security issues, but, in the past we had a lock down because a homeless person entered our building and used the bathroom. The was also another time when someone who didn't go to our school came in to get his girlfriend out of the building.
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Some of the teachers tech and some of them don't. If you really want to learn it's like you have to chase the teacher for your education. Some teachers grade your work and give it back to you, others don't so you only know if your doing well if you ask.
Our school doesn't offer any after school extra curricular activties
I like the fact that my school is small, so you know a little bit about everybody. With us being so small, we don't have any sports teams, so we don't have a lot of school spirit, but, being able to play for another high school with the best school spirit makes up for it.
My freshmen year was amazing but teachers, deans, principals and administration become to leave and it tore the school down. They didn't renew our building and kicked us out and we had to move to a terrible building.
It's not the best but it's not bad either. We have a salad bar.
The school administration is very unorganized. They use these policies as a threat that'll restrict us from graduating.
The majority of my teachers are great. A specific teacher focuses on student-centered learning and gives each student the ability to learn in their own way. Many are visual learners so she makes presentations. Others are auditory learners so she explains everything that we are learning in depth. There are also a lot of hands-on activities for students who learn that way as well.
We don't have a gym so we walked to a local rec center or planet fitness
We have no electives at my school which is kind of disappointing considering all of the students come from middle schools that have music, art etc
We have a resource teacher for any students that need help in their English or math classes. Without this class or teacher a lot of people would have stayed back.
The food is alright, it'll be good to have a variety here and there
The teachers are pretty good. Some of them have been taught by each other, which means their syllabus feels kinda tired, which gets reflected in their teaching styles, but overall, the instruction is above satisfactory.
Student's aren't allowed to wear cargo pants and bags must be put in a corner.
There are not really any clubs at the school since it is so small. There is a student government for upper class men. And a required 50 hours of volunteering for under class men.
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I school has lots of mediocore classes. But once you get to the higher grades things get better. And online advace placement courses are now being offered.
The school recently got repainted it looks much better there are still a few gripes I have with the bathrooms.
We've had a few empty bomb threats, where something's written on the bathroom wall and classes get canceled. There have also been incidents in which homeless people have walked in to use the bathroom. There is the occassional fight every month or so. Some teachers will join in on discussions and lies while others do not.
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