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My experience in the Academy for career exploration was so far good for the two years i have been here, but what i really love to see change is the way of how they teach in the school. Some of the teachers are great at teaching but some are not i would love to see that improvement for the school .
My three years at Academy For Career Exploration was so far good and i hope that it will stay like that for the rest of the time i am here but i would like to see some changes like a new building would be fine with a gym that probably the only thing that can make this school any better
My experience at ACE in the past three years has been average. Like every other school there are many things that needs fixing like for example the building but the school is overall a good school.
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While being in Academy For Career Exploration I have developed many good skills. leadership skills, independence, etc. The environment at the school is diverse and tranquil. The school offers a lot of opportunities for students to get ready for college.
At ACE I have had a average experience. I do like the fact that many of the teachers and staffs push you to do good and help you find more opportunities to prepare for college. Its also a very small school so everyone knows each other. But I do wish there was a better school culture like more school spirit or some fun activities for the whole school because I feel like we do a lot of work, that we should have fun once in awhile.
My experience at ACE was positive and was an important factor to the academic person I am now. I got the opportunity to go on educational trips with the help of our hardworking staff. I went on some college visits and college fairs. I also got the opportunity to earn college credits at a nearby college. I learned how time management is important in a college setting. ACE taught all students about their strengths and how they can be used on daily bases. Mostly everyone is accepting and kind of the different opinions and cultures. ACE is overall a good school!
Overall ACE is an okay school. There are some opportunities like ACN which was very helpful and a good experience. We don't have many things that other schools have like sports, strong school spirit, pep rally's etc. There is room for much improvement but this school definitely provides opportunities that students are welcome to take advantage of.
My overall experience with ACE that it's a very good small school with no drama, gets you prepared well for colleges, all the teachers are nice and treat all the students well
Academy for career exploration is a good school, and there are many teachers that help us understand a lot of things outside of school and inside as well.
It is a great school! You get to learn new thing. ACE is a public charter school that develops technology talent at the high school level by providing students with skills focused on the emerging Innovation Economy. We offer three career pathways: Application Programming & Software Engineering (APSE), Cisco Networking & Cyber Security, and Data Science. Our students have the opportunity to graduate not only with valuable job skills; they also earn industry credentials and college credit.
This school has good academics, if you’re looking to get a good job in the future with IT. (Information technology) yes it has some defects, but it has some perks as well. This school gets you college ready. I was college ready during my junior year, the summer going into my junior year I attended brown university, for a summer program and then I went to New England tech during my junior year, finally I did an early enrollment with Johnson and wales. So for my senior year next year I will attend JWU instead of coming here at ace.
I would change how they rather put the students on laptops and computers instead of hands on learning or even just speaking to them. I would like to put more language classes instead of just Spanish. i would have more teachers in the school instead of people trying to figure out how there is going to be a substitute for the students. I would put more events in the school because spirit week is only a one time thing.
From my experience here I enjoyed learning, and the students in my school. The people are nice all the time and welcome anyone into this school.
there are many schools in Rhode Island to choose from. I think that ACE is a very solid choice. the school has a lot of new things to learn about. sure, we have a building that has several issues, but i don't think that it's about the building anymore. I have grown to this school, due to the fact that the people are great. the students and staff are the reasons that i haven't left, all containing skill and heart. it's a smaller school, and that's also what is unique about this school. no over-crowding, no insane yelling and mayhem, just maturity and intelligence.
At this school, i was able to learn things i didn't think id be learning. In class we learn about real world situations. i learned how to do taxes, learned about different colleges, jobs, even how to buy a house. i believe that other schools don't do this. Ace has prepped me for living on my own even though i am a sophmore
At this school, i was able to learn more about computers and technology, they have great teachers. The classes are alright and this school gives you a lot of opportunity and at the time you finished high school of this school, you are going to have college credits and be able to attend a good college.
Objectively speaking this school is pretty average compared to most in the district. Due to the size, it has to cut back on classes such as P.E, Music, and Art. There are clubs, however, your options are pretty limited. I think the school's biggest strong point is its focus on technology, specifically when it comes to Cybersecurity and Data Science. To keep this short and simple, if you're looking for a school that's small, centered around tech, and has decent teachers, I think this is a good secondary option compared to say PCTA. Otherwise, you're better off going somewhere else instead.
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Some good teachers, some bad teachers. Good Technology courses really progressive in the technology field.
What I like about the Academy Of Career Exploration is that we are a very diverse and cultural school.
ACE is a College Prep Charter high school with a a Career Focus in Information Technology, Computer Science principles and computational thinking. This year 10 Juniors qualified to start college early. Overall, our students have earned 622 college credits in the last two years.
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