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Academy for Business & Technology High School Reviews

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My children love this school and they are doing great academically. The staff go the extra mile and I feel it is a safe environment.
When I was attending the school, I would have to say that it was a very different experience due to the fact It was an academy. I honestly have been in multiple academy throughout my school career. It was very good experience because they helped you when you needed assistant and you didn't have to wait as long as you would when you in a so call public schools.
What I liked about ABT is that it was unique on its own right. The staff there was incredible and the student engagement there was pretty decent. The things I want changed is the diversity of the clubs.
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I got there in 11th grade and it was the worst two years of school ever. The teachers didn't teach anything, there were mostly substitutes in every class and the principal played favorites. They also cheated the seniors out of at least $200.
this school to me is not a real school I think of it as a playground for teen. The staff is not as serious with school work as much as they care about the uniform. they cant control the students its more like they are afraid of them to. some of the students are disrespectful and so are some of the teachers. I feel that the school shouldn't even be open.
The school is a great as far as small class sizes. The things my school need to change are all certified teachers, more programs for students & a stronger support staff.
The teachers stick by your side and help you with everything. They never guide you the wrong way and they go out their way to help you when you're having family /personal issues.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities presented here at our school. We have many sports including baseball, softball. track & field, boys and girls basketball, along with football. we also have nonathletic extracurricular activities such as choir, Nation Honor Society, and many more. Most of the the school tends to get involved, and tends to show school spirit.
The school overall is okay. "You get out, what you put in," would best describe it. Me personally, i liked my time here at ABT, I did have my days where I simply wanted to switch schools, but i ended up changing my mind. If i could do it all over again, I would, but I would change some of the decisions i made here.
The teachers here generally do an excellent job. There are a few teachers that may be a little difficult to engage with, but overall the teachers here generally care for the students.
the teachers in this school the sometimes don't manage thee time well but that's only half the either spend to much time on a lesson or not enough time. some teachers rush through there assignments and quick to move on. they can barely control the classes they are given.
The schools extracurriculars have dropped over time. I wish we could have some of the things back.
I have attended Academy for Business and Technology ever since elementary school. My teachers honestly make me feel like I am growing into a mature lady. I may not enjoy wearing a uniform everyday, but my education is more important. I do not need every thing fancy, and ABT may be on a low budget. But my education is still outstanding. I know what I need to know, thanks to the fabulous teachers, and the staff can always put a smile on your face. This is why I would choose ABT all over again given the chance.
The teachers at Academy for Business and Technology to me honestly do a great job. They get done whatever needs to be done. Most of the time the students are the problem not the teacher. The teachers are very intelligent and care about their students, and not just academically.
Very caring & gives each child the attention he or she needs
I feel that the staff involvement is great but some of the policies are a bit extreme. That being said however, some are necessary because of the actions of the students. I can see why they're in affect from the viewpoint of the board but from a student's perspective I see some of them as a bit unfair and honestly pointless. The dress code for dress down, for instance, is far too strict. We're basically only allowed to wear jeans, which defeats the purpose of a dress down I would prefer to be able to walk in wearing some sweats. I also feel that the in-school suspension should be a bit stricter. They're too lenient on the students in there and the teachers send kids down for very petty reasons. I also feel that there are too many restrictions on what we're allowed to do. While some schools are allowed to do more activities, we're very limited and have few options.
When I first came to ABT I felt like I didn't belong. After about a week there I felt like I just fit right in with everybody. It's a place where everybody knows everybody. It was a brand new environment for me and it brought me out of my shell. Before coming to ABT I had been very shy and timid. Anymore I'm more comfortable with myself. That's what I really like about it. It helped me discover within myself just the kind of person that I really am and the true potential that I have. While I feel that it's a bit flawed at times, I love most of the people that I'm surrounded by each day. They're the biggest reason why I wouldn't go anywhere else. Had it not been for all of the amazing people that I met at ABT I don't think that I'd be the same Taylor writing this paper today. I'd still be that overlooked smart girl who never knew her full potential.
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I feel like there could be more invested in the sports and more diverse extracurricular activities. The school is pretty small though, and there isn't a big student body so I suppose that's why. Some of the extracurriculars are pretty decent tho like the step team, glee club, and National Honor Society. I think that the school does the best with what it has and the administration that runs the extracurricular activities are very involved in getting the students to participate. There isn't a wide variety of sports and a few of the kids aren't as committed as they could be, but overall the programs are good enough for what they're worth.
In my opinion, the school is pretty decent, but I think it has the potential to be more than what it is. Sometimes I feel as though a few of the teachers there are holding the students back. They don't expect them to be anything or go anywhere in life. I feel like the students behave the way that they do because they feel that they don't have a future. I think that if some of the staff cared more and really invested in the students that they would get better and feel better. That being said, however, I do believe that the school overall is focused on giving the students higher education, especially within the past two years. It's really turned around from the way that it used to be. I believe that in a couple years it could really be a successful school.
Very bad gym/ gym equipment
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