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Choosing to attend AAHS is the best decision I have ever made. As a senior, I have grown to be close friends with students from Rahway, Clark, Cranford, and Roselle Park, just to name a few. These are superlative people who I otherwise would never have the opportunity to meet. My experience at Allied Health has been wonderful thanks to my classmates and the extraordinary faculty and administration. The principal, the guidance counselors, and the teachers are all passionate about seeing the students thrive here. They are invested in our success.

The Academy for Allied Health Sciences has offered me tremendous opportunities to explore the different avenues available in health care and understand the future of medicine.
As a rising senior, I can say that these past three years at Allied have certainly been memorable. Vigorous and challenging, but manageable if you put in the time and effort to understand what is being taught. This school prepares all its students from freshman year and onward for the health care profession by providing a unique, in-depth foundation. The school does not lack in diversity, but is still predominantly white - if that is an issue for anyone. There aren't many areas for change except trivial matters such as the food. Overall, a fantastic school that should not harbor any feelings of regret for attending.
My experience at the Academy for Allied Health Sciences has been rewarding and one that I know has prepared me for the next four years of my life beyond its doors. With top notch academics, rigorous courses and top of the line teachers and administration, it is no wonder why alumni return and express upon current students how prepared they were for the work load and rigor that college students face. In addition to academics, Allied Health and the rest of the schools on its campus are home to many active clubs and activities, specifically including the Student Movement Against Cancer and Multicultural Club, which displays our school's diversity and drive toward helping others, and also encourages a multitude of parent involvement. Back in the classroom, students have access to many resources and are never a step behind in innovations in technology. Besides our average cafeteria food, Allied Health is an extraordinary, safe, diverse and academically challenging place to go to school.
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Best high school ever. It is filled with motivated students and helpful teachers. The school environment was great. I was part of the class of 2016 where we had less than 70 students. It is a small school vibe in a large UCVTS community. This school is very rigorous and you have to be motivated.
There is no peer pressure. People will become friends with you, and will accept you. I have never seen anyone isolated. There's not too much racial diversity, but everyone gets along just fine. People with different sexual orientations are accepted just the same. We have a very liberal campus. Not too many people bully, it happens on occasion, and its never anything serious, usually the people who do it, learn from it and feel horrible afterwards. Everyone here is accepting of one another.
You can take graduate level math here (not undergraduate...graduate!). It goes from combined algebra, to geometry/trigonometry, precalculus, AP Calculus I A/B, AP Calculus II B/C, Multivariable Caclulus, Linear Algebra, Linear Programming, and it even goes beyond that to some statistical type of math. They also offer AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Macro/Micro Economics, AP Physics Mechanics, AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AP Literature. They also have an immense amount of options for non AP courses.
The nurse here is really nice. We also have an EMT program, if anything were to happen, it seems like the right place to be. If the EMTs are not here, all of the gym teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified as well as many other teachers (one of the fitness teachers here also volunteers as an EKG specialist). They have training sessions for all of the teachers to sit in on lectures for CPR and everything. The safety here is incredible. There have been heart attack incidents, a student was once run-over, and everything was coordinated perfectly, from the student's cooperation in lock downs to the calling 911 (by the way, there is a building right next to ours where they train police officers), to the cpr certified gym teachers running with AED's toward the injured student. It really is the safest school to choose.
Because this is a school specific to the allied health sciences, HOSA (health occupations students of america) is huge here as well as SMAC(student movement against cancer)/relay for life. However, there are still other options unrelated to the health field. There is math league (which participates in several competitions). There is science olympiad, intramurals, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, chess club (participates in various competitions), robotics, etc, there are so many options.
Mostly everyone at this school is kind, intelligent, and interesting. Everyone has their own talents and strengths. Even though many people are great and want to achieve many things, it does not create a competitive environment like many would expect. The quality that stands out the most about this school is that EVERYONE helps each other, even if they are not close friends. Its almost as if the difficulty of the high school has brought people close together. Everyone learns how to work together and organize the most fun school events and fundraisers. I would go to this school and do it all over, just for the fun of it. The people here are great and I remember great times when I think about the school.

The amount of work you are given, on the other hand, makes one want to lock himself in a room and study all day long, everyday. After freshman year, mostly everyone gets the hang of the workload and learns how to study efficiently with actual free time on their hands.
The teachers are really great at explaining things. On rare occasions, if a student feels that he is not learning, it is most likely because the student does not ask any questions or for any help. However, the teachers here are excellent and are always willing to take a step back and clarify anything a student might be having trouble with. Also, many teachers are involved with extracurricular activities and encourage students to participate as they help with the learning experience.

Many of the teachers here care about the students a lot. For the most part, fair exams are given and it is usually never the teacher's fault if a student falls behind (the courses here are pretty difficult). They also speak to the students and give great advice on how to study. The teachers really get to know the students here. They learn everyone's name, and know who everyone is, as well as what they do and what they aspire to be.
Plenty of opportunities to choose from!
The teachers are devoted to making students succeed.
Probably the safest and cleanest
I wish there was more.. Since commuting can be difficult, staying after school is limited for many people
Could be very stressful and depressing at times BUT other times, its one of the best places to be
The school offers many oppurtunities.
Our schools technological advances make it possible for us to be well updated and have some of the best resources. Each year something new is introduced and i as a student am thankful for the constant updates we receive.
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For the number of years i have attended this school i have always questioned my reason of being here. I still do. But, i know there is a driving force which keeps me from leaving. The friends i have made and the events that people come up with to better the spirits of the students are some of the few reasons as to why i believe i never could leave. I understand this school is still building on compared to school which have stood over 100 years. At the end i realize how lucky i am to be part of such a remarkable part of the Union County history. The unique aura of genuine kindness and the passion for learning is what makes it so great and i cherish all the memories i have made while attending this school. If i were to choose whether to go to this school again... i think i would, the experience is once in a lifetime and i believe its made me a bit confused but that's okay because it means i am being exposed to the different fields of life and it shows me that there is so much more out there than what i had first thought before being accepted into the school.
Since there are no sports a lot of students feel deprived, like me but it was not something we did not expect so it was okay. Although it would be nice to have them because i believe our school would do great not only academically but in such areas as this as well.
The teachers of this school i would say are some of the best. They never fail to push us to understand the topics at hand and make sure to engage each and every student as much as they can. Some are easier to talk to then others but that is okay. They make sure we are at the top of our game and as much as we rely on them they do as well, asking us questions on how to improve the course and make it better to understand. In cases where a student may not get a particular topic the teacher would respond by giving a well developed answer that reaches far beyond what the student had imagined would be a simple response. Overall they push us to know more than just what is said in a text book and never fail to give real life examples for better understanding.
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