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I would like to change how the school handles bullying and how they work on helping students. I have an IEP and there were several incidents where I found I wasn't getting the help I needed or when I did ask for it, it was subtly dismissed because someone "didn't feel" like complying. Also, to address the bullying issue again, I went several times between years and I always got the same result: "Stay away from each other". It seems that unless you're important to the school (sports, dance, ASB, staff kids) you don't truly matter to the school. Despite them seeing these reviews, nothing ever changes. I went there from 4th to 12th grade and everything was the same.
My favorite part of AAE was being apart of the band. It is a fun, dedicated environment that helps teach you the meaning of self discipline and working on becoming a better musician. I also enjoyed a select few teachers, who made the effort to be more than just a teacher. Those teachers helped mold be into the person I am today, and continue to be a major part of my life. Without them, I would not the the student I am today.
I didn't enjoy attending here because it is a very small school, some of the teachers clearly do not care about he material they are teaching and if they can't care then why should I? The school is also extremely small so you are constantly forced to be around the same people. The school is also harder than a typical school, much more rigorous.
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This school definitely is a college prep school that scores high and prepares everyone for the real world.
I liked how it prepared me for the outside world. To me it is a tougher school than others in my area, and the teachers, for the most part spent the time with me I needed to understand and learn.
I went to Academy for Academic excellence from kindergarten to senior year. This school does have a special place in my heart but over the years the campus has been going down hill.
I love the family aspect of my school, Academy for Academic Excellence. Although small, we are a tightly knit group of students and staff. However, I would love to see more school spirit throughout my school. It is something the student body strives to see each and everyday.
Academy for Academic Excellence is a good school, they are very good at preparing students for college. There is not a lot of variety in classes and not much to choose from when it comes to classes. Sports here are okay, but there is no football team and our teams aren't very good.
This school brings a lot of opportunity to youth when resources are utilized. The most outstanding part of this school is the curriculum and it's application toward technology and I feel very grateful for the teachers that showed great sensibility and empathy for their students. The areas in which the school lacks is only in their disciplinary staff. Their logic and understanding of children and teens is slightly eskew and frankly I don't see evolvement any time soon. It is and institution very focused on tradition and popularly voted values by which is blamed on the parents of the school. I hope on the future they can correct the insubordination and start listening to a world that is changing for the preparation of our future leaders.
I've been with the Academy for Academic Excellence or AAE for almost ten years and my overall experience is pretty good. The school is very small when it comes to class sizes, averaging around one hundred students for each grade level. Truthfully, I quite like this part of the school because it allows the students to really get to know one another and it brings a closeness around the school. The teachers are nice and strive to strengthen our education. Our sports teams are relatively good but, since the school is pretty small in size, we do not have many sports like other high schools do, nor do we have junior varsity or varsity teams. Overall, I truly like this school and had no problems throughout my years at AAE.
As a recent graduate of AAE, what I liked most about this school are a few select teachers who were very passionate about the subject they teach. There are a few very good teachers here who made an impact on my education. What I don't like about this school is their over-the-top rules. Their tardy policy is sometimes not logical or fair to the students. For example kindergarteners obviously do not have control over whether they're late to school. That problem should be discussed with their parents instead of having detention at such a young age. Teachers, proctors etc. have favorites which make the other kids feel excluded. Sometimes the teachers here don't know how to control their class and allow people to become very disruptive. As for the students who attend this school, it is not very diverse since it's a small school, and often for new students, it might be difficult finding their niche group. I will add that the school lunch they serve here is very terrible, sometimes inedible.
The Academy for Academic excellence is a fairly good school. They have good academics and very nice students and staff. It is a small school, but a nice school.
Good K-12 school. Great families, a lot of parental involvement. Marching band and JROTC are strong programs at this school.
I love the closeness of the school, and all the parent involvement. I love the smaller class size too.
It is a really good school nothing but positive stuff about the school . The teachers are amazing. I love how the school is diversity . Also I love how everyone is so nice there .
The Academy for Academic Excellence is a great charter school. Safety is not an issue and academics are good. This school is mostly focused on academics instead of sports and arts.
I am proud of the education and support that my two children have received during elementary, middle school and high school at the Academy for Academic Excellence. The teachers, staff and admin are passionate and highly dedicated. Parent involvement is unparalleled. My senior has received many scholarships and feels confident that she is well prepared for college. This is truly the best school!
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Academy for Academic Excellence is a wonderful school for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. All of the students and staff are warm and welcoming to anyone, making it a very friendly, practically like family, campus. The academic classes are top of the notch, and not to mention the amazing sports programs within the school.
Such an amazing school with great teachers! Would recommend to anyone! I go there and have never had a single bad experience.
This school excels in preparing students for college. By providing counseling, extracurricular programs, and creating opportunities in academic development this school aids students in creating their path for the future. While this school has many qualities there are some areas that are lacking as such in diversity and the school culture. The foundation of the school's academia is centered around the NASA space program and structure of core classes. There are however, options for performing arts, music, and art. This creates a diverse field of study to get the students interested in learning.
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