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Academy Charter high school is a very good school Education wise . It’s also very good at getting you college readiness
My experience at Academy Charter High has been great. I have made many accomplishments over the year. I love how my school is so family oriented that the love feels real. I would make my school bigger because it is small and I would want more kids to experience that.
My experience throughout my high school years was good. All years i was a respectable student and a athlete. I love how my school is so family orinented. A bigger school is what ill like to see changed.
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Throughout my four years at Academy Charter I seen a lot. I met new friends that I plan to still be in contact with after college. The teachers really help prepare you for college and go above and beyond to help you. The only thing I don't like is the food and sports. Our breakfast and lunch variety sucks. The sports always aren't the best either. Since the school is so little we don't have a lot of sports.
Even though our school has many bad things, i learned how to cope with it and that's what college is about. You have to learn how to cope with everything. I learned how to do things without the help of anyone else, which is great because this will help me in the future. I wouldn't change my high school experience for anything, because i meet a lot of great people.
The food is nasty most of the time. The best lunch we ever get is pizza from papa johns. The pasta that they sometimes cook is disgusting, the rice is hard, sometimes the jam from the sandwiches smell bad..
I believe the school administration is a little unorganized. We don't see a lot from them that often, there's barely any changes for our school. We don't have anything to look forward to. The counselors are busy most of the time, there should be one counselor for every class, this way each student would have more time to talk with their counselor. The office staff is more helpful then the principal, because our principal is always in meetings. One controversial policy is the 2 demerit policy for being late. I've never been late to school, but i think that 2 demerits is too excessive, one would be fine.
My school is pretty small, so we don't have the same athletic facilities that other High Schools might have. On the other hand we do go to another facility for our gym classes, which is fully equipped with everyone we would need in order to exercise. We don't have a lot of school spirit mainly because we just got sports this school year.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond to have a good environment to teach in. Most of the teacher are knowledgeable i their fields.
The extra curricular activities are getting better every year. Mainly this year my school has started a variety of sport such as wrestling, girls softball, etc. There is almost a club for everything, from a french club to a yearbook club.
Good school to get a 4.0 without much effort. Corruption within the hierarchy of the school. students often loud and belligerent but who can blame them there parents are the same. Ups and downs to school if you get on the principles good side she can make things easy because of corruption but if not she can make things very hard even threaten or blackmail you. School teachers in the history department and science department department are topnotch with the exception of a few teachers in the other departments there here for simply a paycheck not for the well being of students. Do your work get a 4.0 (easy to do). score decent on the sat's and you could possibly go to a decent school.

I graduated in 2014 I am not exaggerating nor lying this is 100% the truth.
95%bof students come from lower socioeconomic homes with the exception of a handful.
Decent amount of extracurriculars but not so many students here for them. The students who are usually here are in trouble or have straight A's and are working on homework because their homes aren't the ideal place to study.
School lunch is bad the only upside is microwaves and an incredible lunch lady.
Principle very unprofessional often yelling and judging certain students. Since the school is so small she can manipulate teachers and staff to make a students life hard. Don't get on her bad side she can be your best friend or a in flesh version of satan himself. Please don't think i am over exaggerating I am being 100% honest.
Teachers in certain subjects don't put effort into teaching. Academic curriculum is below standard very easy work. Certain teachers try hard for student success others are just here for the paycheck. The principle is very unprofessional I wonder where she got her degree from. She often knows when where and in front of WHO to try to act like a principle.
Fairly outdated but the students are used to much so they make it work.
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Relativily safe we have an outstanding nurse .... But that's about it.
A lot of broken/useless equipment. School facilities could use updating
there a lot great clubs participate in
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