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I liked that it felt like a family. I would like to see more dedicated teachers, we have a few but besides that we have to get more.
Westinghouse i can say can be a lot better. The teachers down too the students. I feel like some things should be taught other ways where the students should understand or at least help out when needed.
The teachers are okay...the students are horrible. The school needs some improving, but I believe it could be better. I feel like if the school just got some assistance it would be great for the students and teachers. More parent involvement would motivate the students to succeed which would improve the school environment. As a student at the Academy at Westinghouse I think the teachers need more equipment to provide the students with better education which will lead them to a healthier life. To conclude, I have faith that Westinghouse would become the school that I would want to send my child to, all it needs is the help.
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Westinghouse is a great school. They have teachers willing to work with students after school and they have some got opportunities for careers
Westinghouse is a school that has a bad name. A bad reputation about it. It's not the school it's the students at the school. One thing that I have noticed is that the students try to put forth an effort to change that reputation and the administration is doing the same thing. They show their dedication and show that they truly care about the students. They want to see us on the right path. They want us to succeed. The teachers do their best to prep us as well. It's truly an good school. I would like to see the lunch change due to the impact it has on the students. I would like to see the school live up to the full potiental. I would like to see the school doing way better and the students doing way better. I would like to see more field trips and more prep classes for the students to get more work done.
Ive been attending Westinghouse for three school years. These years will always be in my memories for teachers, staff, and friends who Ive havent seen for years. I give these 4 stars for my Westinghouse alumni and our future alumnis.
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