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I love AATL is a family community. We are all connected and help each other out. The Academics is really amazing, as well as the resources.
After having my two children at this school for 4 years it has become apparent that what they are doing is not in the best interest of the students. Turnover on Lower Division is high - they lost 6 teaches this year. Middle division and upper division have good directors but their math scores are awful and so is their math program. The school is not doing great financially, facilities are poor and communication is not transparent. When the head of school tells his teachers and staff that parents aren’t to he trusted you realize that he’s a liar and a hypocrite. Good families are leaving and many that you talk to are unhappy. The sad thing for us was that we had some great teachers but ultimately the value is not there for the high price tag.
The growth of Academy at the Lakes over the last decade, as the school celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has been incredibly impressive. All aspects of the school have been improved dramatically. Academy is, without a doubt, the premier school in the north Tampa area.
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I liked the small environment and small classroom sizes. As with anywhere, some teachers were really involved. The friends I connected with may be friends for life as well as some of the teachers. My overall experience was great, but I will flourish wherever I am planted. I must also say that anywhere you go, there will be awesome teachers that really standout. This place is no different, there are some awesome teachers that stand out.
I have been going to Academy at the Lakes since Junior Kindergarten and every year I ask myself if I should go back, and the answer is always yes. The reason I keep wanting to come back is because of the friendly atmosphere that my school posses. Specifically, these include the teachers who are always willing to help you with whatever you need. Another would be the students, the students here are like a giant family; everyone trys their best to include others and there is always a friendly face waiting to ask how your day is. For me, the thing that makes Academy at the Lakes stand out from others is the ability the school has to manage fun and work seamlessly. Examples include, our House Day, Student Council in school events, and alternative classroom activities. Academy at the Lakes is, a school that you will not find anywhere else; you won't be able to find a school that cares for their students as much as this one does.
I have been going to Academy at the Lakes since 6th grade; I have had the ability to play a large number of sports. I am currently playing varsity football and I am also in all honors classes which wouldn't be very possible at a large public school. I think Academy at the Lakes is a very diverse, welcoming, and helpful community.
I have been at Academy at the Lakes since I junior kindergarten, and I am now a freshman in high school. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this school. The music and fine arts program at this school is wonderful. Being a student who is thinking of studying music in college, AATL offers many opportunities to help me reach that dream and make it reality.
Academy has and always will be the perfect learning community for a student of any age. Teachers take the time to get to know their students and their needs. Children from the age of three have the chance to interact with high schoolers in activities such as house day, the all-school musical, senior cake bake, and several other memorable events. The environment is warm and welcoming and as soon as a new family walks through the doors they are greeted with respect from faculty and students as well. Academy at the Lakes allows students to prepare for college while also allowing them to make memories that will last a lifetime.
Academy has grown significantly over the last 12 years since my graduation. Arts, science, technology, performing arts, math, literature, after school activities and clubs prepared me for college and beyond! This experience was outstanding and set me up for a bright and sucessful future.
If you are looking for a tailored, challenging, college prep education for your children, it doesn't get any better than Academy At the Lakes. The teachers and administrators here are amazing. Our eight grade daughter has been thriving with the rigorous academics along with a good balance of performing arts, athletics and service to the community, since she started at the school, two and half years ago. Academy at the Lakes excels at developing its students, to their individual highest potential. As prior catholic school parents, who researched and visited every private school in the area, we can highly recommend Academy at the Lakes, without hesitation.
Great culture of caring adults invested in your children. Develop the whole person - academics, sports, arts, character, public speaking, extra-curricular activities, leadership, college counseling, etc.
People at Academy are really nice, including the faculty. It is a pretty open campus, so it is easy for strangers to enter though everyone is well aware and respects the visitors' policy. There is no nurse exactly but the school does provide healthcare services when necessary.
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