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I liked the overall environment. Teachers are friendly for the most part, and the only way to not notice the diversity around the school is to be blind. If one thing needs an improvement it’s the school lunches.
The Academy at Palumbo is a very welcoming and supportive school. The acceptance of many is what makes this school feel like a family. Throughout the past 3 years I have attended the Academy at Palumbo I've met a numerous amount of people who are different in more ways than one. I will be a senior in the fall of 2018 and still attending the Academy at Palumbo - and I am happy to say I will be graduating with great memories and life long friends.
Palumbo is full of diversity so no one is completely left out as we all experience to open up to different cultures.
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The Academy at Palumbo is a place I can call home. There are little to no interuptions to my learning, the teachers care about my future and wellbeing in the present, I can confide in some members of the staff, the people there are all different in their own ways and we all want the same thing: to be successful. We understand each other and respect each other and that is why I love The Academy at Palumbo
When I came to Palumbo on Orientation day I made friends and memories that have stuck with me even now in my senior year. This school is diverse not only in the people, traditions, and culture, but also in extracurricular activities. Palumbo made me a more musical individual, a tech nerd, a book worm, an athlete, a leader, and a true scholar. In my four years at Palumbo I’ve enhanced my violin skill level, learned how to play the drum kit and Trumpet, and won several awards in Wrestling, Debate, Running, and Coding/Tech Competitions. Palumbo brought out sides of me that I didn’t know I had. In whole, they made me a very well-rounded individual that caught the eyes of many Universities and employers.
I very like the how the diverse the school is and the teacher are very nice and caring. I want to see changes in security system and the school lunch.
Our building is falling apart and the School District of Philadelphia could not care less about it. The people within the school are doing the best they can with what they have which isn't enough at all. The Academy at Palumbo is a great school for what it has to go up against. I played softball and volleyball my whole time here and we made it to the playoffs and won some championships so as far as sports go, the ones we have are doing farely well.
Palumbo is a sublime educational facility. Here, are devoted and qualified teachers, as well as like-minded students who are motivated and committed to education. The social atmosphere in especially accepting and open to people of all backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations and walks of life.
The teachers there are so supportive of each and every student. they do expect a lot from us and constantly motivate us to do our best.
I am a current student at academy at palumbo. When I had first entered this school, I had many struggles but with time I began to get threw them, thanks to the teachers. The staff and teachers are extremely nice and when you walk in, you feel very welcome.
The school itself is a good school. Some of the teachers are amazing. They really help the students like their own kids. However, the school does not offer a lot for students. I believe that they should do much more in order to get students ready for college.
I came to this school when I'm a freshman. At first I was struggling in many of my classes like biology and Algebra, but the teacher teach me one on one after school. Even the teachers are very nice because even though when there's a lot of students raising their hands for help, they still manage to help all of us out. I love this school.
I like the support and family atmosphere I felt when walking through the halls of the Academy at Palumbo. I’d like to see infrastructure change in the coming years.
Attending the academy at palumbo has exposed me to many different cultured in my 4 years here. Diversity at this establishment is one of its bright spots. During my 4 years here i have encountered multiple teachers who showed real care for the students and have not only taught me things for my education career, but life after high school and college. One thing the school could improve is its resources but you cant fully blame it on the school due to the poor funding within the Philadelphia school district.
I have been going to this school for 4 years and I think it is one of the best school out there. The teachers are friendly and the place feels warm. I feel that it will trullly get you ready for college.
I am currently a junior at the Academy at Palumbo. I don't regret coming here for highschool. This is the perfect school for anyone. A change I hope happens soon is central air conditioning beings though the building can be very hot towards the end of the school year. Go GRIFFINS!!!
Enjoyed many of the activities organized at this school. I'm quite involved in the music department and I definitely think many students in this school are very talented and creative. Overall a very nice school.
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Academy at Palumbo High School is an inner city school located in the South Philadelphia section of the city. It is a diverse school that caters to some of the highest scoring students in the city. Through the time I've spent here I have learned about other cultures and ways of life. The school has opened my eyes to view other cultures as beautiful and inspiring.
The Academy at Palumbo provides a rigorous and effective learner plan for most students. As a student there i have had my fair share of highs and lows, and never have i doubted that i wasn't getting a quality education.
The Academy at Palumbo is an excellent school in South Philadelphia. A lot of kids from all over the city attend and it's very diverse. The teachers here make their education your priority and that's what I love about it.
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