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Academy at Palumbo is a very diverse school where everyone knows each other and accepts one another. I personally feel like no changes need to be made.
Teachers and Staff members are great! I made a lot of friends and went through a lot of things together as a one community. I learned how to treat others well and how to respect elders.
My four years at the Academy at Palumbo was quite a unique experience. I have never seen such a school where the students are not just willing to learn, but they are also willing to go beyond their expectations. The school itself had a vibrant atmosphere. I can't really think of one day where I did not see a student with a smile on their face while walking down the hallway. The teachers at Palumbo were some of the best people I've ever met.
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The school is better then most I admit. There are some faults like bad lunch and dirty bathrooms but overall its a good positive school. I enjoyed my years at Palumbo and would recommend it.
Fantastic teachers!! Made some great friends at this school and I would recommend Palumbo if you are looking for a solid high school education and college readiness..
I love the diversity and family-like feeling that Academy @ Palumbo provides for their students. When you walk into the school, the students and staff makes each person feel welcome.
This is a diverse high school with different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Being a part of this school won't feel left out, you can easily enroll with the students and teachers.
I really love how diverse the school is. I get to learn different cultures other than the Asian Culture. Teachers and staff are really awesome because they really care for students! I built a really special bond with friends and staffs. The school does a awesome job in letting people fit in. People are able to speak out their problems and staffs are there to solve it.
It was okay. I wish sometimes the teachers are more understanding and more attentive about the students. The food is terrible a lot of kids don't even eat.
academy of palumbo offered me a very comprehensive education. the teachers are very involved in our daily lives and go the extra mile when needed. i had a very difficult sophmore year when i lost my mother and academy did everything possible to help me stay on track.
Academy at Palumbo is a very diverse school and therefore it puts lots of focus on diverse cultures and many social events that will affect the students.
Academy At Palumbo has great teachers that are involved in other activities to help around in the school. Schools has a good amount of diversity and there is not much bullying. Anyone should be able to fit in.
The Academy At Palumbo is one of the friendliest school I ever attended. One student have complained to me that everyone was "too friendly". Academics depends on whether or not you chose to work hard. Generally , the AP classes are excellent and the teachers teaching them are dedicated. For the regular classes, it depends on the teachers, some are less dedicated. However the school is still new, and experiential. Which is fine, since it's a step to improve. Math department is every school needs to improve though, just wanted to add that.
I enjoy my time at the Academy At Palumbo. It is very diverse and you have a great opportunity to learn about people from all different backgrounds. My experience as been amazing and completely educational, yet I would love to see the food get better which it has started to improve it has been amazing so far.
Academy at Palumbo is a great school academically and is culturally diverse, so every student has a chance to learn about a different culture.
My experience at Academy At Palumbo had to be one of the best time of my life! There was so much diversity students wise & teacher wise. With every teacher you come in contact with ensures you that you will have a hard time adjusting at first but will surely end up on top. The school as whole supports anything that you want to do & will do anything to help your dreams come true. For example, say that you would want to become a doctor or nurse or anything in the medical field they will find internships for you & help get an interview for. Overall, the schools area is a great environment. Helping you set goals and achieve them accordingly
I am a senior and love everything about Palumbo. Between diversity, activities, academics, and atmosphere Palumbo has everything I was looking for in a high school. The teachers are amazing and carry multiple degrees. They are very friendly and understanding. I can actually talk to them if something is bothering me. When it comes to academics Palumbo is outstanding. They provide a bunch of AP courses for students to take as well as electives. I liked that I had decisions and could actually choose classes that I liked. Palumbo also has multiple opportunities and partnerships which I am very grateful for. When I was in 10th I went to Italy with the school. It was a once in a lifetime experience. As far as clubs go Palumbo has their own traditions, and that's what I think makes it feel like home. It relieves some of the stress and allows us to enjoy our time with the school and faculty. Last but not least Palumbo provides a safe environment. I have never felt in danger or threatened.
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Academy at Palumbo has really great, caring and fair teachers. Each and every one of them wants the student to actually learn rather than fly by and get the grade they want. The building is not too small or not too big. It has a average cool vibe of the high school feeling. The janitors are nice and fair. They compliment you if you unexpectedly do something nice. Many of the teachers have a great sense of humor and all of them are different. The one thing that I do not like about this school is that few of the teachers don't really teach and make sure that the students are really learning. They have a really wide and creative variety of clubs in this school. Also, as a student, in my opinion, the neighborhood is pretty safe. It is near a police and fire station. This school gives great tools to prepare you for college. The counselors are kind and helping.
I like that everyone there has goals set and that there are college course level classes. I would like to see the school be much cleaner to have a cleaner and safer environment. I would also like to have a girls soccer team.
The academics at our school seems like a lot sometime, but since we do have the proper equipment to really prosper many times students don't really get into the schools that they want sadly and we have to make a compromise to go to a school they didn't really want to go to. Despite the dissapointment the teachers still encourage us to still apply to a school you want after high school.
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