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I think Academy at Palumbo is a good school to learn what you need to get ready for college, there's diversity and culture here. A lot of teachers really care about their students and want to help them succeed.
Palumbo was a very interesting school to attend. Throughout my 4 years I manuevered in many ways to pass classes, very easy.
It’s a really nice environment to go for your 4 years of high school definitely. I love it here and hope it continues to prosper
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To be honest, palumbo is probably one of the best decisions I made in my life. I transferred during my sophomore year just because I needed a change in environment. To have different people and new beliefs and ideas surround me was a good change. I learned to work differently compared to normal conventions. I was introduced to online submission and completing and a more rigorous course. I learned a lot and even though I had a rough sophomore and junior due to different things happening in my life, I wouldn’t change my school for anything else. My senior year has been great to me so far and I intend to make up for my losses for the previous two years. The only thing I would really change about my school is a change in building or an expansion of some sort. Our school is very small for such a upcoming school that has been widely known for middle schoolers. We’ve become very popular and a lot of kids have came in.
Most of the teachers are great here and the community is very welcoming. Though the building is not the best, the people and education are great.
The one thing that i like about this school is that it isn't dangerous and there practically no bullying.The worst you would get it's hard to find real friends other then that everything great.
Palumbo overall is okay, the teachers here are very helpful, but the building is not. There are many problem such as leaking water, crowded hallways, unclean bathroom, no air conditioning during the summer, and ceiling felling off. Beside that this school teachers, there are many that you can trust and talk about your problems or concerns with.
It is very diverse. Before high school, I went to a school that isn't so diverse and I wasn't exposed to cultures. People won't judge you. They're welcoming. Teachers also cared about students academically and socially. They will help you. There are sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton, and many more, that you can join.
The drama department has come a long way. The music program and choir are super awesome and the school's progressive nature us welcoming everyone.
At A@P you'll have different levels of education. As a freshman you'll have regular classes but as you go on you can continue having regular classes or start honors and/or AP classes. I love it here. There's so much to learn and explore. The staff are helpful and try to understand everything. The sports, clubs, and activities are wonderful you have a ton to choose from. They try to have the parents involved in a lot because without them how can you really run a fantastic school?
Palumbo gave out plenty of student resources some of them being dual enrollment courses, computer labs, tutoring, AP courses, lots of clubs etc. The environment was friendly, but once in a while it got hectic.
For me to have the quite, didn't do anything outside of school kind of person before coming here says a lot about the person I am now. This school is a family within itself... you will always have someone be there for you. If you are thinking about a school who has a little bit of everything; then Palumbo is the school for you.
I loved that this school included their students in the decisions they were hoping to make. This school really prepared me for college and had many great resources. When applying for college the counselors were on target and was always willing to help and make sure everything was submitted on time.
I enjoyed my time at Academy at Palumbo this school challenges it’s students. Our school has a safe environment and is very diverse I have never felt left out in the school.
I enjoyed my college experience. Students and faculty for the most part respected each other. There are many clubs students can participate in.
Aap is a cool school and so diverse, the school staff and teachers are so kind and ready to help you whenever you need them.

Aap also prepares you and help you to go to college
Academy at Palumbo is a small and very diverse high school where it feels like everyone knows each other and is a family. The diversity definitely opens a students mind of other races, religion, and sexuality. No one is discriminated against or bullied by others for the factor that they are different. The teachers really try to get to know the students and because it is a small school, students are able to get that one on one help from the teachers. There are so many clubs where students may feel like they can fit into and relate which is very welcoming. Overall, you really get a great experience from attending the Academy at Palumbo and it changes a student to grow as a person.
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I liked the overall environment. Teachers are friendly for the most part, and the only way to not notice the diversity around the school is to be blind. If one thing needs an improvement it’s the school lunches.
The Academy at Palumbo is a very welcoming and supportive school. The acceptance of many is what makes this school feel like a family. Throughout the past 3 years I have attended the Academy at Palumbo I've met a numerous amount of people who are different in more ways than one. I will be a senior in the fall of 2018 and still attending the Academy at Palumbo - and I am happy to say I will be graduating with great memories and life long friends.
Palumbo is full of diversity so no one is completely left out as we all experience to open up to different cultures.
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