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I have been going to this school for 4 years and I think it is one of the best school out there. The teachers are friendly and the place feels warm. I feel that it will trullly get you ready for college.
I am currently a junior at the Academy at Palumbo. I don't regret coming here for highschool. This is the perfect school for anyone. A change I hope happens soon is central air conditioning beings though the building can be very hot towards the end of the school year. Go GRIFFINS!!!
Enjoyed many of the activities organized at this school. I'm quite involved in the music department and I definitely think many students in this school are very talented and creative. Overall a very nice school.
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Academy at Palumbo High School is an inner city school located in the South Philadelphia section of the city. It is a diverse school that caters to some of the highest scoring students in the city. Through the time I've spent here I have learned about other cultures and ways of life. The school has opened my eyes to view other cultures as beautiful and inspiring.
The Academy at Palumbo provides a rigorous and effective learner plan for most students. As a student there i have had my fair share of highs and lows, and never have i doubted that i wasn't getting a quality education.
The Academy at Palumbo is an excellent school in South Philadelphia. A lot of kids from all over the city attend and it's very diverse. The teachers here make their education your priority and that's what I love about it.
Best school in South Philadelphia, good academics, and strong athletics. Palumbo offers many clubs and activities that engage their students to be a well-rounded individual. Have the same rigor as Central or Masterman but have a diversity population.
I've grown to really loved my school. It does need a lot of work, but it helped me grow as a person and prepare my for college.
An extremely diverse school with a welcoming atmosphere. It's a college preparatory school so they really challenge the students and hold them to higher standards, while also assuring that the students are grasping the materials they are being taught.
I love the experience of Academy at Palumbo. I've transferred to Palumbo because I knew of they're good academic's and creativity. every since I enrolled in Palumbo all I've witnessed is great memories. All the teachers and staff along with the students are very supportive. The teachers are very caring and can teach! all teachers are preparing students for college and I think that the teachers and staff are doing an excellent job! Along with good academics Palumbo had a good sports program!
I love Academy at Palumbo. I graduated from there last year and I attend Morgan State University. Once u go to Palumbo you become a part of the Palumbo family. What I like better than the academics there, are the experiences and memories I made during my 4 years there. I don't believe I would of had a better high school career at any other school.
Academy at Palumbo is a very diverse school where everyone knows each other and accepts one another. I personally feel like no changes need to be made.
Teachers and Staff members are great! I made a lot of friends and went through a lot of things together as a one community. I learned how to treat others well and how to respect elders.
My four years at the Academy at Palumbo was quite a unique experience. I have never seen such a school where the students are not just willing to learn, but they are also willing to go beyond their expectations. The school itself had a vibrant atmosphere. I can't really think of one day where I did not see a student with a smile on their face while walking down the hallway. The teachers at Palumbo were some of the best people I've ever met.
The school is better then most I admit. There are some faults like bad lunch and dirty bathrooms but overall its a good positive school. I enjoyed my years at Palumbo and would recommend it.
Fantastic teachers!! Made some great friends at this school and I would recommend Palumbo if you are looking for a solid high school education and college readiness..
I love the diversity and family-like feeling that Academy @ Palumbo provides for their students. When you walk into the school, the students and staff makes each person feel welcome.
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This is a diverse high school with different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Being a part of this school won't feel left out, you can easily enroll with the students and teachers.
I really love how diverse the school is. I get to learn different cultures other than the Asian Culture. Teachers and staff are really awesome because they really care for students! I built a really special bond with friends and staffs. The school does a awesome job in letting people fit in. People are able to speak out their problems and staffs are there to solve it.
It was okay. I wish sometimes the teachers are more understanding and more attentive about the students. The food is terrible a lot of kids don't even eat.
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