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Academie Lafayette - Oak Reviews

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I love my school, but they need a new counselors at the new armour campus. They have a few cosmetic issues, like I got cut by the bathroom door at Oak and the sinks at Armour our way to short and way too old and squirt everywhere, some of them don't even work. We don't have a real gym at the Armour campus either but that's okay. Our school lunch is not good it's not mystery slop, but it's not good either. We don't have any clubs really except journalism and a new dance team that's only now just started we also have cheer leading, but yeah it's not much. I just said all the negative things, but besides that there's not much else to complain about. I wish school started later though. The teachers are great and we're starting a new IB progam too so that's nice. We learn a lot French which really helps us to get into the top high schools like Lincoln, Sion, Barstow and Rockhurst. So YAY!
Most of my teachers were wonderful and the school's culture was spectacular. The food tasted horrible though. The school also seems to enjoy buying new buildings for no good reason.
It's a really really good school!!!! Being fluent in French has blessed me with so many opportunities, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to attend such a great school and receive such a quality education. 10/10 would recommend.
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I love my kids school. The teachers are spectacular. The project based learning is amazing. My 8th grader is fluent in 3 languages!! INSANE! The other kids, the families, the staff, all of these things are great. I can't say enough what a great school this is.
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