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Academics Plus High Charter School Reviews

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Good college preparatory school, really gave me the tools to succeed. Kinda high turnover rate on teachers but every teacher made an effort to connect with students and build strong relationships. Would definitely recommend.
I like Academics Plus High School because of the small community and with it being so small, I love the "family" like atmosphere it puts off.
I have gone to Academics Plus since I was in the sixth grade and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers are by far my favorite part. They are always there for their students and really get to know their students on a personal level. They help seniors find colleges, find scholarship opportunities and proof read college essays. They truly go out of their way for their students.
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Better support to struggling students starting in Middle School atleast. More prep for standardized testing for struggling students.
Overall, it was a nice school. Not above average, but certainly not below. Some teachers were less than helpful in their classes, but others were able to help me out with subjects I didn't quite understand.
Academics Plus is a safe place for high school students to learn. The only downfall is the slight lack of school spirit, but you could change that!
I have been attending this school for 10 years. I am a senior now. The work is challenging but it prepares you for how it will be in college. The teachers are helpful. I love the other students here as well. I have made some great memories!
This school has been my home for ten years. I am now graduating in a month and I can't picture being ready for the rest of my life without it. This school made me into the successful and driven person I am. I take so much pride in my school because they gave me a look on the meaning of family and home. APCS is my home and the faculty answer student are my family. Sadly, now it is my turn to be like our mascot he falcon and leave the nest, but I will love to continue to watch it continue grow.
Academics Plus was like a home in my opinion. Even though we were physically different most high schools the spirit it embodies from its student were very exciting. From the administration to the students, overall there was a connection. Sports program lacked in performance due to the lack of a gym to practice in consistently. I graduated in 2016, with honors because the material taught was understandable and helpful in the long run. Now that I'm gone, I wish that the school could build a gym and a high school to improve its appearance which would without a doubt increase its enrollment
The discipline at this school is terrible. Anywhere from changing the student code handbook as they see fit to favoring bullies because of their athletic prowess. Test scores are certainly more important to the administration than the moral and well-being of their students. The only stars I give are for a select few teachers who are true academics and truly engage the kids in learning.
It's a wonderful school. The smaller environment is great for learning. The teachers challenge you and truly care about you and how you do. They have kept in touch with me since I graduated and are always there when I need letter and of recommendation or college advice.

The music program is small, but wonderful. As a music major, I feel I was definitely prepared for college based on the education I got at this school.
The things I like about Academics Plus is that were all like a family, and the administration very serious with their students achieving and learning something. What I don't like about Academics Plus is how small it is.
There are not a lot of safety policies in place. This school has an open campus and there are no safety measures in place. It was be very easy for someone to just walk on campus. The school nurse is not good. In fact, when students need something they will go to each other before they go to the nurse.
There are a range of extracurricular activities including SGA, art, science, FCS, and sports. However, there is not a lot of administration support and students tend to not be very committed.
My overall experience at this was good. The administration is not helpful and very unorganized. However, for the students, it feels like a family. Overall, the students are kind to one another and their are no major bullying problems. The students accept one another and what to see each other succeed. I would choose this school again because of the atmosphere.
The teachers are kind and willing to help students
Academics Plus Charter School has some good things and some bad things. I like going to this school instead of a public school because it is small, which allows relationships between students and faculty. However, most of the teachers I've had are not effective and don't seem very qualified to teach. Because of this, I've struggled in some classes, especially math. There have been some teachers who have left in the middle of the year which causes inconsistency in the course and makes it harder for students to learn and improve new skills.
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We have a great high school counselor. She knows the students by name and does everything she can to help us out with college visits, scholarships, and personal needs.
People here are genuinely nice to each other.
Everything about this school is unique. The students treat each other like family. The teachers care about the students. We may not have the best but we make the best of what we have.
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