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Excellent Teachers!! There is helpful people everywhere that want to help you in order for you to have a future in life, but its also; up to you to put in the work.
I liked how the teachers were very involved with the students. They always made sure the students were on track and didnt't let us slack off. As the classes were small they made sure we were good in general.
APEX is a school that gives opportunities to students who really need people to believe in them. Teachers always help out students even in their spare time. Faculty get involved with you and help you out when something major is happening in your life. APEX is family.
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It's okay for a charter school with low funding.
I wish there was more student involvement in extracurricular activities rather than sports. Nobody really wants to run for student council or join the yearbook.
I love APEX Academy because the adults and faculty made it feel like we were family. The students were very apathetic but there were those who worked hard to get to where they wanted. I love this place because it was a safe haven for me. I could be myself and be respected by my peers rather than made fun of like I was in middle school. I truly blossomed throughout my high school education. I went from being a shy awkward kid to the class president/ prom king. It was great.
When I think of the teachers at my former high school I think of a specific four: my Government teacher, my Spanish teacher, my Trigonometry teacher, and my World History teacher. My gov't teacher and my WH teacher were like two sides of a coin. My gov't teacher would often have class wide discussion about the current state of our Union while my WH teacher would have us do research on past world events and have us teach the class what we learned. Both styles I found very easy to keep up with and they were by far the most enjoyable classes. My trigonometry teacher reminded me a lot of myself. We had the same beliefs and were afraid of the same things ( e.g. We would never get tattoos in fear of getting bored of said tattoo. ) He often would teach us one way to solve an equation, explaining each step until every student got it down, then he would teach us a shorter version. To me, I found it very tedious but still extremely helpful. I never fell behind in that class and I loved it there, almost as much as my gov't class. My Spanish teacher was probably the worst in my experience. She would grade us on effort rather than merit. If you were a student who never turned in homework but still spoke Spanish in the classroom, you would pass. I don't believe I ever really learned much than I had already known because she would often give us similar lessons and it would get boring.
In our school there is always security walking around in the hallways to insure everything is good. They are really friendly approachable people so if you have a problem you can easily talk to them. Overall the school is a safe place since my 4 years attending there hasn't been a moment where I feel my life has been in danger.
One of my favorite clubs is Day of The Dead where we discuss the historical background of the holiday and why this day is important to others. We make sugar skulls, decorate them, make paper flowers and other cultural artifacts to get ready for the annual event in the Hollywood Cemetery. We create our own altar to commemorate the dead and the forgotten.
I would choose to go to this school again because they offer me the help I need and have prepared me college. We have counselors, teachers, and college ambassadors who have helped us apply for college. What I like about this school is the adults take there own time to help us. I have friends who go to different local schools and they don't get a one on one with their teacher or counselors. When I hear about their experience it makes me thankful for attending APEX Academy.
The teachers are always there to help every student either during school, free periods, or after school. As a current student and personal experience it is easy to reach out to the teachers through email or by text message.
There are a few clubs but not every student gets involved. Most students get involved in Key Club because there is a lot of extra curriculum. There is also Peer Leader but that is only to those that get chosen.
Overall everyone gets involved, each student is equal the same regarding ethnic/diversity.
The school food isn't that bad. I hardly ate school food because I would take my own food.
The teachers treat the classes as if they were college level but it's only to prepare the students so they can see what it'll be like. All the teachers always stay after school for tutoring.
There is not type of bullying here because everyone treats each other as a great family. There is no harm, they make sure we are safe every time.
Every month there is an assembly, the principals talks about that his proud of us and we could do much more than we think. Not have I heard about one principal tell the students he loves them, cares for them, wants the best for them and much more beside the one in this school. His always saying positive things to motivate us and change every student for the better. The teachers are always on every student to make sure they're not getting behind. The counselors always put their students first and will do the possible to see them safe and doing good. As same with the other staff. The only thing that affects student is their attendance. There's no bully whatsoever in this school.
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I really like all of the teachers in the 2013-2014 school year all supper helpful and wonderful.
The school food is bad but this year they are implementing a new company outside of LAUSDso it is definatly a huge improvement.
The has good sport parcticipation but school spirt could improve.
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